Surfing Saturday

This is going to be a super short post as I’m getting ready to head to the beach with my friend Anne who is going to take a surf lesson from Ty. I’m going, too, and taking out a big soft top as it’s been two years since I last surfed and my confidence is there but I’m not so sure about my skill set. Ty teaches out at Pops in Waikiki and it’s a long paddle out.  I’ve had some shoulder problems this last year and I’m worried my shoulder won’t be in great form but I’m going for it anyway.  (Although feeling some butterflies from nerves!)

Had so hoped to finish chapter 3 yesterday–am close–but maybe I can do it this weekend while Mac takes his naps.  What are you doing this weekend?  Fill me in and you can win a $15 Hawaii Starbucks card and an arc of SHE’S GONE COUNTRY!  A pretty cool prize for a hot summer day.  Contest runs through Sunday night and Monday morning I’ll announce the winner.

Hang Loose!


  1. Have fun surfing and I hope your shoulder doesn’t give you any trouble. Maybe the soothing waters will make it feel better.

    I am hoping for a quiet weekend so I can do some reading, but often the best laid plans of mice and men are oft led astray.

    Have a great visit with your family and friends.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great day!!
    I am headed to Nashville to spend the day tomorrow. Should be a fun day.
    Have fun surfing.
    Heads up!

  3. Jane, hope your shoulder holds up and you have a great day. I’ll be doing laundry since my daughter just got home from church camp. I’ll try to get some reading in, too. Looks like we might get some rain so it’s a good day for a good book.

  4. Just bought some flowers and zucchini plants so will have to plant them. Not nearly so exciting as surfing. Hopefully that’s like riding a bike and will come right back to you – have fun!

  5. Taking a mental break. Heading out to enjoy the peace and quiet of the patio. The hammock looks very inviting, almost sure it’s calling my name. With a glass of tea, iPod, and screenplay (work in progress) in hand I will put final touches on script before mailing it off on Monday. Scatch the mental break, writing and or editing comes first. Pluse writing does not fit into the “taking a mental break” category. Jane have a maika’i nui loa weekend.

  6. I think a beach party tomorrow with my best friend and her family and today just doing stuff around the house. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  7. Hi Jane!

    Good luck with the softboard and the shoulder!! Sounds like a fun time. Are the big boys still there?

    We’re just hanging around today after a busy couple of days. Tomorrow my daughter visits my brother and sis-in-law to help out and have fun with my baby niece. Joey starts baseball camp on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!
    Aloha friend!
    Shannon in Tustin

  8. You are adventureous! Hope you have fun and let us all know how it goes for you. Finally got some much needed rain in 100+degree VA, so things are cool today. Doing as little as I can today…lucky you at the beach!!!

  9. Glad to hear you are “going for it anyway”…ha! Have a great time! Typical Saturday for me running around doing errands, laundry and hopefully some time with a good book. Good luck with Chapter 3!

  10. Hi, Jane, I’ve been sitting here at the computer grinning like an idiot at the photo of my newest grandbaby, Lily Grace, who was born yesterday in Anchorage, Alaska!! She’s 7lbs 6ozs and is 19 1/2 in long.(That makes grandchild #3 with another one due in January!!)My daughter Sarah and baby Lily Grace are doing great!

    Other than visiting my MIL in the hospital, we take care of her at home, she’s been very ill with an infection she caught the time before she was hospitalized and had to have her colon removed, I’ve been rearranging books and stuff in my home office, a never-ending wonderful chore! I’ve also been reading. I just finished C.E. Murphy’s DEMON HUNTS, book five in her Walker Papers series published by Luna. I love Murphy’s writing and characters…

    I hope you and your friend had a fabulous time surfing!

    Hugs, Debora H

  11. Just got back from errands with Mom, which include a bad asthma attack on her part. Jersey humidity is murder right now. Everyone’s out, doing back-to-school shopping, if you can believe it, and with the heat and the shopping and the blah, everyone’s ready to take off the next person’s head – I’m probably the worst culprit there.

