30 Days of Summer Left!

I don’t know when your kids go back to school, but mine head back in just a little over a month, with Jake returning to Bellevue High water polo practices on August 22nd.  Can’t believe the summer is half way over…I love summer vacation, love spending my summers in Hawaii, too.   I’m not as achy in Hawaii–joints don’t hurt, shoulder isn’t always on fire–and I get to wear a lot less clothes, too.  🙂

When do your kids return to school?  What do you have planned for this next month?  Bring me up to speed to get entered in this week’s Beach Tote contest and there will be lots of bonus winners so talk to me for a chance to win!  Contest run through Saturday night, and winner will be drawn and announced Sunday August 7th.   Good luck and enjoy your August!!


  1. Just waiting for the college kids to get back, will be helping with some community funds raisers, going to dog class and watching the flowers bloom.

  2. Hoping to find a job, but enjoying time with my sis & nieces.. and the horses, just wish it wasn’t quite so hot!

  3. I’m really looking forward to the cooler temps. Hopefully I’ll be going to see my niece for a few days in September.

  4. My grandkids go back 8/17. Things will be pretty different this year with all the changes from loosing so many schools in the tornado. It should make for an interesting year. The contractor should be starting on my room next week. I have to admit, it will be nice to get my own space.

  5. Visiting with out of town guests this week, boyfriend’s birthday is at the end of the week so am making plans for his celebration. Enjoy the rest of your summer Jane. A summer in Hawaii sounds heavenly.

  6. My kids go back to school the 2nd week of Sept. I just got all of their school supplies and items bought…glad that’s out of the way.
    We have a couple fun trips planned for Aug. My husband and I, will be heading up to Seattle in a couple weeks for some RedSox games. Then after that we are taking the family to the Oregon Coast for a week. So excited to be doing some fun stuff. Work has been really rough and draining lately…I’m in need of some relaxation.

  7. I love your picture on this post. So cute. I’m also glad to hear you aren’t in as much pain in Hawaii. I believe I heard kids go back to school here on August 22nd. there’s not a whole lot going on for this month here for us. Just trying to stay inside where it’s cool. it’s been so hot here that I feel sick most afternoons and have to lay down for a while each day just to have the energy to make dinner for my husband at night. I’m more then ready for fall.

  8. My middle son is going to take Drivers Ed this month and other than that not much else. They go back to school Sept 7th and my oldest is going into his 2nd year of college doesn’t start until the end of Sept. They are the last college in Michigan to start every year and the last out in the summer. Just going to hang out pretty much.

    Lisa B

  9. 18 days!! It’s her first time, Kindergarten. She is so excited and I’m … well I am mom and so you know how that goes, excitement, fear, anxiety, pride, tears…. She starts on Aug 18th and I meet the teacher on Aug 16th. I’m also trying to figure out bus schedules etc… it’s stressful!

  10. Hi Jane,

    I love the picture. You look so pretty 🙂 My oldest son goes back to college the last week of August, my middle son goes back to college the second week of Sept and my third son goes back to high school the second week of Sept. We are going to our beach house next week. It will be nice to have some family time and R&R. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

  11. Good pic!!!
    We went back today for inservice, kids go Wednesday. Hate it hate it!
    Too hot to think, too hot for recess, and summer is too short!!

  12. I don’t have kids…but I teach them! Teachers go back September 6, kids come…I think it got changed to the 8th.

    In the meantime I’m…
    *working my new part time job at Disney Store
    *going to the beach with my parents and hopefully some other people 8/12-20
    *going to Disneyland to run the Half Marathon on 9/4!!

    Good times!!

  13. My son starts preschool on 9/6. I also can not believe summer is almost over. Where does the time go. We have a lot going on in August. We are going to Bush Gardens in Williamsburg. We have pool parties and zoo trips planned.

  14. I go back to school (I work there) this Wednesday..but our school’s 1st day is the 17 of August. YUK!! I am going to enjoy the free time left..go to the beach…have a picnic…maybe go up the coast of lake Michigan…. have a whole lot to squeeze in yet!!

  15. My kids go back to school Aug 24th. we go register tomorrow! YAY! I am so excited for them. They are excited too. They LOVE finding out who their teachers are going to be. We have to finish supply shopping (not my favorite).

