Mountains to Sea

After five days in Whistler on a writer’s retreat I came home for a day and now I fly out tonight for Hawaii to join my two Gurney guys there.  I’m really looking forward to getting some sun and swimming in the ocean and just soaking up Hawaii’s beauty.  I need it after the hectic few months where every week had one to three events and lots of writing squeezed around my many commitments.

Our Whistler retreat had its own moments of drama–a BBQ that literally was on fire and required an emergency application of a fire extinguisher, a crazy bout of food poisoning, and then my run with a bear.

I have the bear story on my Facebook page, but for those of you who don’t do Facebook, the story in short…I wanted to get a quick run in before heading to airport, headed out down this little grassy slope, was kind of hopping over the rocks and glanced to my left and saw a black bear.  He wasn’t massive, but he wasn’t a cub and I froze, and tried to remember what Barb and Carla had said about bears.  They are both Canadians and Barb lives in Whitehorse, Yukon and Carla is in Calgary and constantly hiking through Banff, so they have bear expertise.  I thought they said stare bear in eye to show him you’re not afraid, so I did that.  Then I remembered, no, don’t stare bear in eye.  Look big and threatening.  So I lifted up my arms and then felt actually very small.  I’m not even 5’3″ so with arms in air I felt puny.  Dropped arms.  Struggled to remember if running away would make me look like prey, so I kind of took a step back and another and one more and THEN I ran, up hill, staring back over my shoulder the entire time in case Mr. Bear wanted to follow.  Bear did not.  I got into the cabin.  All was good.  Except run was over.  I was done for the day.

But now its off to Hawaii with pale sand, warm water and endless sun.  And to share my Hawaii love with you, I have a special I Heart Hawaii prize for one of you–a signed copy of Flirting with Forty, the Flirting with Forty Lifetime movie on DVD, Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, sarong, and lots more really fun stuff.  Want to win?  Tell me what you plan to do this weekend for Memorial Day weekend and you’re entered!  And if you don’t feel like talking about that, talk books to me.  You know how much I love to read!!  Contest runs through Monday night and I’ll announce the winner Tuesday morning, May 31st.  Mahalo!




  1. I love Flirting with Forty! I don’t usually part with signed books — especially one signed by you — but it’s so great I want to share it with a girlfriend who I know will love it too:) Whew, what a bear story! Bon Voyage!

  2. Hi Jane

    Love the bear story, glad it turned out with not too much drama. I bet the country up there was beautiful.

    We are heading out to the Northern Neck of VA this weekend to go camping. It’s a fun campground where we have been before and the kids are excited that the temps are warm and the water park will be open. The boys are going to a dirt race track Saturday night to see a race and my daughter and I will probably enjoy a cruise on the “rivah” provided by the campground. Can’t wait to enjoy our own fun and sun, we need it!

    Have a great time in Hawaii.

  3. I’ll be seeing The Hangover 2 on Sunday night and maybe attend a barbecue in the afternoon. Have fun in Hawaii.

  4. We are taking the trailer out and going camping in Buellton. It’s my son’s first bithday, so we’ll be having a BBQ in his honor. Glad your bear encounter turned out ok. How scary!

  5. Hi Jane,

    I love your story about the bear. I just came back from a trip to Yellowstone and we saw a bear but I enjoy looking from a fare.
    This weekend I´m having friends visiting from Denmark and they are staying with us until Memorial Day. So the weekend will be a lot of sightseeing and eating out and just relaxing and talking.

    I did not even know that you could buy the Flirting with forty DVD. If I don´t win i´ll put it on my wish list for my birthday.

    I hope you have a good time in Hawaii.

  6. This is the first weekend in three months that we do NOT have something planned! We are in the midst of our book fair at school (LOVE the book fair!) and closing in fast on the end of the school year.