    My goal for the weekend is to finish (another) revision of my h/h first meet and then finish a new section by the end of the weekend. Have been taking days off from work here and there to write and they’ve been profitable. Have another off day on Monday (i seem to have a problem getting back to working Mondays after taking a lot off) and am going to my CPs house to write on her sun deck.

    Can’t wait to hear how fantastic your return to surfing went because I am absolutely confident it will be.

    Cowabunga dude.

  12. Well, I probably don’t qualify for this because I already have my ARC copy & am so excited to start reading, but I ALWAYS love Starbucks.

    This weekend started yesterday with dinner with good friends at Cheesecake Factory including chocolate coconut cheesecake. Saturday morning was a beautiful, lovely bridal shower for a friend that included quiche and cupcakes and champagne.

    As always, I managed to squeeze in some shopping. And tomorrow I think it is going to rain so could be a day for READING!!


  13. This weekend my son’s have an ice hockey game and then it is off to the mountains. Tomorrow is cleaning and I think I will bake some banana bread. Wow, you really threw me a curve ball towards the end of Easy on the Eyes – I won’t say what, don’t want to be a spoiler – but I sure didn’t see that coming 🙂
    Thanks for such great reads!

  14. Have fun with the surfing, Jane. That’s something I will only be able to do only in my dreams and even then I think I’d be “wiping out” ( I think that’s the term). What I’m doing this weekend: absolutely nothing. I’m going to be a total lazybones, just hanging out, maybe paint my toes, read and eat. I’m not even cleaning the house or cooking. I ‘ll pay for it next week, but this week, I’ll be queen of doing nothing =D

  15. Hola Jane!
    Hope the surfing went well.
    I took my 8 yr old to a b-day pary today that consisted of 23 girls getting their hair, nails and make up done. Then it was followed by a fashion show. I have to say I too came home with a little glitter in my hair!
    Tomorrow, cleaning out the garage. YUCK…

  16. Hi Jane,
    I hope surfing went well for you today. I so enjoyed my lesson and half day hangin’ ten with TGSS staff in February.

    I went golfing with a good friend of mine today and we had a blast. We had never golfed together so it was fun to hang out and play. I played well too! So fun!

    I hope you had a great time. I know my Saturday couldn’t have been better!

  17. Hi Jane,

    This weekend I’m working outside on a new garden area and baking blueberry bread. Though surfing sounds a lot more exciting. 🙂

    Debra S

  18. I’m visting with my family this weekend and looking forward to it.
    Hope your shoulder does okay!

  19. Sounds like an awesome day, Jane! This weekend we have a festival in our town that consitst of several parades, rides, fundraisers and local artists selling their work in our local park. Pretty fun, but temps in the high 90’s make it not so enjoyable. 🙂 We are spending lots of time outside in the kiddie pool and sprinkler this weekend.
    I’m looking so forward to reading “She’s Gone Country.” I know it will be fabulous!

  20. Take care and I hope you have fun in the water. I’m starting the weekend out by shopping for a birthday present for one of my granddaughters who turns 5 on Monday. After that I’m going to clean my apartment because I think I’m having company next week. Best to be prepared.

  21. I’m sure you’ll do fine in the water! Good for you for going for it. I must say I wish I were in paradise, surfing right now. I am working all weekend, but no complaining- I’m happy to have a job. Have a great weekend and I hope your shoulder doesn’t give you trouble!

  22. Hope that shoulder holds up for you – I know nagging pain is no fun.

    I spent the day in a writing class and came away greatly rejuvenated. Hope your day in the surf does the same for you!

  23. Surfing sounds like fun! My husband hopes to begin taking my son surfing next year in Half Moon Bay, CA.

    Just cleaning house this weekend and maybe making some soy candles… well see 🙂

  24. I found some old pictures of my family at the beach today while culling books from our home shelves and that is about as close to the beach as I am going to be this weekend. Smile! We must make more room on the shelves for the books from the office. Retirement does mean you have to clean up and clean out your office.

    Sure hope the shoulder did not give you any trouble today. And, sending positive thoughts your way for finishing Chapter 3!

  25. Hi Jane!

    Today i had to work this morning then i loaded up my 3 boys and drove a hour and a half to my aunt and uncles for my cousins graduation party. Came home and and started reading a book i got from Harlequin Ambassadors. Just finished it up about 30 minutes ago lol Tomorrow is my day to catch up around my house. That’s about it.