    We just took a family weekend this weekend to Wisconsin Dells. My mom lives 10 mins from there. So my 3 sisters and all of our kids (9 in total) stayed at my mom’s house and went to the water park. we had a blast. The weekend went by too fast.

    Hope you are loving your summer! I personally am ready for Fall/Winter! It has been TOO hot this year and I don’t like the heat!

    Happy Monday!

  16. Hi! I love summer here in fla.even though it get hot and humid. I don’t do well in the cold,my bones ache and I feel better here than in chicago. My daughter heads back to school on Aug.18th. She willbe a senior, knda bitter sweet but were enjoying the summer together-she’s been my rock thru a rocking divorce, and hopefully by the time she graducates it willbe final..will both be heading on a new direction. She’s off to culinary school and myself trying to finishe my on-line schooling and moving to a new place to live.No definite plans yet where. But will figure that out later. Glad your having a nice summer-enjoy your time with you boys and Ty! I’m waiting to get your new book! Have a good one!I love your picture the blouse is so pretty!

  17. My grandson starts back to 4th grade just after Labor Day, so also the day after the state fair ends! Between now and then, we have soccer tournaments scheduled for some weekends, with lots of practices, and also some swim time. Something else fun that we started doing this year, is volunteering as pickers with SalemHarvest.org. It’s a wonderful organization where farmers call them in when they have crops that need to be picked, and we get to keep half of our pickings and the other half goes to the food bank! That also means I’ll be doing a lot of canning and running of the food dryer.

    Next week is a vacation in Central Oregon at LaPine, where we will be feeding the deer and chipmunks and golden mantle ground squirrels. Lots to do and lots of fun.

    Are you just the teeniest bit pink in your picture, lol? You look great!

  18. August is about ignoring the impending start of school and savoring the month. My son will be in camp for three weeks, but he’s been home a lot with me over the summer, so we’ve had some good relaxin’ time. I am going to try and pull together an outline… perhaps even start writing the book!… but do all I can to breathe in the month, enjoy the garden that I’ve worked so hard on, etc.

    Hawaii looks just wonderful….!

  19. Your picture with this post is gorgeous!

    When my kids return to school, I will be with them, since we home school. I love it, but I also love summer, and I fight tooth-and-nail to hang onto it. Living in So Cal, it’s not that hard to make summer last longer. And, because we home school, we have lots of opportunities to continue day drips to the beach, etc.

  20. Hi Jane,
    My son starts back the same week as your kids! It is so hard to believe he is going to be a second grader. It seems like we have a lot of plans for the rest of the summer but hopefully we will squeeze in a few more visits to the pool. I am continuing my training for my first half marathon in October. As much as I love the hot weather we have had, I am hoping for cooler mornings and evenings as my runs get longer. Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii!

  21. Hi Jane! My kids return to school in 10 days! I can’t believe it’s that time again already. We went back to school shopping yesterday, physicals next Monday, eye doctor apts on Tuesday, Dentist day after tomorrow. Whew! Exhausting. Feels like I’ve waited until the last minute but I made those appointments before the kids got out of school in May! :/

    Anyway, crazy busy at the moment, feels like I need a vacation 😀

  22. My kids go back to school on August 22nd with my oldest starting college that day!! We will be spending the next couple of weeks enjoying our time with him and shopping for all that he will need. And trying to prepare myself emotionally…

  23. My kids go back the 24th, so we are going on vacation next week, spending time with family this weekend, then right before school the beach.

  24. Hi Jane,
    This is my birthday month – Aug. 2. My son will go back to school the first Weds. in Sept. so we also have about another month. Today is the first day of football practice. Football is pretty big here in Thurston County (WA state). He’ll be an 8th grader this year, so the top of the county league – he and his friends are outside right now tossing the football waiting to go to practice. It’s hard to believe it is this time of the year already. Wow.

  25. Jane,
    How did your son’s water polo team do? My son was a baseball player, and he went to the regional and national levels. A lot of travel, but so much fun.

    I’m going to enjoy the rest of my summer vacation, and hopefully get some projects done, before school starts.