    I have a funny bear story too – when I was 5, we were camping in Yosemite. It was the middle of the night when all of a sudden our entire campsight was woken up by some crazy lady banging two huge pots together. As it turned out, there were two bears trying to get into the crazy lady’s car where the food was. Being that we were all sleeping outside on the ground in our sleeping bags, it was pretty exciting for a 5 year old!

    And that crazy lady? She was my mom. One of my most favorite stories to tell about her ever!

  7. Sounds like you’ve been having some interesting adventures! I’m super jealous of your trip to Hawaii! I’m dying to get there one of these days, but right now it’s not in the budget.

    Memorial Day weekends in my house mean birthdays. Mine is tomorrow and my brother’s is on Monday. I don’t really have any big plans for mine. He’s going to NYC for the weekend so it’ll probably be a girls’ weekend for me and my mom. We’ll probably go out to lunch and do some shopping or see a movie. It’ll be a low key weekend.

  8. I’m glad you survived meeting a bear!
    This weekend I was planning on putting some plants in the garden but it snowed yesterday so I think I’ll wait. No new plans yet.

  9. so what is the correct thing to do when encountering a bear???

    this weekend we’re hanging out with friends and family. not much time left since we found out we’re moving to texas in a few months!

  10. Enjoy your wonderful Hawaii. Interesting bear story and Whistler is special. This weekend we will be spending time with the sons and wives, brunch and then a big dinner outside. SHould be lovely.

  11. Hello brave bear lady. You should ask Mr Bear to go with you to Hawaii for some surfing lessons with Mr Ty 🙂

    I’m headed back to NJ for Memorial day week — bringing back some bison steaks and ribs for the bbq. My granddaughter will be 2 next week, too. Looking for ward to family reunions and celebration and also hoping to get down the shore even for just half day.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Headed to my parents’ for the holiday weekend so my girls can spend some time with Grammy & Poppie. While we’re there I’m hoping to catch up with a few friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

    Enjoy the sunshine and warmth for all of us enduring the Pacific NW weather!

  13. Wow! Yes they say DONT RUN! Forget that. Thats the first thing I would do, no joke. And of course I’d end up being dinner for the bear. But no way could I not freak out and run. Now to be honest the bear would most likely be more afraid of me as he watches me running away looking like a wild screaming banshee. This weekend we are going up to North Texas to spend the weekend at my parents home. Everyone is going to be working on the finishing touches of their storm shelter. With all of the horrible weather my three sisters and I spend most of our days worried about them and this will help us sleep better.

  14. I have to confess, your bear story made me laugh. I can so picture you running up the hill and taking quick glances over your shoulder. You won’t have to worry about bears in Hawaii. 🙂 Enjoy your trip and relax, you deserve it! I plan to get in a little relaxation with family and a few books.

  15. That was a memorable trip you had. I hope Hawaii will be much more relaxing. My plans for the weekend, housework. We had the bad storms last night with really big hail, winds and heavy rain. This morning we wake up to my husband’s truck all dinged by the hail and parts of the wood trim on the house broke to the ground. At least it’s a long weekend to do the work here and clean everything up. The roof was just replaced last Friday and I won’t know how it looks until Russ gets up there to inspect it. I don’t want to make another insurance claim this soon, but will have to if we need to. Lucky the many times the tornado sirens went off, nothing touched down at our house. Enjoy your weekend and I will be dreaming of that soft Hawaiian sand and warm sunshine.

  16. Glad you survived the bear, Jane. I’d be freaked out to encounter a bear, too. This weekend we’re going camping – hoping for good weather! Enjoy the Hawaiian sunshine!

  17. Aloha Jane!

    Love the bear story…so brave (but not big). I’m ditching my kids for a couple of days. It requires some driving in two directions but worth it. Joey is going to my sister in laws for a sleepover. Rebecca’s is going to my brother’s house (with their toddler) to soak up some baby love for two+ days. Love that!!

    My most favorite-est books of the last few months have been by Sarah Addison Allen; I read her first three and the fourth is on hold at the library. I think there are about 25 people ahead of me; so maybe by 4th of July!!

