Easter Parade

This will be a very short post as I’m on a plane right now heading to Hawaii with Ty and Mac and we’re going to lose our internet connection any moment.  I am so happy to be getting to Hawaii for Easter…but sorry I didn’t get my book in before I left, so Hawaii is going to be all about writing for the first four or five days, and then hopefully I’ll get it in mid week and have a few days to play with Mac on the beach

Sending you all love and wishes for a wonderful Easter and beautiful Spring.  I’ve been writing a lot and its been an intense book…I’ll feel so much better when I hit the end and know if I’ve pulled this story off.

Much love and chat with me if you have a moment, fill me in on your plans.  I’ll have a wonderful Hawaii prize for one of you.  Contest runs through next Thursday and I’ll announce the winner Friday morning.  Aloha!


  1. “Mac-Easter”…love it! How wonderful that you will be getting some “Grand sun”…we are waiting for E.Bunny to deliver our newest “Grandbabyson. Have a wonderful time with your family, sun, surf, macadamia nuts, shave ice…and the list goes on. Did I mentioin SUN!!!

    1. Yeah!Easter Bunny finally arrived: Healthy Grandson born late this afternoon! Mason was born in hospital room 603. Last night we stayed at a hotel near the hospital; our room was 603!!!

  2. HI Jane,
    You are so lucky to be heading to Hawaii. I wish I was doing the same thing!! I spend 2 1/2 hours in the dentist chair this morning. I am now going to curl up on the couch with a good book. Happy Easter!!!

  3. Happy early Easter! Aww relaxing in the patio while reading a wonderful novel as the smell of bar-b-q fills the air as I drink a glass of fresh tea with lemon. Can’t wait for the weekend to get here. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  4. Ahhh, Jane. That sounds lovely (except for the work part). I do hope everything runs smoothly for you.
    Just another weekend here – probably filled with income tax preparations (which are always jam packed with self-employed receipts everywhere). We DO have my MIL coming for the day tomorrow, which shall be a nice change up (I hope). She has Alzheimer’s and so far knows her kids, but she has difficulty with the daughters-in-law and grandkids’ names. Still, we’re lucky so far….

  5. So great to have you pop in with pics of our favorite little man. So sorry you have work, but you’ll be so relieved once you’ve finished. Getting ready to have my family over on Sunday with lotsa good eats after church. Happy Easter to you and your family and all yours fans…Ruth

  6. Happy Easter! Hope that you are able to wrap the book quickly, so that you can enjoy time with your guys! I know the book will be fabulous!

    I am just going to be hanging at home, very low key for this holiday for me.

    Hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of treats and Blessings!

  7. I’m catching up with family over Easter. The weather is beautiful here right now, so some gardening might be in order too.

  8. To be headed to Hawaii for Easter would be awesome! Hope you are able to spend some quality time with Mac on the beach!

    This will be our first Easter away from family and since we’re not big fans of the traditional Easter feast, I’m making homemade pizza and going to enjoy the sun + pool.

  9. My parents & grandparents & my hubby’s parents grandmother & brother & his fam are coming in for Easter. We always have a great time together eating laughing & playing games. Have fun in Hawaii! Happy Easter!

  10. Oh, those Easter celebrations with young children are so very sweet.

    My weekend will be quiet, with my son catching up on homework and a Sunday brunch with my parents. I’m going to go crazy buying flowers to plant in containers. I love this time of year… Happy Easter.

  11. Happy Hawaiian Easter to you! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. This weekend, I won’t be able to partake of the Easter festivities because I have a busy school schedule for next week….a midterm, a final, and two assignments due. So I will be starting out my weekend (Friday night) doing homework and will continue studying all weekend. But, it will be worth it because I will be done with the program soon!

  12. Happy Easter, Jane. I will be spending time with family, but unfortunately not in Hawaii! 🙂 Good luck with the writing. I can’t wait to read the new book!