  26. Since my daughter is grown up and moved out years ago (my grandson will be in 8th grade this year)I don’t have kids going back to school. My work schedule is still affected by the fact that we have some kids going back to college, so they are more limited on when they can work, and I’m more limited on when I can sneak an extra day off. Other than that my month will be mostly business as usual except a trip to the county fair this weekend and a concert at the end of August to see Journey/Foreigener/Night Ranger!! Yeah, my taste in music shows I’m an old grandma LOL

  27. Here in Puyallup my daughter goes back on Sep 1. She has driver’s ed classes and then I head to California to take care of Dad for a while. Then back in time for school. Looking good, Jane!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Jane!

    My daughter returns to school on August 15th – so only two more weeks to go! We took a cruise in May, and went to a 3-day Christian music festival at Kings Island in Cincinnati the weekend after July 4th. I just decided to take another couple of days off for one last “hurrah” with her next week. This next weekend is a “tax free holiday” weekend, so school supplies and a head start on some clothes will be on the agenda…and a day at Dollywood as well. Enjoy your last few weeks with your boys!

  29. Hi Jane-
    Summer is flying by here also. We only have 31/2 weeks remaining. Soccer practices start in 2 weeks. Kids going into 5 th and 2nd. Where has that gone??
    Just planning on enjoying these last weeks together.
    Heading to the mountains of NC this weekend. Then just fun days around town. Hopefully hit the water park. I know these are the very best days ever and on top of that tomorrow is my birthday!

  30. Summer is flying by here too! I am working on finding a teaching position for the fall, but it’s very competitive this year. I am also about to begin training to become a hike leader in my hiking group. It’s exciting and I’m loving the outdoor adventures! I hope you’re able to make the most of the rest of your summer and enjoy the boys while they’re out of school!

  31. Hmm, just celebrated my birthday and now there is the fair, a nephew’s b-day, a nieces b-day and my brother’s b-day. Planning on a 1 day writing workshop and getting in some beach time if possible. Oh, and the Laguna Beach Arts Festival. I must get to it this summer.

  32. Hi Jane,
    My son already went back to school as he is taking 2 college summer classes before the fall semester begins. As for August, it’s my birthday month and I plan to spend time with family and friends. I’ve hit the big 40 this year.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.


  33. I’ll be going up north for a few days to visit my parents this week – probably with two of my three sons.

    Also, I’m looking for a job – hopefully today’s interview will be my next job! Wish me luck : )

  34. My kids start up in exactly 16 days and today my middle son (6) got a cast on his left arm (he’s a lefty, of course) for the next 14 days. He’s super excited and bitterly disappointed that he will get rid of it before school starts, especially since he found out today that he can’t go in the pool now for the rest of the summer. So: no pool time and not enough friends around to admire the cool green cast! 🙂 How it happened? He fell of a friends bunk bed- we don’t allow them in our house because I always worry they might fall on their heads. Well, it still happened, but fortunately only the elbow snapped…We call him cast-y smurf, now! 🙂


  35. Hi Jane, I’ve been to Hawaii twice, would luv to go back again and again and again. I don’t have kids yet (hopefully soon). However I do have things I need to take care of. First getting a job. I’m in btwn jobs now, which is a bummber bc of the economy doing so great NOT. My husband and I make it a point to get out on the weekends and do activities. $ is tight but there are so many things to do that cost a little or are free, especially in NYC, attendig museums, parks, especially Central Park which I love. My father-in-law’s bday is coming up so will be going out to a nice dinner. I very much looking forward to family time. My hubby would luv to vist Valley Forge, he majored in American History and these sites peek his interest. For the past several years my hubby and I have went to the Renaissance Festival in upstate NY so hopefully we will go again this yer. We might drive up to the Boston area for a long weekend, visit cousins and meet a friend who I’ve become realy close with via facebook. Even thoug this is in October, we are excited for a week vacation in the Berkshires with my dad. Because my dad lives in Cape Cod, I barely get to see him so it will be very nice. I’ve never been to the Berkshires and very much looking forward. My mom’s first cousin lives there so hopefully I can see her.

  36. Your picture is beautiful. Hawaii is magical and that’s why you don’t hurt there…(might have something to do with your hunky man, too 🙂 )
    My babies are babies no longer and are starting kindy next week and I’m turning 40 in less than two weeks.
    What a privilage to lead as many lives as you do.
    (no contest)

  37. I’m looking forward to the next 30 days. In a little over a week we leave on vacation…..a road trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and then on up into Canada to Banff and Jasper National Parks. Lots of hiking, wildlife watching, and some river rafting planned. I’m looking forward to hitting the road and the trails. Enjoy the rest of your days in beautiful Hawaii!