    Still reading ACcidental Bestseller then onto Skipping a Beat (Pekkanen).

    Love to you,
    Shannon in Tustin

    (no contest)

  18. We’re hoping to see the new “Pirates of the Carribean” movie. Usually my husband misses out but we’re hoping he can join us this time. Family movie time! 🙂

  19. I’m getting ready for my BFF to come. We share books all the time. She’s coming because I’ve stopped flirty with fifty and will actually BE 50! We’re celebrating together!

  20. I can just picture you, Jane, running up that hill ahead of the bear! 😀 We just spent last Sunday in Yellowstone and saw 5 grizzlies! The baby Bison were adorable, sort of reddish in color and about the size of an Irish Setter. Great day!
    Our Memorial Week-end plans are to stay put @ home and put in a garden. Also it is my husband’s birthday the 30th, so we will BBQ and enjoy some time together.
    p.s. – I loved Flirting With Forty @ would share it with a friend so they could too.

  21. Ahhh Hawaii!!! enjoy the wonderful sunshine and warm water! I love love Hawaii!
    I have been longing for a trip back to the Islands, wearing my Brighton Hawaii charm braclet daily and listening to good Island music.. I will spend my weekend visiting with my son hopefully, getting all my “Mom time” before he gets married! and doing some catching up on reading in the sunshine by the pool. Thank goodness for 3 day weekends!!!

  22. We’re going to my parents for a cookout on Sunday. Both my sisters and their families will be there, too. We always have a good time together!

    I have read many great books lately. However, am currently reading ‘Easy on the Eyes’. Love it so far!

    Have fun in Hawaii!!

  23. Jane~
    Safe travels to Hawaii! Enjoy that beautiful sunshine….which I hope decides to grace us here in Montana really soon.
    My Memorial Day weekend is spent with the family; of course most plans are weather permitting when you live 5555 feet up in the mountains! Actual Memorial Day is spent by attending the annual “Memorial Day Parade”, followed by military services at the cemetery. Most years, this day is spent in very cold weather….sometimes rain…sometimes snow. But standing out there honoring the many fallen heros of our Country, doesn’t compare to the sacrafices they all have given for us. Makes me proud to be an American.
    Be safe this Holiday Weekend

  24. First I have to say, I love Flirting with Forty! I have a copy it is not signed an I have read it so many times I have highlighted my favorite phrases and philosophical quotes. The book is worn and I mean worn. I have loaned it out many times(reluctantly)and bought the dvd. The dvd has been resurfaced once already.The book was the first I have read where a woman picked herself up, dusted herself off and made her life better.I love it and would love to have a signed copy! Okay, enough begging. This weekend I am cleaning house and taking my 11yr old to his baseball tournament in Kansas City.Due to the shear number of campers at the lake this weekend we have decided to camp next weekend.I am officially on summer break from work so I will be planning for my Florida trip as well.It’s in three weeks.Have fun in Hawaii Jane!

  25. I would have a heart attack. Wow you handled that great. Memorial weekend I plan to spend time with my 3 lovely babies. Sit back relax and enjoy all the little moments we have together. Have a great wonderful weekend everyone!

  26. Jane,
    I hope to get a hike in and wouldn’t mind seeing a bear (just not too close, and not alone!). Sleeping in and driving to see my niece and her granddaughter are on the schedule, too, so it will be a fun and busy 3 day weekend.

  27. guess you did the right thing with the bear; they used to say lay down and pretend dead.

    Trusting this weekend will be working at home redoing the laundry room instead of helping others as dh and I are doing right now.

    have a fab time in Hawaii.

  28. It’s not Memorial Day weekend up here in Canada, but we had our long weekend last weekend… Victoria Day.

    Horseshow season has started so I will be standing in a field, hopefully not getting rained on, watching my daughter ride. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and have what I call horseshow friends… people I see most weekends in the summer only at horseshows. It’s fun in it’s own way.

    I’m going to bring a book… probably Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants. Have a great trip to Hawaii!

