Bubbly Mac

My Mac is away from me this weekend and I miss him already.  He’s with his dad for his grandmother’s memorial service in Oceanside this weekend while I’m on a business trip in Canada.  I was so sorry to miss Pat’s memorial–and just as sorry to not see Ty’s family.  I will be heading to Hawaii Wednesday night to join Mac and Ty there for a week, but in the meantime I had to share a few of my favorite pics of Mac this week playing with bubbles.

He is such a fun boy.

I have a very cool prize for one of you–a copy of Beth Kendrick’s brand new release, The Bake-Off, a big beach towel, a $15 Starbucks drink card, a JP water bottle and lots more great reader goodies. Want to win?  Tell me about a favorite book you’ve just read and you’re entered!  (I’m reading The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook and loving it!!!  I’m nearing the end and dreading hitting the last page…wish it’d go on fort another 100 pages!)

Contest runs through Monday night and I’ll announce the winner Tuesday morning.  So share about that great book and good luck!


  1. I just finished “A Discovery of Witches: A Novel” by Deborah Harkness. It was very engaging and I didn’t want it to end. Happily for me it’s going to be a series.

  2. I just read “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins. It was excellent. What I wouldn’t give to live in Paris!

  3. I just happened to finish reading She’s Gone Country and I LOVED it! I must say, I think it’s my favorite out of all of your amazing books!!
    I’m now starting on Tales from the Cribby Jennifer Coburn…seems to be a pretty funny book so far. 🙂
    So sorry to hear you couldn’t be at the memorial service but it’s great you are able to join Mac and Ty in Hawaii, soon! Have a great week!

  4. Hey Jane! About 5 weeks ago I finished a book by Janelle Denison called “Into the Night”. Very good… and suspenseful, with some romance mixed in!! 🙂 Going through a qualification process now, so won’t be getting to any books until June – so sad.

    Cute pics of Mac!!! Safe travels ~

  5. Jane,
    I am reading Carolyn Brown’s books right about Cowboys. Really good. I just finished the last one I had last night and just want more now. I don’t even know if there are more! hahaha.
    Have a great trip in Canada and then Hawaii!

  6. Mac is just so cute!!
    He looks so happy playing with the bubbles- it just makes me want to join him!

  7. Fantastic pictures of Mac!

    I just finished reading “One Day” by David Nicholls. I thought it was really well written, it was funny and heartbreaking at the same time.

    It has been in my TBR pile a long time, and after finally getting into it, I just saw somewhere that it’s currently being made into a movie with Jim Sturgess and I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Thanks for sharing your pics of Mac – love them! I just finished reading Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson. It was great to catch up with caterer Goldy Schulz.

  9. Mac is so cute! Love the pictures you post of him.

    Well with my husband’s recent cancer diagnosis, survivor stories have moved to the front of my TBR pile, but in between, I enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It was very compelling reading and can’t wait to see the movie. My step-dad’s family is from Mississippi and being down there for a visit was like going back in time. Living in Savannah for 8 years was also more of the same, to a certain extent.

    Either way, always looking forward to reading something new!

  10. HI Jane,
    I just finished reading
    The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship by Lisa Verge Higgins. This was my first time reading one of her books. I really enjoyed it. Tonight I am on to a ‘truer’ romance book.

    Mac reminds me of when the girls were little. Every shopping trip to town during hot weather had to include buying one of the huge bottles of bubbles.

  11. That second picture of Mac is so adorable! He looks just tickled by the bubbles!

    I just finished reading Mothers & Daughters by Kate Long and I loved it. I really want to try to find some of her other books because she was an author I wasn’t familiar with until you sent me a copy in the Mother’s Day prize package.

    1. I thought I should add. I started a new book called These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf yesterday and am almost finished it! It’s a fascinating story! This is the second of her books that I’ve read and they’re really good!