  13. Happy Easter Jane. I’ll just be spending a quiet day at home. I hope to get more reading done.

  14. Good Morning all! Just popping in from Hawaii– feeling very much like the Easter Bunny with all the popping up here and there–to say that everyone who posted above this post….has won something!! So will all 13 of the original commenters (sp??) shoot me a private email with your name, comment number and address, and you will be receiving a surprise in the mail later next week! Happy early Easter and thanks to you guys for being the first lucky 13 to post!!! (And you still are in the running for the big prize…)

    And everyone else after me??? There is still the big prize I’ll be giving away!


  15. What a cute picture! What a fun age! My kids are getting to the age where they are asking a lot of questions. I’m sure it’ll only be a year or so and they’ll figure it out. I am so excited to be heading to Kauai in about a week! I haven’t been there for over 15 years and it’ll be my husband’s 1st time to Hawaii!! Excited to get some reading in on the plane as well…things have been so hectic and busy…haven’t read anything in so long. 🙁 Have a wonderful Easter and time in Hawaii!

  16. Jane,
    I am so looking forward to your new trilogy! I almost want to wait until all 3 are out and then read them all, but I know I’d never be able to be that patient!
    I just saw The Hunger Games and loved it.
    I wish I could be in Hawaii and leave this cold weather in the Pacific NW behind for awhile. Enjoy!

  17. Hi Jane Mac looks so cute and ready for Easter. Wish I was headed to Hawaii with you.
    No big plans here for Easter, may take a trip over to son’s college to visit with him on Sunday, not sure yet. Easter is just not the same when you don’t have little ones in the house.

  18. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    My daughter will be coming home Sunday so I look forward to that.
    We will be going to my husbands family get together on Sunday. I get to bring the cheesecake. 🙂

  19. Love the title. Be positive Jane you can do it. Hope you enjoy your beach time with Mac and Ty. Have a great easter. Planning on taking the children to an egg hunt and then fun in the sun time for us. I just finished reading “The Help” (yes I know Ima bit late) but it was a great read and now I can finally see the movie.

  20. Happy Easter Jane and family! We’re not doing much. Dinner at my parents Sat and the boys will get Easter Baskets with goodies Sunday. That’s pretty much it.

    Lisa B

  21. Happy Easter Jane! Enjoy your time in Hawaii. We will be spending the day at my husband’s mom’s Sunday. But, it will be more like a Thanksgiving to us. After all the tornadoes and storms in our area (one tornado touched down less then a mile from my house) Tuesday, I am thankful none of my family or friend’s home’s got hit. I just feel so badly for all the people who did lose their homes. It was one very scary day for us all in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

  22. I wish I was going to Hawaii. I’m having a little high school reunion tomorrow. I’m meeting up with a bunch of people that I’ve never hung out with (even when we were in high school). It should be so much fun as there will be a very colorful group meeting up. Be sure to look at my FB page Sunday. I know I will be putting up a boat load of pics. Happy Easter to you and your family. xoxoxoxo

  23. Hi Jane,
    So cute!! Enjoy the sunshine and the sound of the ocean. Good luck on finishing the book – can’t wait for it to come out.

  24. Hi Jane – Enjoy the time in Hawaii! Can’t wait for the book!

    This week has been about a struggle: family, the good, the bad, the ugly, what defines it and whether your definition fits someone else’s expectations (guess what the answer was for me). Ah well, I can’t spend that much time on toxic, life is too short.

    Easter will be with my husband’s grandmother. She has a lot of health challenges; I’m hoping to gather some of her stories, she has had an amazing life. It will be good to spend time with her.

    Safe travels and a wonderful week for you and your family ~

    PS Congrats to the prompt 13!

  25. Mac looks adorable ! Wow, time is flying by ~
    The four of us are planning on an Easter brunch and an egg hunt here at home, before heading into the beautiful Northwest woods for a hike to one of our favorite waterfalls. A day of technologically disconnecting and connecting as a family. After a long play in the forest we are going to come home, snuggle up, and watch Hop.
    *Happy Easter* to all of you!

  26. Going to Florida for the holiday. I cannot wait to get away. The ocean is such a wonderful way to relax and recharge.

    May you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  27. Hi, Jane!

    Glad you made it to Hawaii safely!

    We have a little bit of everything planned this weekend-tax prep, egg hunting, church, dinner with my parents and a cookout with my in- laws.