  29. Great post Jane! So glad the bear wasn’t looking for anything to eat.

    Our weekend- fly to Italy for vacation. Yeah!!

  30. i just want to have some fun this weekend! relax, be around good company, bbq, sun (but i dont thing so), get some sleep, and have a smile on for 72 hrs!

  31. hi! Your one busy lady but now you have a few days to spend with your guys in the sun and sand-WOW! sound so nice! Wish i could be packed in your suitcase-my weekend is going to be that exciting, spending it at home relaxing and if its not too hot i want to clean out my attic. I have alot of zuccinni in my garden so I will make some zuccinni bread for on sunday at church we have a big celebration so after the service will have a dinner which is alot of fun to visit with other members and share. On monday, I’ll go and honor the veterans with the flag ceremony and honor the soldiers who have fought in wars and lost their lives and the ones that are fighting for our freedom now. I’m big on that for I lost 2 cousins in the Viet Nam war and 2 in Desert Storm. I have 2 cousins and alot of friends over there now fighting so I’m praying they come home safe. I’m gonna try and do alittle reading, too I have a stack of books that I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet. I want to start reading Jodi Foster’s book Dare for I need to dream about a hunky man-maybe I’ll find one for real! Have fun and enjoy the beach!

  32. Jane,

    Just read the bear story aloud to my husband and couldn’t get through it without laughing. I was completely picturing your running and looking over your shoulder. Have a BBQ planned at a friend’s house but otherwise, we will play it by ear and see what else pops up over the holiday weekend…if anything, hopefully we will finally relax and enjoy some warm weather.

    Enjoy Hawaii with your Gurney boys!

  33. Hi Jane,
    This holiday weekend I plan to attend a graduation mass and a couple of graduation parties. Have fun in Hawaii.


  34. When I was in Whistler several years ago I also came face to face with a bear. However I was inside our motorhome. Still just as scary.

    This weekend I will be starting the shopping for my son’s high school graduation bbq all the while babysitting my 1 yr old granddaughter Isabella. Nana will be showing her how to shop.

    Enjoy Hawaii!


  35. Well, if I was in your situation with the bear…I would have done the same thing! How scary and thank God it didn’t chase you! It sounds like you had a crazy week!
    I am working most of the holiday weekend. All of the days around Memorial day, but I have the actual holiday off. Since we can’t leave town, will just do something small around here. BBQ and maybe meet up with some family/friends. It is suppose to be raining here in OR…but with everything else going on in other states, I feel blessed to only have rain. Prayers go out to everyone who has been affected. I can’t imagine what you all are going thru.

  36. memorial day weekend we are going to be packing up our “stuff” and heading to Washington for the summer. All the kids and grandkids live up there so we go up there to enjoy all of them! We stay until after the holidays, then head back to the desert for the winter months!

    Enjoy Hawaii!

  37. Wow Jane, that is pretty wild!! If there is anything that could get me running it would be a bear – and definitely bees. Pretty much any kind of threatening creature, along with spiders.

    When I first came in the Navy I was stationed in Guam, and I had gone camping a couple of times. This one time, the Sun had started to set and it was getting darker…. and I kept feeling this bug crawling up my leg. 1st my calf – then my thigh – finally my arm. And by this time it was dark, only the camp fire light going; barely. So when that “bug” grazed my upper arm, that was it! I was like, “What the HECK is this bug?!!” My boyfriend at the time was like, “Hold on, hold on. Let me get my lighter.” Lighter strikes… “OMG!!!! It’s a snake!!!” (Like right by my face!)

    Needless to say, I teleported about 20 yards away. 🙂 We (okay, HE) chopped its head off and tossed it off the cliff. Brown-tree snakes in Guam are known to be poisonous to small babies and also birds, but I wasn’t taking any chances, LOL!!!

    Hope your flight is going well. Enjoy your much needed rest Jane, and say hey to Surfer Ty and Mac!! <3 J

  38. That was a scary bear story. I would have been paralyzed with fear. We actually have had bear sightings in my suburb recently.