  12. What a cutie! Children add such joy to our lives!

    I just finished THE SWEETEST THING by Jill Shalvis.

  13. I just finished Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire. Great read by the way. Love her books, she has a lot of suspense in her books that keep you on the edge.

    Mac looks so cute with his bubbles, they always enjoy those. My son had a bubble lawn mower one time and he had a great time with it mowing the lawn with his bubbles.

  14. I just read the book Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer and I can´t wait to read more of her books. Thanks for introducing me to her.

    1. Liza’s books are SO, SO good! I’m betting you’ll enjoy them all…she even has a fourth in the offing I believe!

  15. Love the pics of Mac! Just finished True Colors by Kristin Hannah and 2 books by William Kent Krueger (I’m slowly reading his series) – Blood Hollow and Thunder Bay. Almost done with Kate Collins Night of the Living Dandelion.

  16. mac is so cute!! just finished reading “skipping a beat” by sarah pekkanen. also recently read her book called “opposite of me”. both are worth reading, and re-reading…be safe on your trips!

    1. I just picked up “Skipping a Beat” from the library…after reading Pekkanen’s other book earlier this year. Can’t wait to start it. Must finish “the Accidental Bestseller first”.

  17. Cute pics!!
    I read Lisa Scottoline’s new book Save Me. Very intense. Makes you think before you volunteer at the school.

  18. Those are great photos. I am reading a wonderful novel, The Secret Lives of Dresses which is special. Have a great trip.

  19. I LOVE it when you do these with what people are reading. Gives me such great things to add to my reading list. I just finished “The Opposite of Me” by Sarah Pekkanen. I really liked it! It was a nice break from my anatomy book, but definitely pulls on the heart strings.

  20. Hi Jane,
    I just read Something Borrowed, which is also at the theatres as well. I liked the movie but books are much better to me.


  21. Hi Jane,
    I also like these posts to get new book ideas.
    I recently finished Harlan Coben’s new one, Live Wire. It’s one of the Myron Bolitar books and I love books that have the same characters in them. Great characters, especially Win.

  22. Hey Jane!

    I’m right in the middle of Charlaine Harris’ latest addition to the Sookie Stackhouse books, Dead Reckoning, but I just finished Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate. Kind of a Twilight love story but with fallen angels and some demons in there too! They’re young adult books, so they were quick easy, fun reads!! Gotta love a good love story!

  23. He likes his bubbles! Those are adorable pictures, Jane. I just finished read Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen – loved it! Now I’m reading Single in Suburbia by Wendy Wax, it’s hilarious! After reading her book, The Accidential Bestseller which I loved, I had to order all of her books. Although you’re in Canada, everyone knows your heart is in Oceanside. Be safe.

  24. I just finished Beach Road by Sherryl Woods. Loved it, even though it did require a stash of kleenex!!!

  25. Oh Jane, Mac is just such a delight to look at; what a L.O.V.E. he must be. What kid doesn’t love a bubble “gun”?!

    My favorites of the last month are by Sarah Addison Allen (all of her first three novels–the fourth is on hold for me at the library). Her books are so good, a little magic, a little family drama/mystery and a little romance. Good, good stuff; worth a check for sure.

    Safe travels to you and of course, you’d rather be in Oceanside.

    Hugs from Tustin,

  26. I just read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. It’s been out for several years but I wanted to read it before seeing the movie. It raised some interesting points about morals and relationships.

  27. i just finished “Friendship Bread” by Darien Gee. I have loved Mia’s books, and this one really hit close to home for many reasons. The loss of a child, the end of a marriage, the need to give back to community. I can’t wait for her next one to come out next year. AND… she also contribued her 3 Mia King novels to the auction this year… giving back!

  28. Those pics are adorable! I really like the second one, his expression is priceless and I can just hear his laughter.

    I just finished reading The Diamond of the Rockies series by Kristen Heitzman- I’ve already read this series about 4 times now because it’s so amazing, such a touching, heartbreaking, uplifting, series. In case anyone is interested, there are 3 books in the series.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jane!

