Flirting With A Headache

I was excited about the article appearing in this morning’s Seattle P-I written by P-I book editor John Marshall. The article’s about me, Flirting, and the Lifetime movie. And then I read the four horrible comments that follow the online version and nearly burst into tears. I am such a ridiculous combination of bravado and sensitivity!

I should know people are going to ridicule me, my life, the movie (especially the fact that it is a tv movie), but I forget that many people thrive on being unkind. That’s not my style, but then, that is why I write what I write. Most women don’t get enough kindness in their life. Most women don’t get enough love. And maybe it’s Pollyanna-ish, but I’m going to keep writing happy endings and positive emotions even if its not cool or not high art.

With that said, the article in the paper is lengthy and colorful with several movie photos and cool surfboard artwork. The online version is stripped down but it also has a pic from the movie and then one of Ty and me on the beach in Hawaii. If you’re interested in reading it, check it out on the Seattle P-I’s site.

I’m hearing that folks are seeing the full page Lifetime movie ad in People and US Weekly, as well as stories about hot Robert Buckley as the surfer, and blurbs in the magazines about what to watch this week on TV. US Weekly didn’t give the movie a glowing review (two out of four stars) but they did say Heather did a great job and it had a sweet ending.  Entertainment Weekly was nicer and gave the movie a B.

I’m just glad I’m writing like a fiend and as I told my son Jake this morning, I’m proud of myself. It hasn’t been easy writing when I haven’t felt well, but I’ve been so disciplined for the past week, even writing 30 pages yesterday, that I can see the end in sight.

We have blue sky right now in Bellevue and I’m about to unplug modem to jump on chapter 10. How’s your Monday going? Is it a good one?


  1. Hi Jane,
    Don’t you listen to that garbage.
    I just got my copy of Entertainment Weekly. The full page ad on page 23 is great and the What to watch page on page 63 gives FWF a “B”. If EW gives it a “B” that is great because I rarely ever see and “A” posted in the magazine.

  2. When you were talking about people thriving on being kind I know what you mean Jane… the town I live in thrives on gossip… I swear if we didn’t have gossip everyone would die *rolls eyes*

    My Monday is going quite interesting… my mom is trying to drill me on what I want for Christmas :S … she’s using the excuse “if you don’t tell me then your going to get something you don’t want…”… Honestly I’m enjoying every minute of this… it’s actually been the highlight of my day lol

  3. I thought the article was amazing… the best one I’ve read about you!!

    Small people tear people down and hurt one another. You and the thousands of fans who ADORE you are BIG people and that’s who you cling to!!

    You have the most amazing fans of any author I’ve seen. I can’t even count the times I’ve read books where the authors give you a book dedication because you have inspired them.

    You have changed my life and it’s fuller and richer because of you.

    Count it as a compliment that something about your life and story makes people so jealous that they lash out.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I thought your article was great! The book was the one of my favorites, as I have read it more than once. And I can not wait for the movie!
    As for the comments after your article, do not pay attention. There are those in the world who judge when they should not, wish unhappiness on others and lead a sad life.
    Congratulations on all your success in life, be proud and happy. Keep writting your wonderful books!

  5. ah to heck with them!!! i took today off to have to myself! i sent the little one to her grandma’s for a couple of hours and did what i wanted! i havent done that since she was born..and she is 14 months! overdue..cant wait for sat to watch the movie..

  6. Jane,

    The article is great!!! The book is one of my personal favorites, as well as many of my friends! I know the movie is going to be a huge success. I never go by the review in the magazines because they always give the movies I like about a C average. I don’t know who reviews these, but they don’t know a good movie when they see one!!!

    Keep up the great work!

    Many hugs,

  7. Jane – Ignore the snaggy comments on the PI article. They are from sad, bitter people who obviously have nothing better to do than to attempt to knock others down to their level. They don’t deserve a moment of your attention. Just keep doing what you do so well and continue to believe in yourself. There are many of us who know and love you and are so proud of you. That’s the best revenge ever.


  8. I really enjoyed the article, Jane. Please ignore those rude and hurtful comments made by people who are probably just unhappy with their own lives. I’m so excited for your movie and remember that you have many people who are cheering you on!



  9. Jane, people can be judgmental and rude. And it’s easy to post comments about people you’ve never met on something as anonymous as a news article without thinking of how it might make someone else feel. *hugs*

    I thought it was great, though, that they wrote such a long article and seemed to do a lot of research into it.

  10. PS I was watching Lifetime yesterday only in hopes of seeing an ad for Flirting! I have to work Sat night, but I hope they replay it soon after the fact!


  11. you sound like a neat woman, so please ignore those naysayer comments! what do THEY know, anyway? continue to live your fantastic live …. living well is the best revenge! congrats to you on the coming baby!

  12. Jane,

    I noticed all the comments after those first few were very positive. The article was great too. You are truly one of my favorite authors because you are able to draw from your life experiences, and transfer that authenticity to the page. I think your openness with people is a rare and wonderful thing. Please don’t waste a moment of your time on those few miserable people who enjoy inflicting their venom on everyone else. Let those malcontent baboons stir in their own drama. Oops, now I’m being unkind to them I suppose. They totally started it though. 😉

    Big hugs, Zara

  13. I hate stories without a happy ending and wouldnt buy that book if it ended crappy. I like positivity in a book! People made fun of the brady bunch too but that show made me believe i could have a nice life when I grew up because my childhood was so bad. I figured i would never accomplish brady bunch life, but I COULD have a house like that and nice people around me.
    Dont listen to the naysayers, they suck and you rock!

