The Fun of Foreign Editions

Like most my author friends, I love getting copies of my foreign editions on the mail.  It’s almost like Christmas when you open up the box and discover your book, but now in a new language with a brand new cover and title.  I was doubly thrilled this week when I opened a box and discovered my very first Japanese manga comic book based on In Dante’s Debt, my fourth Harlequin Presents and my first Rita nominated book!  As a massive fan of Japan and Japanese culture, I squealed as I flipped through the pages, loving the illustrations and art and emotion.  Lots of tears in the story and lots of love scenes, too!  So fun!

In celebration of my Harlequins’ foreign settings and foreign editions, I’m doing a weekend contest with four prize winners.  Each winner will receive a cool, colorful international tote bag from World Market, an international calendar, a signed copy of my soon to be released A Dark Sicilian Secret and yummy European chocolate.  The contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the winners Monday.  Chat with me and you’re entered!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Cool!! I bet that is so exciting. Fun to imagine what is being said on each page.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. How exciting for you! I love the cartoon like cover. I wonder if that is typical for Japanese books? I wonder why they wrote Romance in English….hummmmm. Have a great weekend, Jane!

  3. Ok, ignore my previous comment..duh…it’s a comic book hence the cartoon. It’s been a long week. 🙂

  4. That is so great. I enjoy seeing the different covers which are always a delight. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. That is way too cool. Congratulations! I bet you are excited to see this new version. I would love to have one for my collection too.

  6. Jane, I can’t even imagine how exciting, and a little strange, it must be to see your writing in a different language with illustrations to boot!
    I just love hearing about what’s new with you and I feel so much more connected to you when I’m reading your books! I have devoured each and every one that I’ve gotten, so I’d love to read another!

  7. Hi Jane!
    Love the anime’ style. That is quite different than the “dramatic” covers we’re used to seeing.
    Busy weekend here: sleepovers, baseball, work, … reading, must get to the reading!
    Have a great one.
    Hugs from Tustin,

    (no contest) 🙂

  8. I used to read some manga and love Anime in general. Your book looks fabulous! I’m facing my first time ever with absolutely no help with my twins and son this weekend since my in-laws are going out of town and the hubby is working all weekend. Yikes!

    Here’s hopin’ on the contest!

  9. Hi Jane – really enjoyed seeing the book cover. I have yet to ever travel internationally but I would love too – for now books will have to be my worldly vacations 🙂
    Hope your weekend is awesome.

  10. I loved seeing my books in Japanese–especially the manga ones. How cool are they? Love your cover.

  11. I think that would be very exciting to see your book in another language. It is a very cool manga cover. I hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Hi Jane,
    I really enjoyed seeing the cover of your book. I spent a lot of time in the book store in Tokyo just looking at the books and magazines. So different! Congrats to you and a little bit of Christmas in May!

    Have a great weekend!
    Michelle in Denver

  13. Hi Jane,
    How are things with you and your boys? I am always extremely busy with my son who is soon to graduate from high school, but on my down time I really enjoy reading your books. It’s a great way to escape. So, thank you for continously writing new books.


  14. When I was younger I mostly read romance books in Hebrew (since I live in Israel English is my second language) and let me tell you, most of the covers were so bad and later on I discovered that even the book’s name weren’t translate right so I started reading more and more in English and today I hardly ever read romance books in Hebrew.

    Jane, too bad only a few of your books are even available in Hebrew- I think only 4 of your Presents books were translated since not every one can read a book in English.

    This is the Hebrew version of Christos’s Promise:

  15. What a fun book that looks like. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I have a lot of spring cleaning to do.

  16. How amazing…I had no idea. Romance is worldwide, though, so it makes sense. It looks like they used you for the cover model idea. Is this version only sold in Japan, or is it sold in the USA also in Japanese grocery shops?

  17. What a cool cover. It looks like some of the
    manga books my girls read.

    I bet your collection of foreign editions is really growing now.

  18. That has got to be one of the coolest things as an author to see your book as manga. Beautiful cover! And she does have great hair like you.
    Do you still speak Japanese from your time there? Can you read it or pick out the words in your story a little?
    My brother’s SO was born in Japan, her dad was military. She had a Japanese nanny from the time she came into the world. Fast forward:
    Her mother thought she was a late bloomer in talking as the now toddler didn’t say any words, just babbled. until they were out walking one day, the toddler babbling away, and a couple stopped to say how perfectly the baby spoke Japanese!
    Have a glorious and hopefully sunny weekend!
    (no contest)

    1. That’s such a great story – thanks for sharing Shannon. Can’t imagine the look on the parents face when they heard that.