  29. Mac is a very precious little boy i have a grandson & great grandson about that age I am currently reading “Dead By Morning” by Beverly Barton my condolences to her family how will we ever know what happens to the rest of the people????

  30. Joie de Vivre …makes me think of little boys and kittens. These pictures will be so great for you to show him if he ever forgets how to play when he grows up! I liked Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran, a novel a girlfriend passed on to me, about three sisters who flee Iran during the Revolution and open a Persian restaurant in Ireland. Each chapter opens with a recipe.

  31. Hi! Love the pictures of Mac, my girl’s love palying with bubbles, next week willbe my last week with them for the summer for their’s are teachers so they spend the summer with mom. I’m gonna miss them alot! Anyway, my daughter had to read this book for reading class and I wanted to read it, and its really a good book- Its called, the summer I turned pretty. Its about a girl who spends the summer with family friends,and of course its about her falling in love,her first love. Of course she spends her summer at the beach, its a good book for young teens,but i enjoyed it alot. It reminded me of liking my brothers best friend and of course nothing came about just a crush and my heart broken for he told he just wanted to be my friend.In this casr she has 2 brothers that like her and her heart belongs to Cam who only likes her as a friend-and Jeremiah likes her more of course she is torn and she gets hurt. Well, it was a good summertime read at the beach!Have fun in Hawaii and hope your trip in Canada was fun..and you did alot of writing..looking forward to your new book!

  32. Mac is darling! He looks so joyful!

    I just read Megan Crane’s English as a Second Language, and I loved it.

  33. Those are the cutest pictures. Sorry you’re missing Pat’s memorial service. Have a great time in Hawaii.

  34. Wow, tonight we celebrate my second son’s high school graduation with friends and were happily entertained by a Kansas funnel cloud and hailstones the size of baseballs.It has been a night to remember and it is not over yet.I just sat down to see if our pics we sent went to facebook and read your lovely post. It won’t be long before you are watching Mac throw his tasseled hat into the air. Enjoy Jane, he is a special kind of fun!

  35. I’m re-reading Something Borrowed…I hope you have a great trip to Hawaii next week and I hope your weekend is productive.

  36. Jane,
    I finished, She’s Gone Country ealier in the week, and loved it. It is definitely one of my favorite books of the year.

  37. I just started Something Borrowed last night and I really like it. I also just read Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda and it was so very good. Such a fun read!

  38. Hi Jane,
    I’m so sorry you have to miss your MIL’s service but I admire your professionalism and from what you’ve said about her so did she.

    I just finished Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy. I loved it and could barely put it down. Sara lived in Tucson for 5 years, got married, had a baby and just moved back to her hometown of Melbourne Australia.

    Breaking the Rules from Suzanne Brockmann was amazing!

    Anita, from the dinner in Tucson, is sending her 40 year old daughter your complete set of womans fiction. The daughter has been through so many things that your characters have gone through and Anita things that the books will really strike a chord.

    I’ve got a Julia Quinn sitting next to me ready to be cracked open. After that, probably Susan Wiggs The You I Never Knew.

    Shannon (no contest)
    ps that cover for the UK book is so sophisticated! Sleek and gorgeous. Just like your presents characters.

  39. Love the pictures of Mac. It’s such a reminder how much fun bubbles can be! I just finished reading a romantic suspense novel by Jill Sorenson called, “The Edge of Night.” Jill is a member of the RWA chapter I belong to and a really talented writer. I enjoyed reading this latest book of hers.

  40. Mac sure is a bundle of joy! Looks like he is having a blast with those bubbles. 🙂
    Right now I am reading Nicholas Sparks’ “The Lucky One.”

  41. What adorable pics! I can hear him laughing when I look at the second pic!

    I am re-reading “Easy On the Eyes”. LOVE it again!!!!