    Saturday is my birthday and it will be nice to actually have the day off. We are planning a trip to ballpark to get tickets to an upcoming game and then the mall dress shopping for my elder daughter and dinner after.

    I hope you enjoy your time in Hawaii.

  39. I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii where you should be safe from bears. We are having friends over for a barbeque this weekend so I’m hoping the weather is nice for that.

  40. Perhaps the bear story will show up in one of your books later on? Glad our Jane is still here with us. 🙂

    I wish I had something as exciting or relaxing as Hawaii to look forward to. We can’t really afford to do much this weekend. So maybe some family bowling, a bbq or two and we decided to organize the house. Things have been coming up missing, tempers are running high so Mom (that’s me) says let’s get this house in shape!

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  41. Our local World Market is celebrating Hawaii, so heading over to pick up Toasted Coconut coffee, macadamia nuts, leis, & other goodies for a Memorial Day pool party!
    Have a safe trip home & enjoy the time with your guys!

  42. Wow, what a scary encounter with the bear. I hope you have a great time with your guys in Hawaii. Friday night we are going to a retirement party for a good friend, Saturday we are going fishing, Sunday visiting parents and Monday a bbq.

  43. Oh Jane you meeting up with a bear I think I might have passed out. Like you I am under 5’3″ am 5′ 2 1/2″ I don’t forget the half inch. I live in the country with neighbors scattered around at a good distance. Just day before yesterday
    I had a deer run across the field while I was watering the trees in my yard. I am more afraid of the stray dogs that travel.
    Well, I am hoping that I can paint this weekend. No real plans just something I have been wanting to do for a while.

    Oh, thank you so much for the Wendy Wax book THE ACCIDENTAL BEST SELLER. I have never read her work before and I loved it. This is great book if anyone needs something to read over the long weekend.

  44. My hubby and I are sending our daughter to her grandparents Friday. Then we are spending the weekend… alone… together. Without interuptions! We’re going to pick her up Monday and hang with the fam.

  45. Hi Jane-
    Loved the bear story! Glad to hear you are writing!
    You are my favorite! Loved Shay and Dane. Hope
    to hear more from them. Right now I am finishing
    Dead Reckoning. Have Nora Roberts saved to start
    at the beach.
    This weekend marks end of school for us! We are
    having a party with friends tomorrow. Then celebrate
    my grandmothers 88th birthday Saturday!
    Happy Memorial Day and enjoy your guys in Hawaii. Sounds fabulous:)

  46. Going to Nags Head, NC for the weekend to celebrate my sisters Birthday and sit on the beach.

    Enjoy Hawaii:>)

  47. Scary bear story! I’m sure I’d freeze, unsure what to do. Glad you made a safe getaway.

    I am heading to the beach this weekend with family. Our only plans are playing cards, shopping, good food, drinks and relaxing. So excited!

  48. That was a crazy bear story!! Well I don’t have anything big planned for the weekend. It’s been raining a lot here in MI. so I will probably do some spring cleaning indoors.

    As far as books goes I just finished “Tuscan Holiday” by Holly Chamberlin which was very good.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend with your guys. Sounds like fun!!!

  49. Hey there, Jane!
    Thank goodness you are okay after that bear encounter! Way to go keeping your wits about you, so to speak.
    As for Memorial Day weekend, it is just another weekend here. My son and husband have to work. I hope to watch my favourite local band perform on Friday night, I’ll probably buy groceries on Saturday, Sunday will be laundry day (as cheaper to do it on weekends here), and then Monday is a regular day of business.
    Have a lovely time with your guys!

  50. Soak up some sunshine for me please 😀 Had a whopper of a storm here last night. We don’t usually go into the storm shelter but we did last night, very frightening. Our home is fine, lost a few tree branches and some onion plants from the garden but other than that, we’re good to go for another round.