  38. All of my “kids” come back to school August 16. Their teacher, (ME) goes back the day before. I’m going to be enjoying my last 2 weeks before I go back by reading and swimming! Also going to take in some new movies whether at the theatre or redbox and take some little girls I baby-sit to the Children’s Museum.

  39. My last one at home goes back on the 6th of September. She’s getting antsy to go. My oldest goes back later, I think, at least I think that’s what his college does.
    It feels a bit odd to have two juniors this year.
    It’s been a fast summer.
    Glad you’re having fun.

  40. I am a teacher, so I try not to countdown! However, now that it is August my thoughts have turned to school and my to do list for my new crew of kids. First on the list, ask each teacher to go through their own kids closets and donate to our first “mall” Saturday. My plan is to have the needy families come one Saturday in November and “shop” for clothes for their children. It’s the early stages of planning and I hope to pull it off!!

  41. Hi Jane,

    What a great picture of you. You look very relaxed and it shows that Hawaii time does you good 🙂

    Here time is flying by and I can´t believe that it´s already August.
    But it´s nice that the Summer finally came to the North West and I´m enjoying as much of it as possible.

  42. Your picture is super cute. Bella goes back to school the 15th. Mixed feelings. Happy for a schedule again but not so happy because I love her home with me. We are going to the gulf next week. Super excited. Hopefully I will make a dent in my “to be read pile” of books. Last goal if the summer is to stalk my test store. Been busy crafting!

  43. I am in “crunch time” for my son’s wedding in Sept. Working out and clean eating, and craving deserts!! this is sooo hard since I have such a sweet tooth.
    work is busy, with all the kids coming in for immunizations for school. Trying to cram reading time in anywhere!

  44. what a beautiful pic of you jane; you look so at ease in it. my youngest goes back to school for his junior year of high school this thursday, august 1!!! (way too early!) my middle son starts his freshman year of college on august 15! so we are trying to enjoy their last days of summer break. i received heart-wrenching news this afternoon that a co-worker/friend was in the hospital…she has a serious health issue and is in ICU. so in the morning i will drive the two hours to the hospital where she is in lexington, ky to visit her and her husband. i am praying so hard for her recovery, and trying to stay positive. thank you jane for all you do!

  45. kids return Aug. 29 I believe. August will be for dh slowing down on odd jobs and us going to Calgar for a few days where he will do work for his sister on her house. never ending when you are a jack-of-all.

    love the picture of you Jane.

    hubby’s birthday is Aug. 19th so will celebrate

  46. My daughter goes back to school in September. She is taking advantage of sleeping late and hanging out with friends. School sports begin Aug. 15 for her. We have our county fair, church garage sale and state fair coming up this month. Fun!

  47. Great picture of you!
    My older son starts kindergarten (!!!) at the end of the month. My younger son is still in preschool and starts in September.
    Just the usual summer activities going on this month, including lots of water play. 🙂 My older son’s camp ends soon.
    This week, I’m going to my first major league baseball game since 2006. 🙂

  48. Jane, I can’t believe that Summer is almost over =(. Glad that you have enjoyed your time in HA! I don’t have any kids so I don’t have to worry about the back to school rush, but I will be sad to see Summer come to an end. I love the warm weather!

  49. Hi Jane,
    My kids will head off to school in about 3 1/2 weeks. My youngest will start her first year of preschool. Being a stay at home mom, this is going to be hard. We are planning to do some swimming and camping before school starts. 🙂

  50. 9 more days! They go back on a Thursday??? GA cut yet another 3 days off the school calender:(. We just got back yesterday. Had the kidson the road for 7 weeks this summer…needless to say, I’m ready to get back to “normal”. Although school in August will never be normal for me…we always went back after Labor Day.

  51. Summer vacation in Israel ends on September first for kids and they all go back to school the same day.

    I’m really not a summer person- I hate the heat and humidity and I can’t wait for it to cool down but unfortunately for me it won’t really cool down here before October and some years even November 🙁

    Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation with the kids 🙂

  52. Mine go back all over the place… my son is at McGill University and goes back Sept. 6 as does my oldest daughter at University of Ottawa. My middle daughter starts her pastry course at the Culinary Institute of Canada in PEI Sept. 8. We are driving her to PEI the last weekend in August. And my youngest goes back to Fine Arts at Dawson College here in Montreal August 24.

