On Set

What an amazing week.

For one week I felt like a VIP. It was so cool. Being on the set was far more interesting, far more exciting and far more fun than I expected. Okay, I’m not a good extra. I got hot. And bored. And I’d wander away from the extras to behind the camera where I’d sit with a headset and listen in as the director gave directions and the actors did their scenes.

I met Heather on that first day, too, and then we talked on Wednesday, and then by Thursday I felt comfortable enough to hug her goodbye.

Jane with Heather Locklear on the set of Flirting with Forty

I have photos with Heather and pics with Robert Buckley. Rob and Heather wanted to meet Ty Gurney and they quizzed us on what it was like being the real Jackie and Kyall (as Kai is called in the movie). But it wasn’t just the stars who made me feel welcome. The crew went out of their way to be kind and make sure I enjoyed my days on the set. From Vicki who secured my first headset and chair, to Lotus in hair, and Casey and Linda in wardrobe, I was made to feel welcome and wanted. I know writers aren’t stars in Hollywood. Writers are very low on the totem pole of respect and power, but the crew and cast didn’t treat me that way. They thanked me for giving them work. They thanked me for giving women opportunities. And they asked about the book. They asked if the book differed from the script and wanted to know what I thought of the scenes I’d seen.

I told them what I’ll tell you: it’s great. It’s going to be such a fun holiday movie. Robert has a very hot bod and there was terrific chemistry between Heather and Rob. Now I didn’t watch them film the love scenes but I did see the surfing scenes and restaurant scenes and water fall scenes and I loved it. The director was brilliant and he brought this story to life. Lifetime should be proud. I’m proud.

It’s Saturday noon and I can’t wait to share more details and photos but right now I’m sitting at the gate at the Honolulu airport and they’re boarding my flight. If I don’t close my computer now, I won’t make the flight and as you know, I need to get home. There’s going to be a big launch party in just days and it’s time I became a writer and left the Hollywood glitz behind. However, do stay tune. More is coming. Much more!

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