Flirting With A Headache

I was excited about the article appearing in this morning’s Seattle P-I written by P-I book editor John Marshall. The article’s about me, Flirting, and the Lifetime movie. And then I read the four horrible comments that follow the online version and nearly burst into tears. I am such a ridiculous combination of bravado and sensitivity!

I should know people are going to ridicule me, my life, the movie (especially the fact that it is a tv movie), but I forget that many people thrive on being unkind. That’s not my style, but then, that is why I write what I write. Most women don’t get enough kindness in their life. Most women don’t get enough love. And maybe it’s Pollyanna-ish, but I’m going to keep writing happy endings and positive emotions even if its not cool or not high art.

With that said, the article in the paper is lengthy and colorful with several movie photos and cool surfboard artwork. The online version is stripped down but it also has a pic from the movie and then one of Ty and me on the beach in Hawaii. If you’re interested in reading it, check it out on the Seattle P-I’s site.

I’m hearing that folks are seeing the full page Lifetime movie ad in People and US Weekly, as well as stories about hot Robert Buckley as the surfer, and blurbs in the magazines about what to watch this week on TV. US Weekly didn’t give the movie a glowing review (two out of four stars) but they did say Heather did a great job and it had a sweet ending.  Entertainment Weekly was nicer and gave the movie a B.

I’m just glad I’m writing like a fiend and as I told my son Jake this morning, I’m proud of myself. It hasn’t been easy writing when I haven’t felt well, but I’ve been so disciplined for the past week, even writing 30 pages yesterday, that I can see the end in sight.

We have blue sky right now in Bellevue and I’m about to unplug modem to jump on chapter 10. How’s your Monday going? Is it a good one?

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