    Have a great weekend Jane

    Lisa B

  26. Sounds like a fun weekend for you, Jane. I hope your shoulder didn’t give you any trouble.
    This weekend I am going to be at the racetrack watching some cars. Monday is my Grandaughter’s birthday. She is turning 6, so that will be a fun celebration. Although I think she has her hopes set a little too high. Word is she thinks I am taking her to Disneyland or Disneyworld for her birthday, uh…I wish! lol

  27. This morning we went to Farmer’s Market in Puyallup. There was a street fair also so the place was packed. Then I babysat my granddaughter while my daughter went yard saling. Tomorrow I will recuperate. 😉

    Have a great time in Hawaii.

  28. I hosted a garage sale yesterday with 11 families participating with me and had a great day hanging out and chatting with several friends. Today was Redmond Derby Days and I bought my boys a ping pong table. They enjoyed playing last year in Long Beach and they are so excited to have one at home. Tomorrow I need to clear the garage to get the tables out and the cars back in.

    I hope your shoulder held out for you today and you had a great day with your friend as you eased back into surfing!

  29. Hey Jane!! Hope you and your friend had a blast today down in Waikiki. :0) My friend Jess and I spent the day out in Lanikai (such an awesome beach and atmosphere)! It was quite windy; got a little sand pelted (no longer require that facial peel now). It was also cold, as a HUGE cloud and its friends just hung out for a while overhead. And then … they were ALL gone – and now I look like a lobster. Live and learn, lol!! But – at least what will be “the best tan of the century” is now all uniform.

    Tomorrow at the crack of dark we head out to the Makapu’u Point & light house for a sunrise hike… and then head out for a lil’ breaky & coffee!! Here’s hopin’ Ch.3 surfs into the sunset for you chica ~

  30. I wish I was surfing! I am working all weekend. Not very fun at all. Hope you have a great time surfing. It must be bliss to be in Hawaii.

  31. Hope you had a good time and I’m sure you still have the skillset. 🙂

    I had a rough week this week so I’m just taking it easy this weekend. Resting and relaxing. 🙂

  32. I’m solo this weekend with my guys being out of town. Yesterday I went to the grand opening of our new library. It is the main branch and is so amazing. It’s a Word Think library (no dewey decimal system), and is set up like a book store. Takes some getting used to but it’s pretty amazing to see all the resources they have and how many people are supporting it.

  33. Anne and you are having a wonderful visit together. I envy you both. Let’s give a big “YEE HAW” to friendships like yours. Just think, those little guys are building a friendship too. Which is so cool. They have so much to look forword to together. My only wish is that I wish I was there.
    I’m a single woman this weekend The Hubs is gone on a fishing/Bachelor party for our nephew Nick who is getting married July 31. My weekend has consisted of a comedy club on Friday with the girls, wedding dress shopping for my daughter Kenzie who’s getting married next May and laying low on Sunday.
    I had a blast at the comedy club; I had never been before. I laughed so hard. What a wonderful way to release stress. Saturday my daughter Kenzie and I found the wedding dress of her dreams. It was so beautiful on her I cried. I can’t believe one of my babies, one of my twins is getting married. I feel so old but blessed. My Sunday is going to consist of laying low and do some genealogy research on my dad’s side. My uncle lit a firecracker under my backside and it helped spark an interest in my family’s genealogy. Now I can’t get enough of it. Have a great week, Jane.

  34. Not doing much this weekend, Hubby had to work on Sat. I pulled some weeds from around our pond, been trying to get some reading in. Just can’t stay off the internet!

  35. we’re on a family vacation and boy is it hot out! having the time of our lives tho’…could use a new book for the pool…any suggestions?

  36. My weekend wasn’t so interesting but I did buy new shoes and some clothes so that was good.

    Other than that I was at home in my PJ’s- it’s just too hot for me to go out and do things.

    I hope you had a good time surfing.

