My Baby is 16!

Jake, my first born, my first baby, turns 16 today.  This boy owns my heart and he knows it, too.  Jake is tough.  He has struggled at times but he always battles through.  I love that about him.  I love that he won’t quit and he has big dreams and he’s determined to make them come true.

I’m not with him today, though, as he’s in Bellevue and he’s dedicated June and July to water polo and training for the JO’s.  I hate not being with him on his birthday but I hope this blog let’s him know that he’s on my mind and in my heart and that I love being his mom.

Happy birthday, Jake.  I am so proud of you, and I couldn’t love you more!!


  1. You are such a wonderful mom, I’m sure he knows how much you love him. This made me cry, I love all the entries about your kids. I hope you have a great summer. Alex is missing Ty. Could you say “Hi” to him from Alex?

  2. He’s a handsome young man. Well, all your boys are. Sorry you can’t be there for his big day. But, I’m sure you’ll make it up to him when you can.

    Happy birthday Jake!

  3. Awww, Jane, I’m sure he knows how much you love him. Happy birthday, Jake. Good luck with training.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  4. Hey Jane,
    That is so awesome! Love the photo! My babies are 21, 18, and 12. The time sure goes by so fast!

    He is officially driving age. My youngest daughter took this class with her friends, right before her 16th birthday and loved it! We have friends and family that highly recommend it! Jeff Payne designed this program for teens, who are in the driver’s seat. Jeff and his staff travel to different cities, put on the program, a one day edge on getting down and driving in all kinds of conditions.

    Happy 16th Birthday Jake! Wishing you the Best on your Water Polo Journey! Reach for your Dreams! 🙂

    Jane you be able to see him soon, it is difficult I know. Just wait it will be time soon… the day they leave, move out, and go to college. It is sooooo difficult to see them only 3 times a
    year. 🙁

    Wishing you extra time in your days, so may finish your book by Friday! 🙂

  5. Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes for Jake (and me). I just called him to say goodnight and Mac and I sang him happy birthday. I would sing a line and then Mac would repeat it with a little extra flourish and it was so cute. Jake hasn’t seen Mac in a month and couldn’t believe how much he was talking. Mac kept staring into the phone, trying to see Jake. So sweet! Love all my boys, big and small!

    Must get back to my book now…40 pages from the end and two days to get it done!


  6. happy birthday to him! i am sure he knows how much you love him; but i am sure he likes to hear it! my youngest turned 16 on july 12th!! have a great day!!

  7. What a handsome young man! Happy Birthday Jake! Your mom’s heart is with you today and everyday!

  8. Happy 16th! My daughter turns 16 next March and I still wonder where the years have gone. Isn’t it great to see how they have grown!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Jake!

    You create some handsome men Jane, way to go. :o)
    It’s obvious how much you love your little guys – they are often mentioned in your blogs and your readers feel very fortunate that you allow us that private peek at your families life. It’s hard to work and juggle a family, and to them it doesn’t seem fair. They love you too and want all of your attention, that’s just how kids are built -god love em-. It wasn’t until my girls got older, that they realized how much we do and sacrifice and juggle so we can be there for them as much as possible.

    I gasped when my baby turned 16, about had a coronary in May when she hit 20. And she is still my baby. Some things will never change.

    Hope you are feeling better.
    much love

    peace out

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Jake! Jane, you’ve done a great job with this young man and you have much to be proud of.

  11. Sixteen is such a milestone birthday. In Georgia, they can get their driver’s license. They are usually entering their junior year of high school and they are at that halfway stage where they are part kid and part adult. You have some good looking boys!

  12. Hi Jane,
    I hope Jake had a great birthday. Both of the boys are getting so tall. Best wishes on Jake’s water polo too:)

  13. Your son reminds me of Damien from Celtic Thunder and Glee Project. Very handsome young man and quite talented.

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