    This weekend I plan to attend a veterans memorial at the local cemetary on Saturday, then get the rest of my garden planted and hopefully finish little Austin’s scrapbook album so I can get them shipped back to Seattle to their mother.

    Enjoy Hawaii!

  51. Here in WV, I hope to dodge some raindrops this weekend and work more on some landscaping that has been put on hold because of the weather. I look forward to having both my son and my husband home on Monday to enjoy the day together!

  52. This weekend my hubby and I are going to take a quick trip to the mountains in North Carolina and relax!

  53. We used to run into bears when we were kids all the time. We’d just run and scream at the top of our lungs. Probably still would.

    When we ran into a bear in Wyoming last summer our youngest thought it was Baloo from Jungle Book and we caught him just before he took off to meet his friend.

    This weekend I am going to celebrate my wedding anniversary and wish I was in Hawaii. 🙂

  54. Welcome back to Hawaii!! Hope there weather gets a bit better here 🙂 This weekend we are working hard getting ready for our move to our new house in Seabeck WA. My husband is making me downsize my bookshelves-ya think 400 is too much to pack?? Guess I will snugglin up with a few good books when I get to Seabeck! Have a great vacation!

  55. Hi Jane,
    I missed the bear story on FB, holy cow! That’ll get the heart rate up, who needs a run?!

    Hawaii sounds heavenly, I’m growing desperate for some down time. It’s birthday week around the house, on top of the usual chaos. For the weekend, we’re off to Wenatchee for a softball tournament, hoping for a little sun and vitamin D.

    Enjoy the sun and sand, have something with an umbrella on it for me!

  56. Hi Jane,

    Home and Family is on the plans for this Memorial Weekend. Starting the summer off with family sounds good, and maybe some outside time reading a good book. Enjoy yours!

  57. Have fun in Hawaii! I am going boating to Port Ludlow! Probably in the rain, since it’s a summer holiday weekend in Washington. 😉

  58. Have a glorious time in Hawaii. I can hear you relaxing from here. ahhhhhhhhh……

    Nothing planned this weekend but next weekend I’m so honored to be going to the wedding of two very spectacular people. The ceremony and afterparty are on a yacht out of LA. It should be very, very special.
    And then a day at Disney 🙂

    It’s been five months since the shootings here in Tucson. Some aspect of the case is still on the local news every night. It’s such a privilage to have all of these things to look forward to, and to hear about others wonderful lives.

    (no contest)

    PS Talking about coconut in food…the coconut mocha frap at starbucks this month is sooo tasty!

  59. Hopefully we’ll be playing in a Championship game fir my son’s baseball team! But if not, relaxing and BBQing! Hope you have a great time in Hawaii! Wish I was there, too!

  60. I wish I were in Hawaii, that’s for sure! My mom was born and raised in Kauai and there is nothing I’d like more to visit. But alas, we are hanging out at home. My husband will be working on Sunday and Monday. I’m sure there is grilling in our future and probably lots of reading.

  61. Hopefully we’ll be playing in a Championship game for my son’s baseball team! But if not, relaxing and BBQing! Hope you have a great time in Hawaii! Wish I was there, too!

  62. This week I am doing nothing as exciting as Holidaying in the sun but I do hope to to do some gardening. Boring I know. I alos plan to sort through my books. This is so I can read a book a week for a year. I have so many that I need to do something also than look at them.
    Hope your enjoying your break

  63. I loved Flirting With Forty! Great bear story, I think I wouldn’t know what to do either. I just plan on doing some work in the yard this weekend if the rain stays away.

  64. What a fun to read about your adventures! Glad you out ran the bear!

    We are taking a short trip south tomorrow just for the day to visit our son’s in-laws’ tea room and then this weekend we will have a special dinner for my dad’s 86th birthday!

    Enjoy being in Hawaii!

  65. Hi Jane! I’m glad the bear didn’t chase you! I’ve heard to back up slowly and act non-threatening, but I think I would run in terror! This weekend I’m looking forward to catching a film at the Seattle International Film Festival and just hanging out with my hubby and our dog. 🙂 Enjoy Hawaii!