    My daughter and I just dyed eggs, and she’s going to help me make fruit kabobs and a sunflower cake for the cookout Sunday.

    I love the picture of Mac! Hope that you are able to spend lots of time with him, and have a blessed Easter!


  28. Lucky you and all the tothers that are going away this Easter. Me I’ve got some sorting out to do. The loft needs emptying before the insulation man comes in two weeks. Not sure we’ll get it done. As we’ve just been putting things up there and its full to the brim. But hopefully I’ll some chocolate in between and I’ve got to hide some eggs for the easter egg hunt with my niece. Once she’s found them all we have to do it again and again.

    Have a great holiday and good luck with the book.

  29. Happy Easter! Live the skull sweatshirt & easter bunny hat!!!!
    Enjoy your family~my 2 little men are getting ready for a trip to Belize with my in-laws and I already feel my heart breaking without them here for the Easter holiday. Soooo my husband and I are heading to the lake near us for a long weekend….much needed.

  30. Happy Easter to you and yours, Jane. So lovely that you will have time with family, although writing, too. Deadlines are tough sometimes. We will attend church, then plan on the traditional Eater meal with family. Of course, we’ll have an egg hunt beforehand for the grand-kids, ages 2-4. Expecting a lot of giggles and hugs. Peace to you on Easter.

  31. Hi Jane!

    Glad you made it safely! Wish I was spending Easter in Hawaii! Although Visalia is beautiful right now! Spending the holiday with family…low key but nice! Have a very Happy Easter!


  32. Happy Easter, Jane! I’ll most likely be sleeping most of Sunday, since I work Saturday night. But I will get to see the beautiful Easter sunrise on my way home Sunday morning. We are trying to make plans for the following weekend for my family to get together. Mac’s photo is so cute! He is really growing up. Have a wonderful time with your family.

  33. I hope you get to enjoy many days in Hawaii. That means I hope you can do some “speed writing” Can’t wait for you new book to come out. At that time, I plan to get it and read until I finish. Maybe I’ll pick the kids up from school but, food – hey they will need to fend for themselves. Easter will be watching the kids find all the candy filled eggs they can imagine and then Easter mid-day meal with the entire family. It is my mom’s 80th birthday that day. Have a wonderful week. Hoping you write well and fast.

  34. I soooo miss Hawaii with all this nasty Washington weather! We are just going to hang out and hopefully get some landscaping done. Have a blast in Hawaii! Send me some sunshine!!!

  35. You’ll get it done, Jane… and we can’t wait to read it. Happy Easter to you and your boys, hope you get your beach time with Mac. It’s a quiet Easter for us… kids are older and working so we are having an Easter brunch with my parents on Monday morning, only 3 of my 4 kids present as one is 1000 km away at school and it’s crunch time for her so she’s not coming home. But she’s done in 3 weeks… can’t wait to see her again, haven’t seen her since Christmas. They grow up waayyy too fast!

  36. Happy Easter! Your boy is the cutest thing. We’ve been home all week for spring break and my daughter and I have been able to spend alot of time together, which has been very nice.

  37. Happy Easter!Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and you’ll finish your book…the photo of Mac is adorable. I was gonna surprize my twin brothers who live in chicago for their birthday but couldn’t come-up with the plane fare, then my brother marty is still in the hospital from having his kidney removed and he’s still in ICU and only wants to see a few people..I’m praying and its best that I stay home,not feeling so hot and I need to stay on my budget, and he know i love him very much. Easter plans are up in the air, going to church for my friends praise and whorship group are playing at my church so excited for they are so awesome..and Trey and his band are such good friends, he doesn’t want me to cook but that may change, for he’s on the road alot going to from one cowboy church to another.I love to cook and bake. thats about all thats going on around here. Have fun!!!

  38. First of all, I need to find someone for myself from Hawaii! Does Ty have any single surfer friends who would like to spend part of the year in Indiana with a teacher?! :O) So jealous of you spending Easter in Hawaii! I’m working all day Saturday at a softball tournament, going to church with my mom Sunday and then brunch after. After I go home and take a nap, it’s time for laundry. :O(
    Have a wonderful Easter and get that book done!