  19. The cover styles in different countries is so interesting to me! Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it. Most of the time I am partial to the US covers .

    This is so cool that you’re foreign editions are growing!!! Congrats, Jane! 🙂

  20. That is way cool! I love seeing the foreign covers of my favorite author’s books. Really cool. Have a great weekend!

  21. Wow! Cool cover. Is your name somewhere on the cover? How exciting to know people the world over can enjoy your writing talent!

  22. Very cool cover, love the cartoon cover. Must be very exciting to open a box to those. We have rain again today so tired of it.

  23. This is so cool! I love how different the cover is, I’m sure the pics inside are just as fun! How exciting this must be for you!! Thanks for giving some of us an opportunity to win one!!

  24. Hi, Jane – love the cartoon version of one of your Harlequin books. The cover is so soft and romantic. I have not had an opportunity to read any of your Harlequin stories yet, so would love to win this prize package. The European chocolate would be an added bonus. Since I was born in England, I tend to be a “chocolate snob” and prefer the gourmet type chocolate over the other varieties. Look forward to seeing more pictures of Mac and your older boys. I saw a magazine ad the other day and the little boy looked just like Mac. He would be a great playmate for my 15 month old grandson. Wish you lived closer to PA.

  25. Whoops – forgot to mention that I started a new job a few weeks ago – after being unemployed for five months and one of the small towns I drive thru on my way to work has an old gas station with a red truck out front, that has a yellow bumper. It looks very similar to the truck on the cover of She’s Gone Country so I think of you at least twice a day when I pass by and see the truck out front. It would have made a perfect setting for someone to use for your contest a few months back.

  26. So excited for you! Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. What a well done illustration for the cover. Hope it is a best seller in Japan!

    Busy here cleaning house and weeding the garden. It feels good when it is done, but seems like we turn around and have to do it all over again. That is just life, smile!

  27. That is so cool…surprises are the best and to see your own work is the ultimate. I would frame it! What a colorful and exciting life you have…and only getting better. Am so happy for you, Ruth

  28. Wow Congratulations Jane! That’s so awesome!

    This weekend is Doo Wap days in our little town of La Center, KY. Doo Wap days is a 50’s themed carnival type weekend with rides and booths and such. It’s a lot of fun. My girls had to be there early this morning to help with a fund raiser so they can go to church camp this summer in South Carolina. It’s been drisly and wet but the kids still had fun 😀 They raised a little money today but not as much as they would have if the sun had been shining, as they were selling sodas and baked goods. People wanted coffee and hot stuff because it was a bit cool out. Oh well. Next weekend is another fund raiser- a huge yard sale- should be fun and hopefully it’ll be nice out.

    Anyway, been a busy weekend thus far. Big hugs to you and the boys.


  29. This is great! I love the drawing on the cover – very unique! I’m sure it’ll be a hit in Japan! Congrats to you!

  30. How fun to see an international artist’s depiction of your story! Is Manga in ebook form too?

  31. Hi Jane! Long time no blog! I’ve been so busy with work and school and everything that its hard for me to keep up with my “me time”. Excited to hear about the new book coming! Can’t wait! Hows the move to Cali coming? (I’m just starting to catch up on blogs so maybe you’re already gone.) Hope your weekend was good! :)-kit

  32. Congratulations on the Manga! Cool cover. Thinking of trying to track that down so I can see the rest.

    Hope you got to enjoy the sun today! Jacquie is sick – fever – so I spent the day inside with her while John and Matthew went to his baseball game and team pictures. After dealing with Grumpy Girl today(who still manages to be extremely adorable despite being extremely difficult), John came home to hang out with her and put her to bed and I took Matthew with me to the UVillage Apple store to get some help with file transferring on the new mac.(YEAH – finally a computer that works WELL).

    Anyway, congratulations on the Manga!


  33. That would be fun to see, such a different format, very fun.

    Hope you enjoyed some of the sun earlier today. This rain that is back tonight in a big way, is making me RUST! Never thought I’d be a snowbird, but the thought is very enticing now.

    Enjoy your week!

  34. That Japanese edition is so cool, thanks for sharing that! Having a nice quiet rainy weekend, my daughters and I are enjoying the little break by reading a lot!