  14. I am like you and I don’t handle rejection well at all. I was crying all day yesterday because of being rejected just to sub in our church Children’s Church class. I’ve taught 41 years and they just closed the class down because the teacher had to work.
    It doesn’t matter whether it’s writing or teaching which I like to do, it still hurts. We women are emotional and sometimes we don’t deal well when no one has anything good to say. I am a reviewer on two sites and even with one book where I got bogged down in middle, I plugged on and enjoyed the book.
    I love happy endings because whether it is romance or life, we are all wanting a happy ending.
    You just keep on writing those happy endings.
    You are right about women not getting enough kindness, love and I would add acceptance.

  15. I was just getting ready to send you a message and let you know that I saw the add for Flirting with Forty in my people magazine. I was so excited when I saw it! Anyway, don’t let people’s negativity effect you! You are a beautiful, talented writer. Everyone has an opinion and that is all it is, you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. As I tell my daughter every time she comes to me after school upset about something that has transpired… “Why do you care what they think about you? All that matters is how you feel about yourself.” There are plenty of people who would disagree with what these critiques are saying. Isn’t it funny how we can have a hundred people tell us how great we are, how good we look, how well we write, sing, dance, etc, and it only takes one person to say something negative to throw us off balance and make us question ourselves??? Don’t let it get to you…


  16. I guess I should make a note, that when I said don’t let people’s negativity effect you I meant… Don’t let anyone’s negativity effect you. I wouldn’t want anybody out there to think I was talking about People Magazine…



  17. People should take a page out of Thumper’s life. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I get really irritated when I see critics comments. It’s alot of hard work to write anything period end. Not to mention getting it made into a movie. Kudos to you Jane. I haven’t seen any of the comments but I’ve seen enough regarding some other of my favorite authors and it seriously ticks me off. You keep doing what you’re doing and don’t pay any attention to those negative comments.

  18. I think Flirting with Forty was the second book of yours I had ever read and it made me such a fan. It really struck a chord with me and to find out that it was loosely based on your life was so incredible. And reading the article – even more impressed with you. Forget those negative comments, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  19. It was hard to go back to work after five days in a row off, all filled with family, food and fun, but reality bites, doesn’t it! Mondays happen, but so do Saturdays.
    Speaking of reality, it is not surprising that reviews of the Flirting movie disparage the idea that a grown woman with a child could recover from rejection and find love and happiness with a handsome younger man. Jane, you are an inspiration to us all, and proof positive that having an open, positive attitude and believing in love isn’t silly – instead it is superior. Say what they will, “it could happen to you, if you’re young at heart” and it did and it is wonderful and I can’t wait to watch it happen Saturday night on tv!

  20. Jane,
    That man obviously had nothing better to do but make people feel better. That is just so sad. I personally read books only with happy endings as there is too much sadness and heartbreak in life already. I want to hear about the good and sweet love stories. You write what I believe it motivates women to be better. I know it does for me. As you know Flirting is my favorite book ever…And I have read a lot. I can not wait for the movie on Saturday and I still dance around when I see the clip either on Lifetime or Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the mean ones. Take care!

  21. I loved the article and it was great learning more about you and your life. I’m excited about the movie and I’ve already told my husband that I will be busy saturday night…unless he wants to watch it with me but he’ll be in his batcave on the computer! Please don’t take to heart the negative comments…heck-they even admitted to not reading the book! Most of them were probably men who don’t give women enough respect or love and are probably not married but who would put up with that???
    My monday was busy and I didn’t finish everything I needed to do-so today is the day! woohoo!

  22. Oh, I don’t know what to say as I can’t imagine putting my life out there for people to see…it is an incredibly brave thing to do and I admire and respect you for that alone.

    If you weren’t talented, Jane, would anyone be buying your books? Would there even be a movie made at all? Personally, I can’t WAIT until party night!

    I don’t know if it is any consolation but my favorite movies got bad reviews from critics and not even a B! What Gigi said is right on. Critics don’t seem to want to give anyone an A. {{{JANE}}}

  23. It’s sad that the first comments posted were negative, but there were so many GREAT comments that followed! Only take the good stuff to heart! Your books are great, and I am really looking forward to seeing the new movie — I don’t get the “Lifetime” channel here though, I will watch to see if another local channel airs it though. Do let us know if it is released on video!

  24. I don’t listen to “professional” reviewers – most of the time I don’t agree with them – there expectations are different than mine!

    🙂 I can’t wait to see the movie (still trying to figure out how to use my new dvr type dvd player – gonna watch it, but really want to record it too!)

    I absolutely love the book, and the fact that your life is so similar!

    I’ve got a review of your book up on my site, an interview with you, and a GREAT book giveaway going on right now (it’s getting great comments, and people are excited both about the book and the movie!)

    Now – hopefully I’ll make it to your book signing at B&N this evening!

    Take care, Wendi

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