  39. Mac is adorable in his bunny ears! Happy Easter! I wish I was in Hawaii to enjoy the warm sunshine. I will enjoy the NW sunshine even if it’s chilly! Good Luck with focusing in paradise to wrap up your book!!

  40. Dear Jane, A very Happy Easter to you and yours! This is going to be a wonderful weekend for our family. Our 7 year old autistic son I feel for the first time, understands Easter. He is excited about the Easter Rabbit, we have been dying eggs everyday this week since Tuesday and watching the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown nightly too. Tomorrow were spending the day at the beach and than Sunday with family. I’m truly blessed by the progress Cameron has made in special ed classes and endless amounts of therapies to get to today and the smile we both have on our faces. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a very HAPPY HAPPY Easter. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii, Safe Travels!!

  41. Happy Easter to you and your family Jane. I hope that you all had a good flight and are enjoying your time in beautiful Hawaii. On this Easter we are having a big family get together at a park. We’ll eat, the little kids will play at the playground, and the big kids will have a baseball game. The weather is looking really nice for our picnic day. Enjoy your holiday!

  42. Happy Easter to you and yours! Am currentlly hanging out w/mybrother and family, and will be overnighting in an airport Saturtday/Sunday…all worth it, of course. Seeing my niece’s eyes when I hit the door was all the verificaton I needed. May everyone be as happy as I am right now this Blessed Easter. 🙂

  43. I am looking forward to spending Easter with my kids at my parents’ house. They have such a wonderful time with their cousins. Hope you get some much deserved R&R in Hawaii!

  44. The dance studio where my daughter dances is opening a studio in a new location & it’s all happening tomorrow! That’s our big plans for this weekend. 🙂

  45. You deserve a wonderful Easter in Hawaii for working so hard, have a great time. I am spending Easter with my family and friends, going to the park and having a Easter egg hunt. Looking forward to the nice warm weather coming up.

  46. Hi Jane, Enjoy Hawaii and have a Happy Easter! Wish I were celebrating Easter in the sunshine instead of the wet, Pacific NW! 🙂 Finally getting a few days off of work to relax and unwind. It has been brutal the past few months. Ready to unwind and have some family time with a gathering Sunday along with an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Just got finished stuffing eggs! Happy Easter everyone!

  47. Just spending it with my husbands family and kicking back and relaxing. Love the pictures of Mac. Now that is one cute little boy… or should i say little man. 🙂

  48. Long weekend for us here 🙂 it is so great to can spend the day off and weekends with hubby and our 2 boys 🙂

    love the pic of mac 🙂

  49. I don’t really have any Easter plans. I’m eating dinner with my parents and that’s about it. But it will be fun! 🙂

  50. Hola Jane!

    Getting ready to pack the car and travel to South Texas to spend the weekend with family and freinds. My daughter looks forward to it as she gets to run around and not have to hear me tell her to stay out of the street. There all she as are open fields of fun.
    Happy Easter to all!

  51. Happy Easter Jane! Going to spend Sunday with my two older kids; younger ones went to Grandparents house. Having a “feast” and relaxing after that.

  52. Happy Easter Jane, hope you have the best of both work and play while you are in Hawaii…I’m excited to be heading to a beach myself for a quick trip next week!

    Great picture of your little man, thanks for sharing!

  53. Having an Easter egg hunt tomorrow morning. My daughter is so excited. I hope you have a wonderful Easter in hawaii.

  54. Happy Easter in Hawaii!!! Lucky duck;)…we are doing the usual; hide the Easter basket, open all the candy, go to church, come home and eat…then laze around the rest of the day!…..Enjoy!

  55. We had such fun today with our granddaughter coming to hunt Easter eggs. She was too little to do it last year, but like Mac she enjoyed her hunting this time around.

    Hope you get your work done and have plenty of time to play while you are there in Hawaii.

  56. How handsome Mac looks in his Easter crown. Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Hope you got your story completed so that you have time to relax and play. Hugs to you all.

  57. Happy Easter Jane and everyone! Jane, I hope you’re getting to enjoy Hawaii. Cuz if you are, we’re happy for you, and it means another book is done, so we will be reading it sooner 🙂

  58. Mac is so cute! Going to my Mom’s house with my brother to have dinner and relax. My other brothers went to Ohio. Happy Easter!