    We’ve had a gorgeous summer so far here in Montreal…. hot, hot, hot and humid. Can’t believe it’s almost over…

  53. My kids go back to school at the end of August. So we’ll spend this month doing more of what we’ve been doing already….splash parks, swimming, and a couple of weeks of summer camp!!!

  54. August is ALWAYS a busy month around here! Both of my son’s birthdays are in August–my youngest will be 8 on the 3rd and my oldest will be 21 on the 15th!! Plus, the 15th is also my grandmother’s 88th birthday! And my SIL’s birthday is the 23rd. My grandmother is having gall bladder surgery this month. AND, one of my cousins is donating one of her kidneys to another cousin. The surgery is supposed to take place the first two weeks in August. Oh, and school starts here on the 8th, so we’re shopping for clothes and supplies and spending WAY too much money!! Hope your August is wonderful!!

  55. Sadly, my children (9, 7 & 4) have already returned to school and are more than one week into their new school year. Our “carefree summer days” all too swiftly passed, and although the scorching heat remains – and will, long into October – our summer is no more. I miss having them with me, and doing fun stuff with them. As for me, I shall spend this next month trying to organize the pit I call my home office, while simultaneously looking for a job/work I can do from home (I’m open to ideas if you should happen to have any, Jane!). One income for our family of 5 is making me way crazy!
    Love your photo with this post … very pretty! : )

  56. My kids don’t head back to school for another month yet. We are just enjoying what summer we have left, a family vacation to the cabin up north for a week, then back to school shopping, clothes and supplies… Then before you know it, they will be back to a structured day again! My oldest will be in her first year at the high school, my youngest in third grade. My how they grow up so fast! Hope everyone enjoys the time they have left of summer.

  57. I don’t have any kids but I sure like it when they go back to school. Less people at the movie theatre!
    I hope to get my sewing room organized this month.

  58. School starts August 22 for us and I feel like we are on the fast track of summer ending. Football started today, band camp begins next week and water polo begins the week after. Whew! Summers go quickly here as we are active most of the time. Keep me in your prayers that a job offer comes through soon. This is such a tough market.

    And just love your picture. You are so beautiful!

  59. what a great photo!

    like i posted before- we’re getting ready to move to texas. thank goodness we don’t have to pack a thing- the husband’s relocation company takes care of it all! my daughter will miss the first week of school and my son going to college is on hold till we get in state residency. he’s ok with that : )

  60. All 3 of my kids are in college. They start in 2 weeks at 3 different colleges. At least they are all local colleges so they’ll still be home.

    We’re going to try to go into San Francisco for the day pending everyone’s schedules. That in itself is a task.

  61. My kids’ school starts Aug 11th here in Tucson. So summer is almost over but it will be hot til October so plenty of swimming weather left.

  62. It has been a real joy chatting with you these last few days and cheering our boys on! They are such hard workers and have such great spirits. I am sad that tomorrow is the last day. The rest of the summer will be occupied with a family reunion in Denver (my dad’s side), Midlakes Water Polo, training for a half-marathon, and hopefully enjoying simple meals on the back deck with friends and family. Intending to delight in each day. Blessings to you!

  63. The summer has really flown by. My daughter goes back to school on Aug 31st. Just got my dad ready to fly to London tomorrow to be with my sister and her family. She is scheduled to have twins anytime. They are working towards them each being 5 pounds and then they will be taking them c-section.

    It has been quite a funny month as my mom went over the beginning of July. My dad and her have been married 37 years and have never been away from each other for more than a week. Plus my dad has never flown by himself except for a direct flight between here and Salt Lake City. He is really stressing for his flight tomorrow, especially since my mom got lost in Amsterdam, so he thinks he will be a lost cause. 🙂

    Enjoy the summer, it will pass way to quick!!!