  66. I am blessed! My husband and I are taking our two great kids on a cruise! It is going to be pure joy watching them. We plan to snorkel, mountain bike and a zip line! WooHoo!

  67. I just realized I don’t have any real plans aside from shopping at Nordstrom and washing my car. But that is okay! I am all about sitting outside on the patio & sipping a glass of wine!

  68. My father-in-law and his family are coming to visit us. We’ll also be hanging out with my bil, sil, nieces and nephews.
    I finished and loved “The Baby Planner.” Currently am reading “The Bake-Off.”
    Have a nice weekend!

  69. Glad you escaped from the bear! That will be an experience to remember. Right now we are vacationing in Big Bear Lake, CA. We plan to come back home on Sat, and then just relax at home for the rest of the weekend. I love being here in the mountains, hiking along the lake, etc. Enjoy your time in Hawaii. I love it there too.

  70. HI Jane,
    I wish I was going to be in Hawaii soaking up sun. Alas, I will be at work. At least I will get doubletime and a half for working a holiday.
    Enjoy your Hawaii time!

  71. I can only imagine how scared you were, nothing like running for your life and never a dull moment in your life. Loved your Flirting with Forty movie, saw it four times and can see it again…no problem. We’re going to plant the garden this weekend. We got a truck load of top soil and have all the plants and now we discovered we have a rabbit family living right where the garden is. I’m sure they’re thinking how convenient that is so now we’re going to put a wire fence around it. Always something…but life is good. I bet the Gurney men are excited to have you back. Have a wonderful weekend Jane and all…Ruth

  72. hi jane; so glad you are ok from the bear encounter. today my third child graduates from high school! i am so happy for him and so proud of him. he is battling a single major episode of depression and it has not been easy for him or for me to see him go through all this. i think he is on the path out of the darkness of depression; so we will be celebrating his graduation and him this weekend. have a great time in hawaii; they don’t have bears there, do they???…lol

  73. Your visit to HI made me remember when I left there a year ago to retire in bear country, near Yosemite. For Memorial Day weekend I’ll be on a meditation retreat at Three Rivers, near Sequoia. It is a continuation of my trip to So. India last week, where women my age might leave home for spiritual reflection.

    I’d like to read Flirting with Forty, which is not in my library, because you write about the woman’s journey so well.

  74. Hi Jane ~ I’m glad that your bear story turned out so well.
    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Just reading about it makes me feel relaxed… 🙂

    School just ended here for the year, so it’s transition time. Also, it’s my daughter’s birthday weekend. She has a party tomorrow and then we will go out of town for the weekend.

  75. Jane,
    I can just envision your encounter with the bear. Glad you made a clean get away. Hope you have a wonderful as well as relaxing time with your guys in Hawaii.

  76. Hi Jane! I hope you have a great time in Hawaii!

    This weekend I am supposed to be going to a BBQ at my dad’s but I have been sick for a few days so I don’t know if I am going to make it or not. I really hope I can go, I need to teach my brother a lesson in bean bag toss LOL.

  77. Love the bear story. I’m with you, running is the best plan hands down. I wouldn’t be able to stand there.
    This weekend I am doing some serious TLC for me, myself and I. I have had a rough couple months with work and just life in general. I think it is just time to do something for me. My plan is to have a mani/pedi, massage, facial and follow up with being lazy with a book and my favorite tv shows all weekend long. I am not cooking, not working, not cleaning house – just being lazy! 🙂 It’s raining outside anyway, so it seems like the perfect plan. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

  78. Just wanted to say I’m so glad you’re safe (so scary to hear about your bear encounter!) and that I hope you have a great time in Hawaii! See you next month at RWA! xox

  79. That’s a great bear story!
    I’m looking forward to some quality family time this Memorial Day weekend where we’re not all rushing around from activity to activity. A day at an amusement park and a BBQ with friends are weekend activities our entire family will enjoy together.

