Ah, Deep Breath Now…

Book is in.


Dang that was hard. Start to finish. Probably didn’t help that I wrote it in 3 weeks, meant my days were just way too long and by this last week I was writing 10-12 hours a day and a chapter and a half a day. Yesterday was 34 pages. The day before was 41. The day before that it was 31. Makes me almost feel pukey. When I focus that hard and write that long my whole brain seems to hum too fast, makes it hard to sleep at night.

I know writers who do that kind of output consistently, frequently. I know some of the most famous Harlequin names have written 7-12 books a year. I can not. But I do need a better work ethic, and I only started working well once I left the house for a short-term office. “Going to work” every day really did get me in the mindset that it was writing time, not email, or blog or laundry or snacking. It was time to work. I was there to work. End of story.

Sitting on the dining room table going through Mom's mail
Sitting on the dining room table going through Mom's mail

But leaving the house everyday for long days meant not enough time with the kids and so its with great pleasure that I have 9 days with Mac without babysitters. We arrived last night in Hawaii on an evening flight and Mac and I just chilled today. We’re sitting on the couch watching Little Bear now. Haven’t done this in so long. Might even start reading a book tonight when Ty comes home from teaching in Waikiki. Bliss!!!

Thank you to my readers and friends for their birthday wishes over at Facebook yesterday. Thank you also to Latesha for the card (happy birthday to you, too, Latesha!!) and Shannon Schell for my present and card. Thank you for the emails and good wishes. But most of all thank you for the support while I wrapped up my book. I’ll probably get revisions on Monday but for the next two days I’m on vacation!!

Love you all, tell me something, anything, and you’ll have a chance to win one of my 3 fun surprise prizes! Contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the 3 winners Monday morning.

Now back to Little Bear and doing nothing… and especially NO typing!!!

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