  64. August 7th? August 7th! Our 40th Wedding Anniversary! Going to celebrate with the man of my dreams (yes, that would be my Husband),our two wonderful sons, their two fabulous wives (our daughters-in-love), and our one happy little grandson!(not that he’s the only “happy” grandson…he’s THE only grandchild). Grillin’ n’ chillin’ at their homes. How nice that the Blue Angels will fly over for the event…oh, someone just said it was because of “Seafair”…and all this time I thought the earth shaking was just our being happy with each other. Love this family of ours!!!<3

    1. …just me again…enjoyed the Beach Boys concert at Snoqualmie Casino Thursday night…perfect night time beach weather!

  65. Celebrating our daughter’s 33rd birthday on August 7th, yes the time goes by so quickly.
    Also enjoying relaxing times at the pool with our friends and neighbors, shopping farmer’s markets for local grown produce while it lasts.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer too!

  66. Two of my sons start their college year on August 22nd. My oldest son and his new wife will both be starting their first year of teaching. They must report on August 15th. Time is really flying by this summer. We have another wedding to attend on August 13th. I’m throwing a baby shower for my daughter on September 4. The other grandmother to be is having a baby shower on Saturday, August 6, which I’m also attending.

  67. The summer goes by too fast! My daughter starts kindergarten, without her 2 front teeth!, and is VERY excited. Me, well, I’m having a hard time with it. : )
    Although, I am ready to be back on a set schedule, it’s always sad to see the summer go by.
    Enjoy Hawaii!! I’m jealous!

  68. We will be baby sitting our sweet grandchild and walking the grand-dog while we are there! Love being grandparents!

  69. Hi Jane,
    You look so relaxed in that picture.
    School for the little ones started on Monday down here. My youngest is in college and her classes start around the 22 of August. She is coming home Thursday to get all her doctors and dentist appointments out of the way before school starts.

  70. My oldest is going to college and I’m constantly weepy! I will miss her so much- we have a lot of fun together. I’m also preparing to start a new degree program-so off to college for me too!

  71. Lovely photo. You look relaxed and wonderful. This weekend I will have my son’s two adorable dogs for 4 days. Summer is the best time which I love. Sunshine, long days and warmth.

  72. Hi Jane!

    My kids go back to school at the very end of August or the very beginning of September, not sure the actual date. I can’t wait LOL. They are both going to a new school that was just built to replace their old one that wasn’t safe. They had been having class in mobile homes in the parking lot behind the school. For the rest of the summer we have a few beach trips planned, some bowling (yay!) and a wedding. My husband works two full time jobs and is gone from 7am to 11pm M-F so we rarely see him. But he is on vacation from his second shift job next week and we can’t wait to get some extra family time in. I hope you are enjoying your summer 🙂

  73. August is my favorite month. We celebrate our anniversary and my birthday this month. Love your photo.

  74. Hi Jane, My kids go back to school on Aug. 17th. We have lots of soccer this month, between my 2 competitive players and going to a professional soccer game too. I am also out of town on a conference starting tomorrow. Love your Hawaii picture. Makes me want to go back. Have a great rest of your summer.

  75. My daughter teaches at a daycare centre all year long, so there should be a bunch of new kids coming in right after Labour Day.

    My August weekdays are filled with a little bit of paying work, but a whole lot of unpaid work: cleaning up little messes around the house, throwing out a bunch of stuff, and working on my scrapbooks. My weekends are filled with family weddings and barbecues, as well as hiking with my husband.

  76. Jane,
    This month starts football, physicals, birthdays,weddings and vacation. My kids go back 9/8. I love summer but I am ready for the kids to be back at school. I need my regular workouts again! I am lost without that part of my day. I need the schedule! However I am getting a lot of reading done by the pool.lol I finally got your Harlequin and can’t wait to start it!

    Have a great trip to Bellevue!

  77. Hi Jane,

    My daughter starts High School next week, which seems really early. She barely had a summer. My son doesn’t start until the first week of September. The summer goes by way to fast. I wish we could stop time to really enjoy it.

  78. Hi Jane! I LOVE this picture – it’s beautiful and you look s happy!
    I don’t have little kids anymore. But, my grandkids go back to school on Sept. 12th. They love school, but have also had a fun summer, so they are a little torn. The weather is just now getting nice here in OR (not raining for the 1st week) so they feel a little cheated on their summer vacation…as many of us do!
    I have had fun enjoying their birthday parties this past week. Seeing my 7 year old read her cards without any help is so great! She is getting so big…before I know it, she’ll be reading your books! 🙂 Not anything really exciting going on here. Work and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hoping to go camping in a couple of weeks with family and friends. Hope everyone is having a great week!