  37. I’m feeling sorry for myself this weekend. My friend, Laura, came to visit me and she left this morning. I just put in the movie “The Road” – great way to cheer myself up – NOT! LOL Have fun surfing, I’ll be doing my own surfing here – web surfing for a vacuum. The excitement is overwhelming.

  38. I am hanging out with my kids, cleaning and cooking meals for this week ahead of time to save me time in the evenings.

  39. Hi! Have fun surfing, it sounds like alot of fun! Thats what I need some fun, I’m not doing much this weekend. My sons girlfriend had her wisdom teeth pulled so her mom and I are taking turns in taking care of her, she had to go to the hospital early this morning, the pain killers are giving her a reaction. So now I’m home, making brownies for my women’s church group, that should put me in a better uplifting mood. I finished reading Kiss Me If You Can by Carly Phillips, it was a fun book and made me laugh. I left it for Nikki to read, and the movie Flirting with Forty, she never had seen it,or her mom. So thats my weekend. Have fun and don’t be so uptight, just enjoy the water and your friend Anne.

  40. Hi Jane,
    Spending time out in the water sounds wonderful. We finished some long overdue spring cleaning and hung out with friends this weekend. Now I am getting ready to curl up with Nora Roberts new book The Search while my kids nap and hope to hit the pool later.

  41. Sounds like a blast. Wish I could surf. I am spending a quiet day at the pool with a good book while this good weather lasts. Can’t wait to read “She’s gone Country.”

  42. Taking surf lessons sounds so fun! We are going to Maui in 3 weeks & I may need to do that! This weekend we went to the Seattle Center for the Urban Craft Uprising Summer show, it was very cool! We also got a bite at the Mobile Chow Down under the Space Needle. Great Food! Today~my husband made breakfast and we watching the World Cup Final! Good times!

  43. A whole lot of nothing! With a Wal*Mart trip thrown in and Mass Sunday morning. Oh, and a Criminal Minds marathon on Sunday and new episodes of Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives!!

  44. Hi! I am dragging my dirty dishes to the neighbors house since my dishwasher broke! I sure miss it! Have a good weekend!

  45. I just got back from a great hike with my family. It felt good to get out and exercise. Good luck with the surfing!

  46. Jane,
    This weekend is work, watching “Eclipse”, sushi, pilates, and interval training with my trainer so I can be surf fit for Hawaii at the end of August when I meet my surfer girlfriends form Oz on the North Shore for a girls surf week. Those Aussie girls surf everyday and I have no waves in London.!!
    Oh and now to watch the World Cup. Go Spain! How was your surfing?

  47. Enjoy the heat wave Jane!

    My family and I will be enjoying the FIFA World cup games this weekend and renovating our front deck. We did get out to the ocean to bring home some red rock crab and clams to enjoy yesterday! The PAC Northwest Heat wave has been a nice change from our cloudy rainy days. Enjoy the summer!


  48. Hope you had fun surfing and I’m sure your butterflies were all for nothing…

    My weekend has been great. Did a little grocery shopping. Also had some packing to do ( our lease is up here the end of July and the boys and I are going to move to a house instead of the apartment, we’re feeling a little chlosterphobic here) then today my oldest son had a fundraiser carwash to go to for school. Not to hot today either… All in all I think the weekend has tuned out wonderful!

  49. Surfing sounds fun! We are taking it easy this weekend. Kids are playing w/friends and hubby is off at a waterski tournament. I’m going to grab my book and read.

    Have a great Sunday, Jane!


  50. Taking a surf lesson is definitely on my bucket list. In fact, I’m tempted to head out to Morro Bay this week to get my 10 year old son in on a few lessons. He’s a little afraid of sharks (thanks to me and the too frequent sightings of Great Whites around here), but I want him to experience it at least once!

    Yesterday we went to a friend’s surprise party, cut out early and headed to Cayucas for fish-n-chips and some yummy ice cream. We had a great time!

    Today the boys are moto x riding and I’m hanging home with my 6 week old…very grateful!

    Have fun with Anne. I never met her, but heard of her and wasn’t her mom a teacher at RHS?

  51. Hiking to an alpine lake and taking off socks and shoes to cool off near the cascading waterfalls. Walking to Mercer Island in the afternoon and then watching their fireworks from the park near our house Saturday night. Sleeping with the windows open and waking up early because of the happy birds – great summer fun and more sunshine to come!