  80. Not much, first it snowed and then that has turned to rain so maybe some beading and playing with Otto our now 23 lb boxer puppy. Hawaii sounds too wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy! Flirting with Forty was my favorite. That’s the one I always tell everyone to start with! Does Hawaii have bears?!?

  81. We’ll be having a picnic for my nephew tomorrow – he just graduated from boot camp & is now officially a Marine. We’re so proud of him & we’re happy to have him home on leave.
    Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day!

  82. Glad you are getting some well deserved aloha and sun, Jane! Just relaxing over the long weekend, getting ready for my own trip to paradise June 22. 🙂

    I had my own “Flirting with Forty” experience 3 years ago…still seeing my (much)younger Hawaiian surfer too! I loved the book, could totally identify. Jackie’s story is so similar to mine in many ways, spooky! Haven’t seen the movie, would love to…is it avail on netflix?

    Planning on surfing with Ty’s crew again while I’m there, they are so awesome. WAY better than other guys I took lessons from in Waiks…

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your Gurney guys!

  83. We had our family dinner outside. We’re trying a new restaurant near the house. And yeap, so satisfied with the food and the place. plan to have another lunch or dinner there 🙂

  84. well, considering it’s only an hour until memorial day here in California, I just did a bunch of school work, but on Tuesday I am so excited because Nalini Singh’s book Kiss of Snow comes out, I can’t wait. I hope you had a great weekend in Hawaii.

  85. Had to work part of the weekend. Was off today, so took my girls bowling for the first time. It was cute. They had fun and almost had higher scoring games than me….I didn’t get to use bumpers – although, it was tempting!! Went out to lunch and a movie afterwards. It was a fun day. Back to work and reality tomorrow.

  86. Hi Jane,
    Great story! Glad you made it out of your bear encounter safely. I love Whistler. What a great place to relax and write.
    We started the weekend with a quick overnight trip home to visit family. Had a cookout with friends Saturday and Sunday, got a pedicure, visited the pool twice with the kids, did some shopping, and finished the weekend drawing with chalk on the driveway with my kids!! We even managed to get a few chores done too. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or better weather! Have a great time in Hawaii with your guys!

  87. Terrifying bear story, I’m not sure I would have reacted as rationally as you!

    Spent the weekend running around with the kids, and finally got the bedding plants in the ground (I’m in Canada, our season is off to a late start with the long winter season this year).

    I’m in the middle of reading Michael Connelly’s Fifth Witness right now.

    Aloha, and have a great time in Hawaii with your Ty’s 🙂

  88. I have to say I’m jealous! My sister lives in Hawaii (husband is in the military) and I have always wanted to go! She has beautiful pictures posted all the time! I hope to be able to visit. Enjoy your time spent there!!

    Thanks for a great read ( :

  89. I should’ve announced the winner yesterday! I’m sorry for the delay.

    The winner is #20 – Gay Passano!

    Congratulations, Gay! Please email me at jane AT janeporter DOT com. Thanks to everyone else for sharing your weekend plans with me!

  90. Hi! I’m reading Mrs. Perfect now the won I won and finished reading Odd Mom Out,I liked it alot and Mrs. Perfect is good too, reminds me of the way the people I grew-up with,my mom was in charge with alot of things the difference was we didn’t have alot of money,my mom just was a person who got things done, and everyone would listen to her.I miss my mom alot,moved away from my home town for its a rat race and in this rual small town its an easier way of living,sure we have rich people but my kidsand I are on a more equal path and its just different than in chicago. Anyways, glad your home and had fun in Hawaii with your Gurney men!
    Keep writing and enjoy the summer!

  91. Congratulations! I sent my copy of Flirting with Forty to a friend who I think will love it too!

  92. Lucky girl, Whistler’s full of inspiration and unbelievable views. However? Banff, Alberta, is another wonderful retreat if you ever get a chance to go. And you can take ME! Haha!

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