  79. My kids go back on Aug. 15th. They are sooo bummed. I have to
    start school supply shopping this week. Rush, rush, rush.

  80. Hi Jane,

    Not blessed with any children as yet so I’m covering the holiday period at work whilst my colleagues are off! I am however looking forward to some long weekends at my mum’s on the east coast of England and counting down to a trip to the US in the autumn!

  81. My son is starting college in two weeks. I am so excited and scared for him at the same time. Definitely mixed emotions. My daughter will be a junior in high school. My babies are growing up.

  82. Jane

    Hawaii looks amazing, I have never been but I hope to go in the future.
    My stepdaughter isn’t old enough to be in school yet.
    For the rest of the summer we have planned lots of trips to the beach, which is my favourite place. The summer goes too fast so definatly taking advantage of the weather before fall comes.
    As well as a trip down to Orlando to visit my husband’s family.

  83. Hola Jane!
    This summer has gone by so fast. Between CYO softball with my 9 yr old daughter, two volleyball camps and now CYO volleyball season starts next week. She will start catholic school on 8/15. I can’t wait to get back into a routine.

  84. I am trying not to think about when the kids go back to school, because that means it’s time for me to go back to work too!

    Just enjoying the sunshine around home in the next couple of weeks, and have family coming from both east and west coast toward the end of the month!

  85. My one and only son is in college and he starts back to school Aug, 22 so I will be moving him back on campus around the 20 of Aug. This should be his last year I hope.

  86. What do I have in store for August? well first, I am spending a lot of time with my mom. She has been ill for months and is also rcovering from a broken rib. I take her to a new doctor tomorrow I hope that they will be able to help her. It has been so hard to see her go from 64 to 80 in a summer.I passed my college algebra last week and I am actively trying to also fit in looking for another job. I pledge to try to enjoy the last few weks of Summer though, even if I have to force it.My sons are the best! They have been tolerant of my hectic schedule and loving with their Grandma as well.Yes, I vow to suck up the next few weeks of summer enjoying all the precious moments I can.

  87. Hi Jane,
    I am looking forward to an upcoming class in Los Angeles. I can’t wait! I have a training next week where I am presenting. A lot nervous about it but also excited.

    Michelle F.
    In Denver

  88. we are awaiting the birth of our beautiful grand daughter, Olivia O’Shea! She is due any day, and we moved to WASH state for the summer to be here to meet her and spend time with all of our kids and grandchildren.

  89. No kids going back to school….my daughter graduated with her Masters this past Mother’s Day (what a great day!), but my son will be returning to college soon. As for me, who knows what next month will bring… i’ll just have to wait & see! 🙂

  90. My adult kids will be joining us at the beach this summer, so looking forward to hanging out with them. You’re pics are wonderful and just think that next month you’ll be off the market!!! This whole year has gone by way too fast and soon we’ll be wrapping Xmas gifts!

  91. Kid free as I am, the school year start means traffic snarls, school buses, enforced school zone speed limits and exponentially more relaxed co-workers. ;-).

    Man, do I know what you mean about joints. The humidity here in Jersey has been squeezing my knees like gangbusters. Oy. And with having gone to Nationals, dont think I’ll see AZ this year for a visit w/my sister. Making up for that next year tho.

    Enjoy these last days with your boys! I know you will.

    Hey! My birthday is tomorrow. For that alone, I should merit a tote bag, right? *grin*

  92. This has been a month of big change at our house. I went back to work full-time 3 days ago…I haven’t worked full-time in seven years!!! It is a big change for my family and so far we are adjusting great. My girls go back on the 29th and my little one is starting kindergarten this year. Makes me so sad that my baby is going to school:(

  93. hi jane, my son starts school on aug 31st. this august we will try to catch up on all the day trips that we have pushed aside for my work. he’s only little once so i want to take advantage of this great summer (there’s still so much of it left).
    enjoy your last few days of summer!!

  94. Jane, love the Hawaii pictures! I really need a vacation there with the family, maybe next spring.

    My kids go back to school after Labor Day, it’s a little late this year. Two middle schoolers, yikes! We are all having some adjustment to the hormones of teens/preteens. Both kids are in soccer now. My daughter is trying to decide whether to continue with softball, which has been her sport for several years. She has to decide what she wants, with some tough lessons on growing up and work ethic and effort. I wouldn’t be a teenager again for all the money in the world.