  52. Ahh to be in the warm waters of Hawaii again!
    This weekend has been about relaxation, spending time outside at the pool and reading.
    I re-read Flirting with Forty and starting Mrs Perfect again!
    Tonight will BBQ some Mahi Mahi, turn the waterfall on and listen to some Fiji and feel alittle of the Islands 🙂

  53. we are sitting on the beach at Cannon Beach, Oregon! Surfing here is definately with a full wet suit! relaxing and watching the waves come in and out. Would be awesome to have your book with me the next time we are here!! We love Hawaii too..mostly Maui is where we stay with friends/family. Enjoy your surfing!

  54. Hi Jane,

    I’m traveling a lot this weekend, but ending back home later today. So I’m looking forward to relaxing and unpacking for the rest of the day.

  55. Wish there was a great beach near me. I’ll have to live vicariously through you instead. LOL Hope you are having a great weekend in the sun!

    My weekend has been spent hanging out and working. Yesterday hubby and I took the girls (4 and 6) out for brunch and then to a local museum to check out the new Egyptian exhibit. Today we slept in, then went grocery shopping. So, nothing overly exciting, but it’s been a good weekend. (She says as she types up this entry/comment from work. hehe)

    Thanks for the entry! I love me some Starbucks and books!! 😉

    Rebekah C
    littleminx at cox dot net
    Tulsa, OK

  56. Yesterday we took it easy and I dabbled in pulling tiny weeds in my flower beds and watering them.
    Also washed clothes.

    Sunday, today, I am checking e-mails, clearing papers away and gboing to sit out on the patio swing and eat cold Watermelon in awhile.

    Trust you had fun in the water and I know you are enjoying your visit with your friend.

    Today I

  57. My children are home from Junior Lifeguard camp, finally! The house just isn’t the same without them here. Laundry and all I am so thrilled they are home! Now it is time to focus on swim meets. I love just watching them!

  58. Hi Jane, Oh I’m SO jealous of you surfing at Waiks! I learned last summer there and am completely hooked! Have booked a ticket for a long Labor day weekend, plan to do nothing but surf! Am definitely planning to take lessons with Ty’s crew. 🙂
    You’re right, the paddling is killer, especially for us girls with less upper body strength. It’s my least favorite part of surfing. 😛
    Enjoying a mellow weekend of beautiful weather in LA. New moon, solar eclipse today, good day for new beginnings and making wishes! Hope all of yours come true…
    Aloha, and Chaka!

  59. hi jane, hope you had a wonderful time…this weekend i have spent getting stuff done, so that when monday comes, i can relax and celebrate my youngest son’s 15th birthday. we are planning on watching the movie, despicable me and having cake and an early dinner out with some of his friends. i just can’t believe he is 15 already…the time has gone by too quickly!

  60. Soccer tournament this weekend! Played a lot of great teams had some fun and way too much sun. Currently nursing a bad sunburn even though I layered on the sun screen!

  61. Have a wonderful time and enjoy this special day. We spent the day in the mountains and it was lovely.

  62. Jane, sounds like you are having a ball in Hawaii.
    I went out of town shopping with the hubby Saturday. Today I made a pot of vegetable soup, did some sewing, and washed the dog. Not so exciting but I have enjoyed the slowed down pace this weekend.

  63. Jane,
    Surfing would be what I wish I was doing, but that is kind of hard when you live in Colorado. Instead I attended RomCon in Denver. It was so exciting to have a chance to sit down and talk to various romance authors. Many I have never heard of and now am looking forward to reading their books.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  64. I broiled in the sun at 85 degrees plus Thursday thru Sunday watching my daughters compete at the Blainville International Horse Show (just north of Montreal). We had fun, but I feel crispy, gritty and sweaty and am about to leap in the shower. It was hot, hot, hot and very humid (think Virginia in summer) and we are expecting another week of the same 85 to 95 and sunny.

