Launching Mrs Perfect

It’s here.  Mrs. Perfect is here, on the shelves, and tomorrow night I celebrate the launch of Mrs. Perfect with a fun new release party at Bellevue’s Barnes & Noble followed by chocolate-tinis and dessert at Ooba’s. 

I’ve done this four times now.  I should be an old pro by now. 

Instead I’m nervous.

I am nervous because I have lofty goals and dreams.  I am nervous because I am secretly fearful my dreams might be bigger than me, never mind an objective reality. 

I am nervous because I want this book, just like every book, to do well.  I want Mrs. Perfect to enjoy numerous–and large–reprintings.  I want the story be embraced by readers.  I want, oh how I want, Mrs. Perfect to be supported by brilliant sales.

It’s a curse to want so much.  I shouldn’t want so much.  I should be happy that I’m published.

Ah, I’m a wicked girl.   It’s not enough to be merely published.  It’s never enough, not after the first book, not after the first contract and first pub date and first release.  No, publication has turned my head.  Now I’m just plain greedy. Greedy and bold, impractical and egotistical.  I dream big dreams.  My dreams weigh on me.

How do we reconcile ourselves to what is?  How do we accept that we might be mere mortals?  That our dreams might never come to pass?

How do we learn to say: this is good.  This is enough.

I do not know.  I wish I did. 

But until then, I will wish Mrs. Perfect a glorious debut.  I will wish my readers a wonderful nights read.  I will wish my children and friends much love and an adventerous life.

And maybe this is how we reconcile.  With love and good humor, with compassion and kindness, we scale back the expectations.  We ease off the pressure.  We pull back demands.

Instead of more, we say thank you.  Instead of jump, we say float.  Sail.  Savor.

It’s time I took a deep breath.  Time to enjoy the ride.

It is, after all, a new adventure. 

And lest we forget, tomorrow night we have much reason to celebrate.  We’re not just serving dessert at Ooba’s.  We’re pouring some seriously decadent chocolate-tinis.  Party, anyone?


  1. Jane, it’s always good when we go out into the world to hold hands and stick together.

    I know there will be an entire bookstore full of friends and loved ones tomorrow night that can’t wait to be there for you as you watch your dreams materialize one more time!


  2. Jane, I can’t wait for your book signing and launch party tonight! I’m ALWAYS ready to celebrate with you! 🙂 I’ve been holding a book giveaway contest for the last week on my blog for two copies of “Mrs. Perfect” and will be drawing the winners tonight then posting that announcement with photos from your party on tomorrow’s blog post. I know there are some anxious readers over there wanting to get their hands on this book! 🙂

  3. Jane, I devoured Mrs. Perfect as did my co-host Kristin. Best of luck to you and hope you have a great party! Wish we could be there but know we are in spirit!

  4. Jane… Mrs. Perfect IS perfect and your dreams are, too!

    I will be there to celebrate with you and THAT is one of MY dreams come true!!!

    Love you, dearly… See you tonight!!!!!!!

  5. Jane,
    Congratulations on your great adventure. You make me smile.
    By the way, being “wicked” is a lot more fun than not! Trust in your dreams and continue to dream BIG…you’ve got the rest of it right, too…live, laugh, love.
    Mary J.

  6. It’s here! Wish I could be there with you tonight. I will be in spirit though.

    I got my copy of Mrs. Perfect last night. Last one on the shelf! I think it will be our next book club read.

    Congratulations, Jane. Big dreams are okay. What is the the point of having any if they aren’t big? Then, it is just a wish.

    Live it up tonight.

  7. Good luck, Jane! Your party will be awesome & so will your book. I bought it this weekend in between the hair salon & Coldstone! I can’t wait to start reading it.

  8. Thank you for the fun party, Jane! As soon as I put the kids to bed tonight, I’m cracking open Mrs. Perfect. Something tells me I’m going to have a late night. 🙂

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