    Me, I have some surgery coming up, so I’m desperately trying to get things done so I can recuperate for a couple of weeks. The pile of books is waiting for me, really can’t wait to dive in.

    Hope the writing is going well!

  95. Wow mine go back on Monday! Well my teenage daughter does. We’ve already started back with cheer practice, the picnics and this weekend shopping!!! My four year old starts preschool in a few weeks, so we have orientation next week plus he starts soccer. For the next month we’ll be trying to stay cool. I’m in TN with crazy high heat indexs!

    Stay cool and would love to win!!!

    Laura Kay

  96. My son goes back on August 22nd, but it seems like the end of summer is busy, busy, busy! Every weekend there seems to be another birthday party to go to, last minute trips to visit family…lots to do :)! I am excited to see my son start 1st grade and I know he is too!

  97. Great picture Jane!
    The summer has gone by pretty fast! Next week I am on vacation (not just one) but two weeks.

    Week one is to pick up the chore to organize my life and do many fix it jobs around the house, touch up paint, etc.

    Week two to stay at the lake with family & friends. then back to work til christmas.
    How’s Hawaii around that time year, still fairly warm?

    We are making a decision this next week
    (final decision) to homeschool my 12 year old son.
    I would really enjoy spending time with him. It will be nice to see him each day. 🙂 They grow up so fast! He is my last one at home, he’s my baby! He will be starting Sept 1.

    Have fun and enjoy the rest of August too!

  98. I just finished my 2nd Summer college class, now I have 2 weeks before I start back full-time. The daughter starts 8th grade in 1 week. AND I just turned 40 yesterday, so today i’m back to being 39!!!

  99. Hi Jane~

    School doesn’t start here until after Labor Day. The kids are ready though, we all crave structure. Well, my daughter is more ready than my son!

    They have a fun summer camp next week that is promised to be full of adventure and then we look forward to camping at Hershey Park and then are excited to have family visit us for Labor Day. We usually end the summer with our annual Labor Day block party.

  100. My girls and I we are going back to school Sept. 6. Yes, you read it right I am going back to school, which at 45 is preatty crazy, but I want to get my Nutritionist diploma as it is something that really interests me. So, for now we are enjoying the beautiful summer weather we are having and hitting the beach almost every day.
    The picture in Hawaii is beautiful. Need to plan a vacation there soon.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer, before your big day in September!

  101. Looking forward to a granddaughter’s wedding on the 14th and hopefully some cooler, less humid weather.

  102. Hi Jane! Ahh…what I would do to spend time in Hawaii again.

    This month we have been busy shopping for back to school clothes, taking my son to football, and sadly, I’ve begun the job search. I don’t want to go back to work because I so love being home with my 14 month old, but the time has come. I’m hoping I can land something part time, maybe even in the evening, just so I don’t have to put him in daycare 🙁

  103. Hi Jane,
    I just got back from a college counselor visit…only thing good about being away from my boys was that I finally got started on A Dark Sicilian Secret…WOW, its amazing! You keep getting better…one of these days I hope to go to Italy & Sicily. I hope to finish it tomorrow. One more week of extended school year program for my boys, then 3 more weeks til we all go back to school. Enjoy your boys:)
    Love ya ~ Stephanie

  104. My little girl starts school in 2 weeks… She’s been out of kindergarden for 4 weeks already and I had to work, so the last month has been a little… stressful – but I have two weeks off work now and I am planning on making those real quality “mum and daughter time” (as hubby couldn’t take time off work at the same time as me). I think we’ll just take each day as it comes… the weather plays a big part! There will be indoor play park and cinema visits and lots of “cuddling on the sofa and reading books moments” when the weather is bad and trips to the park, amusement parks, the zoo on sunny days 🙂

  105. Hi all, I’m buried in revisions today for my Harlequin but wanted to announce the winners for the contest really quick.

    Our winner is #43 Prudence

    And then I picked 3 bonus winners:

    #16 Mindy Fangedmom
    #81 Katie Wilkes
    #107 Faith

    Drop me an email at jane(at)janeporter(dot)com with your mailing address and I’ll get the prizes in the mail!

    Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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