    Back at the show for week 2 on Wednesday. Had fun but there wasn’t much down time, am looking forward to a good read… thinking of picking up something by Jodi Picoult… and a couple of days off before we start all over again… we show the whole month of July, Wed thru Sun every week.

    It’s fun though, it’s a special summer social scene and the girls are doing well and having a great time.

  65. Hi Jane!

    I’ve had the best weekend! I just returned from a beach getaway with a bunch of friends.

    It was so wonderful (and rare!) to relax at the beach and enjoy each other’s company – no kids, no husbands, no obligations – just lots of fun!!

  66. Jane,

    I give you many kudo’s for going out and surfing again.

    We are moving my parents, they have been in their house for 28 years, I have to say it makes me think I need to get rid of a bunch of junk.

    Hope you enjoyed your surging. 🙂

  67. Jane!


    This weekend was a blast! I went shopping and found a great pair of jeans at Northgate Mall. (Always gotta love that) Saturday Night I went with a bunch of girls to Julia’s on Broadway- to see “Le Faux” a drag queen show that was utterly amazing! 🙂 Definately recommend it when you’re back in town!

    Today I just spent the day with my mother and brother. (Dad’s in Poland for the Summer.) Hope you had a great weekend!


  68. Hey Jane,
    Surfing sounds Fun! hope you had a blast with your friend! I have a Great long time friend, we met in high school.
    We talk almost every weekend!

    We went Kayaking, Camping, & Hiking. We just had the best time! All three of my children were there. My two daughters are 20 & 17, they bought their boyfriends, We feel grateful they have meet two wonderful guys! My husband and I brought our 11 year old son. He wouldn’t get out of the single kayak for anything! He loves it!
    He feel asleep on the way home tonight! The last couple weeks have caught up with him. I took some great pictures of our adventures.

    I did get a chance to read some. August is right around the corner! YA!

    The past couple weeks we had family and friend visiting over the 4th! I missed 3 awesome posts on your blog. (I really hate it when that happens!)

    I have to say Mr. Mac is just so adorable!

    Wishing you the Best with your writing! And enjoy your time with family and friends!

  69. This weekend I moved my daughter back to college…a little bit early. Funny you should talk about confidence…she’s so beautiful and smart and one of the nicest people I know, but she lacks confidence. Confidence is so important…wish I knew how to help her more.

    1. I hear you! Even though my 15 year old daughter is way more confident than I was at her age she still lacks it too! I always say — not that I am unhappy — but had I been more confident in college my life would ahve turned out completely different!

      Vin Diesel’s Dad said, “You can teach and give your kids a lot of things but the most important thing you can give them is self confidence. With that they can do anything!”

      So true! I wish I knew how to do that better!

  70. Have fun surfing, Jane! I envy you the beach. I’ll be basking in midwest humidity today. Just missed you in MT in May. Won’t see you in Orlando. We have to stop missing each other like this!
    The new book sounds fantastic. Will look forward to reading it.

  71. Hi all,

    Just had a phone call from Jane who is on her way to the airport for a quick trip to the mainland. She didn’t have time to post the winner info herself before leaving for the airport and asked me to do it on her behalf. Jane picked –

    #48 – Chelsea

    as the winner. Congratulations, Chelsea! Please email Jane with your full name and mailing address so we can get the prize out to you.

    Thanks to everyone else who commented. Jane loved hearing from all of you. She should be back in Hawaii sometime on Wednesday and will check in with you all then.

    Have a great week!

  72. My youngest daughter is flying 3,000 miles for the second time in four months just to visit. I have the best daughters in the world–what a beautiful summer.

  73. Hope the surfing was great – I haven’t hit the waves yet although I think I will get to the beach next week one day.

    I just finished reading the galley copy of She’s Gone Country – it was fabulous and as usual you did not disppoint for one second! I love the little snippets you give us of Marta and Tiana as well.

    This weekend – aside from a family party (aka Cousins Day 2010 complete with my 96 year old grandmother) and a good friend’s house on Sunday for a bbq – I am re-reading She’s Gone Country!!!

  74. Glad you’re going for it-
    my weekend is pretty ho hum- hanging with the family by the pool. Picking my 15 yr old son up from a Lacrosse camp!
    Enjoy your time with family-

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