    Enjoy Hawaii!

  42. I love the pics! It’s amazing how you got the bubbles in there so clearly. I tend to miss them. They pop before I can press the button to take the picture.
    I just read “If You Were Here” by Jen Lancaster and laughed a lot! I’m reading “The Baby Planner” by Josie Brown and enjoying that too.

  43. bubbles are fun for everyone, lol. he looks like he is having a ball.

    Have Lost on Spirit River by Tommy Batchelor on my night stand.

    Take care.

  44. I’m reading the same book as yours, The Iron Duke, haven’t finished it, still in my first 100 pages 🙂

  45. Bubbles are great. Recent book I really enjoyed Maureen Child’s A Crazy Kind of Love. Then I re-read your Odd Mom Out because I went to a parent meeting at my kids’ school and I’m glad to report that my challenges are less than your heroine’s.

  46. I really enjoyed The Iron Duke too since it was a type of story that I don’t usually read. Right now I am reading Summer At Seaside Cove by Jacquie D’Alessandro and it is starting out pretty good, just not for the heroine.

    1. I’ve been wanting to pick up Jacquie’s new book. I adore that girl. She’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out and writes fantastic stories. Thanks for reminding me its time to order her newest!!

  47. I just finished The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue. I loved this book and recommend it to everyone. It’s a beautiful book.

    Mac is so cute…loving that hair!

  48. What an adorable little boy. He looks like he is having a great time with his bubble machine. I love seeing pictures of children at play. Mac would make a perfect playmate for my 15 month old grandson, Brayden. Although I think the two of them would get into trouble. Brayden is already climbing on the kitchen table and yesterday, his Mom, Pop Pop and him put their feet in the pool on the top step and then he lunged forward and got his clothes wet. Didn’t even flinch at the 64 degree temperature. They are so much fun at that age, but really keep you on your toes. The last book I read was She’s Gone Country, but I plan to pick up a copy of Touch by Alexi Zentner.

  49. Love the Mac photos – he is at such a great age.

    Just finished Just Between Us by Cathy Kelley. Haven’t read anything else by her but enjoyed this book.

    Enjoy the sunshine in Hawaii!

  50. I just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl, by Philippa Gregory and I was sorry to have it end. I got home from work every day and would dive into it, not caring about dinner even! My hubby laughed at me (the former non-reader),acting like a person in withdrawals after finishing a book. I just started Mrs. Perfect. Loving it, Jane! I will be pacing the floor waiting for your next one!

  51. I just read The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis and I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one in this series.

  52. I am reading The Beach Trees by Karen White. I have about 35 pages left to read. It is hard to put down, because there are so many secrets going on,some about people who disappeared years ago….what happened to them??
    There’s that little sweetie of yours Jane please give Mac a hug for me. Ellie

  53. Hi Jane! Wow, Mac is such a cutie pie! Right now I am not reading anything. I need to go by Barnes and Noble and pick out some books – so this has been a great way for me to get some suggestions! Sounds like “Something Borrowed” is a popular choice right now with your readers, so it’ll be next on my list!

  54. Hey Jane,

    I am reading A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Teens: Living with Intense and Creative Adolescents by Lisa Rivero..It is really GOOD!

    I haven’t had a chance to picked up any Chick Lit, since my homeschool research started…Really love everyones choices… I will have to grab a couple for those for beach reads… Summer is only a couple more weeks away. YEAH!

    Mr. Mac is so adorable! SO SO Cute! I wish mine where still little! Thanks Jane for Sharing those cute photos!

    My 12 year old son is pushing me out the door to go see the new Pirates of Caribbean movie!
    Hope it’s GOOD!

    Have a Safe trip and enjoy some family time!

    Have a Great Week! 🙂

  55. I just finished Jodi Picoult’s new book, Sing You Home. I really liked multiple story lines and characters. You never know which way her books will end, but this one has a very satisfying ending.

