Just returned from airport and putting son Ty on a flight back to Seattle and am now sitting down at desk to recreate the 17 lost pages that were my final chapter of book that I cut and meant to paste, but failed ot paste before pasting new pages over.

I was so bummed Sunday night but am resigned now.  And at least I had all day yesterday free to play with my boys.  My big Ty took the day off work and drove us to North Shore where Ty and Ty snorkeled at Shark’s Cove and Mac and I played in the shallow water before we ate an early dinner at Cholo’s in Haleiwa and then hit the Dole Plantation on way home for some of their delicious pineapple ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, Mac has discovered it and what it means to hold the cone and have “his own”.  No more sharing for Mac.

He is two with the attitude of a thirteen year old.  If I wasn’t old when I had him, I feel positively ancient now.  The boy is sooooo busy.  And bright.  And he rarely rests.  He’s very into playing knight, and fighting dragons and dinosaurs which requires lots of swords and shouts of “En Garde!”.  I am constantly enlisting friends and family to grab a play sword and duel while I rest.

New beach tote contest kicks off today but am concerned…no one has claimed the last two week’s of tote bags!?!  Why??  I heard from only one winner from this last week and there were 6 names drawn!  Folks, check in and claim your prize if I drew your name.  I don’t hunt you down and you’ve got one week before I make your prize a mystery prize for someone else!

Beach tote contest ends Friday, winner’s name announced Saturday and there will probably be more bonus winners, too!  Talk to me and you’re entered!

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