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Impostor Syndrome?

Right now I don’t feel like a real writer.   Maybe its because I haven’t been writing for a number of weeks and I have a big deadline bearing down on me.  It will be good to get back to my desk in January.  I’ll probably have a lot fewer pep talks with myself when I do.   I think it’s strange that not writing for a few weeks makes me feel like a pretend writer.   I didn’t feel like  a faker when I was a teacher.  I didn’t feel like a faker when I was in PR and sales and marketing.  So why do I feel like a faker when it comes to being a writer? Yesterday after … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome?

30 Days of Summer Left!

I don’t know when your kids go back to school, but mine head back in just a little over a month, with Jake returning to Bellevue High water polo practices on August 22nd.  Can’t believe the summer is half way over…I love summer vacation, love spending my summers in Hawaii, too.   I’m not as achy in Hawaii–joints don’t hurt, shoulder isn’t always on fire–and I get to wear a lot less clothes, too.  🙂 When do your kids return to school?  What do you have planned for this next month?  Bring me up to speed to get entered in this week’s Beach Tote contest and there will be lots of bonus winners so talk to me for a chance … Continue reading 30 Days of Summer Left!


Just returned from airport and putting son Ty on a flight back to Seattle and am now sitting down at desk to recreate the 17 lost pages that were my final chapter of book that I cut and meant to paste, but failed ot paste before pasting new pages over. I was so bummed Sunday night but am resigned now.  And at least I had all day yesterday free to play with my boys.  My big Ty took the day off work and drove us to North Shore where Ty and Ty snorkeled at Shark’s Cove and Mac and I played in the shallow water before we ate an early dinner at Cholo’s in Haleiwa and then hit the Dole Plantation … Continue reading Summertime

Mountains to Sea

After five days in Whistler on a writer’s retreat I came home for a day and now I fly out tonight for Hawaii to join my two Gurney guys there.  I’m really looking forward to getting some sun and swimming in the ocean and just soaking up Hawaii’s beauty.  I need it after the hectic few months where every week had one to three events and lots of writing squeezed around my many commitments. Our Whistler retreat had its own moments of drama–a BBQ that literally was on fire and required an emergency application of a fire extinguisher, a crazy bout of food poisoning, and then my run with a bear. I have the bear story on my Facebook page, but … Continue reading Mountains to Sea

Heading into Spring Break

Ty flew with us back to Seattle on Monday, and now tomorrow he returns to Hawaii to get back to work. We won’t see him until late March as he’s got to be in Waikiki for Spring Break and it’s going to be a tough month without him. Mac and I have kind of gotten used to the guy.  🙂 I’m busy wrapping up revisions on my Harlequin and then back to polishing my proposal for my next three single titles. I guess the good thing about Ty working hard in the water this month is that I’ll also be working hard at my desk. I’m really enjoying writing right now and I love that we are both so passionate … Continue reading Heading into Spring Break

Ah, Deep Breath Now…

Book is in. Ahhhhh. Dang that was hard. Start to finish. Probably didn’t help that I wrote it in 3 weeks, meant my days were just way too long and by this last week I was writing 10-12 hours a day and a chapter and a half a day. Yesterday was 34 pages. The day before was 41. The day before that it was 31. Makes me almost feel pukey. When I focus that hard and write that long my whole brain seems to hum too fast, makes it hard to sleep at night. I know writers who do that kind of output consistently, frequently. I know some of the most famous Harlequin names have written 7-12 books a year. … Continue reading Ah, Deep Breath Now…

Back to the Mainland

We leave in the morning on the 9 am flight back to Seattle. I’d thought I’d write today but instead I’ve spent my time cleaning, sorting, paying bills, and packing. I’ll be back in 6 weeks or so for our mid winter break but its still hard to leave. Everything in Hawaii is so much more relaxed than at home. I also live with all the windows and doors open and looking out at the water always calms me. While I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, I am resolved that this year I will try to be calm and relaxed. I am determined to remain optimistic, too, and embrace change whenever it comes, in whatever shapes it comes. There’s … Continue reading Back to the Mainland


Mac is beyond delighted having his two big brothers here in Hawaii with him.  He loves his brothers and can’t keep away from them.  The good thing is that the two bulldogs now have a reprieve.  The bad thing is the brothers are Mac’s favorite activity. Fortunately, the boys had a great day on the beach yesterday with Mac eagerly climbing on top of a buried brother Ty.  I love having all my boys here.  I am one contented Mama. Off to polish chapter 4 and keep moving on chapter 5.  You guys are the best readers and friends.  Thank you for being so awesome!

Surfing Saturday

This is going to be a super short post as I’m getting ready to head to the beach with my friend Anne who is going to take a surf lesson from Ty. I’m going, too, and taking out a big soft top as it’s been two years since I last surfed and my confidence is there but I’m not so sure about my skill set. Ty teaches out at Pops in Waikiki and it’s a long paddle out.  I’ve had some shoulder problems this last year and I’m worried my shoulder won’t be in great form but I’m going for it anyway.  (Although feeling some butterflies from nerves!) Had so hoped to finish chapter 3 yesterday–am close–but maybe I can … Continue reading Surfing Saturday

Waikiki Waves

One of my best friends from high school, Anne Morse,  just arrived with her family in Hawaii for the next week.  They’re out sight-seeing today and I’m taking care of family stuff but tonight we all hope to grab dinner in Waikiki together.  I haven’t gotten any writing done since end of last week which is stressing me but trying to stay calm and positive so that when I do have time to write, I will. Mac, however, continues to love Hawaii.  Last week he paddled around with Dad on a surfboard and loved it when Mom came out to play in the water with him, too.  He is just so incredibly busy.  I’ve raised boys before but neither of … Continue reading Waikiki Waves