Busy Weekend

According to all the advertisements in this weekend’s newspaper, I should be out shopping.  I’d like to be out shopping but I’ve got my Harlequin manuscript to finish by Thursday and then copy edits for Easy On The Eyes due the next week so I’m very much attached to my desk.

To keep me at my desk, I’ve a fully charged iPod with new songs just downloaded (new writing mix kicks off with Beyonce’s brand new If I Were A Boy, then Taylor Swift’s Love Story, before Alicia Keys’ No One and another 13 songs  from there), vanilla scented candles burning everywhere (must not let paper touch open flame…) and little pink and white lights  hung across desk corner.  The candles and music are really my trick though to staying put.  The warmth, scent, glow, and sound lull me into a relaxed, almost meditative state, which lets me sit here from eight to twelve hours without too much resistance.  But then, I know I have to be here to make my deadline and I’m determined to make my deadline so lets make it as pleasant, and even enjoyable, as possible.

I ended up writing most of Thanksgiving day, starting early and going until mid/late afternoon, and only once I finished my chapter did I run over to Lisa’s, enjoy some appetizers and conversation, and then dashed over to Joe’s and met his wife’s new family.  I chatted with them for a bit, had another light bite before returning home to get back to work.  It wasn’t my most festive Thanksgiving but in truth, it was enough.  I would have been with my brothers and sister in California (my mom hosted Thanksgiving in her Palm Desert home) if I didn’t have this book hanging over my head, and next year I’ll just have to make sure I plan ahead, but in hindsight I’m proud that I’ve been as focused as I have been these last two weeks.  After months of not feeling well and not being as productive as I can be, it’s exciting to see the new book come together and I’m very much looking forward to having another Presents out in the next year or so.

But just because I’m not out shopping or decorating for the holidays doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.  Tell me what you’re doing this weekend and if you’re lucky, I’ve got a fun Flirting with Forty movie party in a box just for you!  Lifetime will be airing the movie all month, so even if you don’t have a party planned, you can still get cozy with the box of snacks and yummies and enjoy the show.  Your party box also includes a Jane Porter water bottle, my new heart candle, and a $10 Starbucks card.  I’m going to be drawing two winners late tonight and announcing then tomorrow, Sunday morning, and then drawing one more winner Sunday night and announcing that winner Monday morning.  So there are three chances in all to win the movie party box with Starbucks card and JP goodies.  You can post again on Sunday if you didn’t win on Saturday.  So share your plans, have a woooooonderful weekend, and know that as I sit here in my little creative cave that I’m sending you much love, good will, and holiday cheer.

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