  35. Jane,
    Just a quick “thank you.” I received my winning package and loved it.
    Thats so cool about your book, congrads bigtime!
    Stressing here a tad bit. I have till the 1st of June to have my screenplay ready for the Austin Film Festival and I’ve been letting other things get into my “leave me alone time, I’m writing.” I had to place a warning sign on the office door that said the following:

    Is the house on fire? Are you bleeding? WARNING!! If you answered NO to the above two questions and you choose to knock on this office door and DISTURB ME, I WILL NOT be held liable for any and all bodily harm that will come your way. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Or leave me alone so I can finish the damn screenplay.” Moments after posting this sign I heard a snickering behind the closed door. Yep, both my husband and son were laughing at the warning as they opened the door with a smile on both their faces (I do believe my son was hiding behind his dad just a tad) as wide as Texas wanting to know what was for dinner. Lets just say they ran and scattered so fast as I jumped up from my desk. 45 minutes later the front doorbell rang, it was the pizza guy. Yep, my two guys ran like crazy and hid out and ordered pizza. Love my life, every crazy little bit and piece of it.

  36. Congrats Jane! That’s pretty awesome 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today is my son’s birthday party so the whole fam is going bowling. I am a little nervous because some family members haven’t spoken in ten years (10!) and will be getting together for the first time today. I am hoping it goes well. I am pretty sure it will, but that hasn’t stopped me from stressing about it all week lol. I can’t wait to get it over with then come home, relax, and read a book!

  37. That is a really cool cover & thank you for sharing 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend. I spent most of last week in San Fransisco on a field trip with my son’s class, so spending the weekend resting.

    Have a great week ahead!

  38. Hey Jane,
    Congrats! Enjoy this new style-like seeing the inclusion of different cultures especially in the romance genre…this is especially cool for me cause my good friend is of Brazilian descent and is married to a Japanese fellow! How Cool. Also, congrats on your Rita nomination!! And, finally always enjoy your gorgeous “boys”

  39. This is so cool, Jane! Love the cover. Makes me wish I could read Japanese now…lol! I hope you continue to have a fantastic day. Congrats again on the new publisher.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  40. That is too cool Jane!! Love the animation on the front cover. When I was stationed over in Spain I picked up a spanish version of a Harry Potter book for my fourth grade teacher. She loved it so much she made me sign the book for her. I tried looking for a copy in France also when I went there, but no luck. Thanks again for the sneak peak too! 🙂

  41. hi! thats so exciting to see your book in japanese, I wouldn’t beable to read it for I don’t know the language, but its still would be exciting in any language,congrats!!! that must of made your weekend! I’m half way done in reading Odd Mom Out, this book was me,living back home in Chicago, been living in the small town country too long, and to think i lived in the city rather the suburb of chicago all my life. Glad I’m living in this small country town. Anyways, so happy for you! Enjoy the day!

  42. I love manga and that is one pretty cool cover. At our house we are all fans of anime, manga, comic books…I would love to have that book just for my collection alone. Love the artwork. Awesome, Jane. 🙂

  43. Hola Jane!
    How cool is that! Hope you had a good weekend. I am glad it is over. We had our school’s end the year picnic Friday nite. Softball game Saturday morning, husband company picnic Saturday afternoon, Rock of Ages Saturday nite and another softball game this afternoon. Oh, and I am on call till Monday 8:30am. It can not come soon enough. Getting ready to call it a night. Hope you have a great week.

  44. What a fun cover! I lived in Okinawa as a child and absolutely loved the culture there. Hope you have a great week!

  45. How fun and crazy at the same time. Can only imagine the smile it must bring to your face!! Congratulations!

  46. the foreign covers are cool; makes you wonder how they are interpreted so different in different countries.

  47. That cover is awesome Jane! My daughter and I went to a book and author event featuring Maggie Stiefvater back in April and she brought some of her books from other countries to share and they were all very cool looking. My daughter was able to get a Danish one.

    Very exciting!

  48. love the anime’ looking cover. i bet it is exciting to see your works from other countries…enjoy and congrats on your successes…

  49. I’m a little late to the party, but I just thought this was so unique! I never thought about your books being in different languages and how exciting that would be to see how your own books translate and are loved in other cultures.
    Thanks for the post! Enjoyed it, as always 🙂

  50. Hi Jane! Keeping busy here in Rainy Jersey with dance classes, band rehearsals, baseball games, and birthday parties. Waiting patiently for beach season which is right around the corner!


  51. Hi everyone,

    Sorry I’m late posting the winners. Without further ado, here are the names of the people who won –

    #9 – Teri
    #19 – Karla
    #28 – Sandy
    #46 – Paula

    Please email me at jane AT janeporter DOT com and share your mailing address so I can get the prizes in the mail!


    1. Thanks, Jane! I’ll send you my info as soon as I’m done here. Very excited. Hope to see you at Nationals.

      Peace and love,
      Paula R.

  52. Thanks Jane!!!! You made my day. Just got home from work and checked your blog and saw that #28 was a winner. Will send an e-mail shortly. THANK YOU!!

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