    1. I loved this book… read it last month and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I find her books very intense,well written, but they aren’t always happy endings. You’re absolutely right Chris, Sing You Home has a very satisfying ending.

  56. awww. he is such a cutiepie. I can hear his laughter in the pictures. Re-reading Isolde Martyn’s The Knight and the Rose.

  57. Hi Jane,

    Very cute pictures!!! I am reading “The Peach Keeper” by Sarah Addison Allen & so far so good 🙂

  58. I just read The Search by Nora Roberts… I really enjoyed it.

    I love Mac’s grins and giggles while playing with the bubbles… we should all be so happy and carefree!

  59. Recently finished reading Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster…hilarious! Hope you have some great family time in Hawaii.

  60. Hi Jane,
    I love the photos of Mac and the bubbles. You captured a great moment; thanks for sharing.

    I have been hooked on Susan Mallery. I just finished the Bakery Sisters books and now have started the Fools Gold series. I believe you are the one who suggested her books as a good read. I am really enjoying them.

    Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii!
    Michelle in Denver

  61. On my summer reading list I have two classics that I shockingly have never read. They are To Kill A Mockingbird and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I can’t believe I have never read them before!

  62. Okay, I’m almost finished with Steven Tyler’s, “Does the Noise in my Head bother you.” I’m actually really enjoying it. I haven’t read a bio for awhile and this tell all book makes me laugh, and cry…Steven is telling this story like he is actually, individually talking to you personally. It’s in your face like no other bio I have ever read, and I read bunches….I recommend it.

  63. What a beautiful child. The innocence of a child at play is a heartwarming thing. I am currently reading Anna DeStefano’s Dark Legacy and enjoying it tremendously. Great read, just in time for summer break. Can’t wait to read the next one.


  64. I recently read Bossypants by Tina Fey and absolutely loved it! I tried to stifle my laughter while reading (don’t know why really) and just gave up because it is laugh-out-loud funny.

  65. Hi Jane ~

    I love that feeling you get when you don’t want the book to end! Such a great thing.

    My favorite book is Flirting with Forty (by Jane Porter, in case anyone hasn’t read it).

    The last book I read was my favorite in a long time. I read, “The Help” by K. Stockett. I should have read it sooner. I had picked it up several times!
    I didn’t realize that the movie was coming out this summer, so that turns out to be a nice bonus. 🙂

  66. I just read ‘Nantucket Nights’ by Elin Hilderbrand. I finished it in a day~fantastic book and hard to put down!

    Love the pictures of your little guy! What a happy little boy!

  67. Just finished The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry and really enjoyed it. When the main character cooked a meal from a recipe handwritten by a deceased friend or family member, it conjured their ghost. Very original.
    I’m currently enthralled by The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and from the first sentence, I was in love.

  68. I just read On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford and i abslolutely fell in love with it. Did not want it to end. I love the fictional piece of the story combined with true historical events.

    Jane I was one of the women at the Newcastle Elementary event last week and it was such a pleasure meeting you. You are a fantastic woman and I look forward to reading the rest of your books!

  69. Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller because our puppy, Otto’s favorite squeaky toy is named Arnie. It’s a doughnut and my husband didn’t get it! On the adult side, The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell. Very enlightening as to our behavior toward our four legged friends. I bet Otto and Mac would be fast friends!!

  70. Just finished “If You Were Here” by Jen Lancaster. So Good – I wanted to start re-reading it as soon as I finished. If you are a child of the 80’s and love John Hughes movies (esp. ‘Sixteen Candles’) this book is for you.

  71. Just finished reading “Night Road” by Kristin Hannah. If you haven’t read it, you should. It was awesome. I also highly recommend her books “Winter Garden” & “Firefly Lane”.

  72. Just finished “Water for Elephants.” I’m sure I’m the last person to read it! Just started Paula Deen’s autobiography!

