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Waxcreative, my web designers who specialize in author sites (and who create so many of my fun printwork I love to share with you all, like these fun bookmarks that I used for She’s Gone Country), have started a podcast series highlighting book signing tips from author-to-author, and my interview was published this week.

As most of you already know, in publishing today, an author needs to do a lot of self-promotion and I work really hard to not just market my books, but give my readers opportunities to connect with me.

Here’s a snippet of my interview transcript:

Q: What secrets can you share to help create successful book signing events?

My Answer: Successful booksignings don’t just happen.  They’re created.  I work hard to make every event I do a true event.  But to get people out of their house requires effort and planning. You have to offer your readers something… your book, yes… but something to compete with the hectic world we’re in. Is it a girls night out?  Is it a social event?  Is it a small, intimate get together?  Is it a discussion or a party?  I focus on the type of event, and then getting folks there.  I use social media, enewsletters, and mailed event invites.  I try to follow up as well and I “reward” those that come with food and drink, or a fun discussion.  Stuffy book events just don’t draw readers.

Head over to Waxcreative’s blog to read more of the transcript or, even better, listen to the podcast!

I have two contests in conjunction with my podcast–one for readers and one for writers and I’ll have a winner for each with wonderful prizes!

For the reader contest, I’d like to know what my readers want when you go to a book signing?

For the writer’s contest, I’d love to hear from fellow authors what are your favorite forms of promo?   Or, what is your least favorite promo to do?

Contest runs through Friday night and I’ll announce the winners Saturday morning.   When you share your comments with me below, be sure to say up front if you’re a reader or a writer (or like me, both!  <g>)


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