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A JANE EXTRA: Desert Island

A Guest Blog by Liza Palmer I have this game I play. Yes, it’s usually a sad attempt at flirting. And yes, I’m usually mildly intoxicated. Nonetheless, it’s not the game’s fault I’m socially retarded and can’t hold my liquor so let’s not hold it responsible for my bastardization of it. You sidle up to someone you want to learn more about and after a few awkward moments of small talk you hit them with the good stuff: Imagine you’re stuck on a desert island forever. You can bring 3 things to listen to, 3 things to read, 3 things to watch, 3 things and have one emotion erased. I know this isn’t a new game, but I’d like to … Continue reading A JANE EXTRA: Desert Island

A JANE EXTRA: Two Janes and a Tammy

Hello! I’m Lilian Darcy and Jane has asked me to be a guest on JaneBlog, posting from far away Australia. I’m feeling the weight of responsibility, because I always love the things that Jane chooses to write about and I’m wondering what I can possibly add. There’s a whole mix of themes in my head right now. Firstly, Jane and her journey as a single parent, her handling of a long-distance relationship, her going-with-her-heart decision to have another baby with Surfer Ty. I’m not the only one who is frequently in awe of what she accomplishes, both professionally and personally, and the vibrant way she pulls it off. She’s an inspiration not just because of what she achieves but maybe even … Continue reading A JANE EXTRA: Two Janes and a Tammy

Vintage Jane & Guest Bloggers

With a new baby and absolute chaos all around, I thought I should use the free time I have to nap and maybe, just maybe, cook dinner now and then for the two boys that eat real food. Which means, I won’t be writing very much for awhile. I will still be on the JaneBlog, but I’m introducing a couple new features to mix it up a bit (and to work a little better with my new crazy schedule). What are these new features?  Well, I’m going to show off some of my website, and highlight some vintage website features that I love, and then I’m going to bring back a handful of favorite blogs I’ve written during the past five years, as … Continue reading Vintage Jane & Guest Bloggers