  73. Georgia’s Kitchen by Jenny Nelson. You have to read it! A New York chef gets a terrible review that wasn’t her fault and goes to Italy to help a friend open a new restaurant. I was so sad to finish it!

    We went to our local drive-in movie this weekend and had so much fun, don’t know if there are any out your way but I’m sure Mac would love it.

  74. I am currently reading Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander books. Can’t beat time travelling and finding a sexy Scot do those things to you. (you know what I mean) Never thought I would enjoy time travel romance, but she makes them very interesting and sexy.

  75. Oh, boy…such joy! Great photos!

    Thought of you when we were in NOLA a week ago. Being there was my dream come true… had a blast! The prize package you sent me awhile back got us ready for our trip! Will send you a note and a few photos. Now reading The Lost German Slave Girl,set in NOLA. I’ll have a better understanding, now that we’ve been there.(Not in this contest)

  76. Such a cute picture of Mac! Thanks for sharing! Sorry you had to miss Ty’s mother’s memorial service.

    I just finished reading Scandal of the Year by Laura Lee Guhrke. Lady Julia and Aidan Carr, the Duke of Trathen have a rocky road of a time and kept me entertained.

    Have a GREAT time in Hawaii!

  77. Recently read Katherine Garbera’s TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY (a Desire) and loved it. Enjoyed how the storyline wasn’t smooth sailing for either of them, that they both felt uncertainty (understandably), families were close, and liked how the heroine stood behind her values.

    1. I’ve read all of his books even his autobiography Three Weeks With My Brother. They’re awesome! Safe Haven was kind of different than his usual romances, but I enjoyed it as well. Kind of creepy at parts as I recall.

  78. Yesterday was a super happy Monday…I received my “international themed” prize pack. Loving the book, tote and goodies. Already loved the chocolate. Past tense. Thank you Jane!

  79. Congratulations Karla – I too was so thrilled to get home and find my International goodies from my favorite author and friend, Jane Porter. I did not get home until 10:30 last night as I was out shopping near work and then received a call from my daughter about a tornado warning. I stayed in the store until after the storm passed as there was torrential rain, thunder and lightning. After I got to the car and started heading home, I was dodging puddles, floods and such and somehow got off track and started heading towards the Pocono mountains instead of South, in the direction of home. I pulled over, put my GPS on, called my hubby who guided me back to the correct route and had to laugh at myself for not putting my GPS on when I first left the unfamiliar area. Needless to say, one of the yummy chocolate bars is already gone. I was so hungry by the time I finally got home. I did share it with my hubby since he had dinner waiting and kept me calm while I was lost in the storm. Thank you, Jane. I think I love the bag the best. It’s right next to my desk at work and people are already asking me about that and about my copy of A Dark Sicilian Secret. Can’t wait to start reading it tonight after I watch DWTS that I missed while out on my unplanned adventure last night. Since I bite my nails, the nail file was snapped up by one of my co-workers and the pen by another one. You have at least two new fans right now in Coopersburg, PA

  80. I’m reading Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown. It’s pretty good. Makes you see how easy it is to frame people for crime. Scary.

  81. Hi all!

    Sorry I’m posting so late but I got jammed up with life and mom stuff and now packing to head to Hawaii in a couple hours.

    But again, I couldn’t pick just one winner…I picked three–and each prize is a bit different but there are no losers here. All prizes are fun with lots of books, a gift card, and more.

    And all winners are Lindas…

    #44 Linda McDonald
    #56 Linda Henderson
    #68 Linda McCoy

    prizes will be mailed out first come, first served so email me your address, which of my books you’d like tucked into your prize box and is yours!!

    Congrats, and love,


  82. Congratulations to the winning Linda’s, and thank you Jane for such a great request to your readers…I have added lots of the books mentioned here to my summer reading list!

  83. Oh my! How cute is he! I know I am to late for the contest but that doesn’t matter! I love these pictures. What precious memories!

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