  59. HI Jane and family! A very blessed Easter to you. So I have to ask, have you gotten your PEEP on this year? I always smile and think of you when I see them. I have never know anyone who likes them more! Hope you are having a wonderful day with that handsome little man of yours!

  60. Lucky you going to Hawaii how wonderful! We are having Easter dinner with the family at my house and then celebrating my daughter’s 22nd birthday for dessert. 22 how did that happen! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  61. Ah, Hawaii! My husband and I eloped there a few years ago on Waiilae (sp?) beach. It was my first overseas trip from Oz and I fell in love with the place. Reading Flirting with Forty really brought back the atmosphere for me and made me smile most of the way through the book, bar the sad parts, of course!

    Enjoy your trip and your precious family time. What a beautiful photo. They do grow up way too fast. Our easter bunny left lovely blue glitter footprints all through the house. Kids loved it; was horrible to clean up, though!

    Cheers, Michelle

  62. Hi Jane,

    Good luck writing in Hawaii. I so look forward to reading your next book.
    I hope you have time to celebrate Easter too.
    We are going to Vancouver for Easter and I´m looking forward to some Family time.

  63. I hope you had a very nice Easter and enjoyed your day. We had a great holiday and, as always, I ate WAY too much. Time to hit the gym. Have a great week and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I won!

  64. What a cutie Mac is! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Ours was great. Lots of food and fun…had a blast watching the grandkids do their easter egg hunt. Lots of yard work going on here these past few days. When it goes from snowing to 68 and sunny within a couple days- you know you’d better get on it while you have a chance! 🙂

  65. I got home the night before Easter at midnight,from a trip, then had to food shop, wake up early to clean my house, and then cook for everyone. Lol. Poor planning! Thank god my husband is not one of those to sit on the couch in front of the TV! I hope your Easter was great… I love seeing pics of Mac! Keep em coming..

  66. well we finally have some sunshine in the northwest so enjoying the outdoors for the moment. i hope you’re having a great time in hawaii.

  67. I hope you are enjoying your time in Hawaii. We had a lovely Easter, even with the oven not working right and everything is starting to grow and bloom which I love to see.

  68. Hope you finished your book in time and can enjoy Hawaii and some relaxation. It must be extremely difficult to lock yourself up in a hotel in paradise.
    Enjoy the warmth and sun for me, as here, today, is snowing, sigh!!

  69. Congratulations on finishing your books ( I saw your update on fb 🙂 . Enjoy your time with your boys in Hawaii.

  70. My Easter was quiet as I had a concert and a goodbye to Teri’s tonsils party on Sat night. I knew getting my tonsils taken out (3 weeks after the last surgery) was going to put me down, so we spent Easter at home and had Enchiladas. Now I am recovering and writing. Your writing rate inspires me:)

  71. Jane,

    Weather is getting even warmer than it has been this year. Had such a mild winter and actually experiencing a Spring…Usually we go from snow to summer. Kids were off last week so we went to the park a lot and hung out with friends. Spent the holiday weekend at my parent’s house at the shore with my sisters. Had a great time.

    Hope you are well and enjoying Hawaii!! Congratulations on finishing the book!!


  72. Having a wonderful spring break! Easter at my house with lots of family, sunny Monday for a wonderful hike, got together with girlfriends for happy hour Tuesday afternoon, read some books, had a hike today and got caught in a storm with thunder and hail and got soaked, then this evening went to the movies with my BFF Beck. Tomorrow the tulip fields and sunshine is back! Jane, enjoy the hot Hawaii sun and keep writing!

  73. Hi everyone,
    I’m heading to the beach with my boys today to soak up some sun and enjoy the sea. Just a few more days left of Spring Break! Hope you’re all having a wonderful time too!

    Our big winner –

    #60 Natalie

    Shoot me an email, Natalie, with your mailing info and I’ll get the prize in the mail to you soon. And if you’re one of the first thirteen to comment and haven’t already sent me your info, do it now!!

    Have a great weekend!

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