#TBT The Galvan Brides!


The aristocratic Galváns of Argentina are a complicated family, their relationships with each other stretched and tangled as they struggled to come to grips with their troubled past and hopes for the future.

I wrote five books starring the Galván family that were reader favorites in 2002 + 2003 — an exciting couple of years filled with Latin lovers, dramatic stories, and lush, international settings.

Responsibility for the family problems rests squarely on the late Count Tino Galváns shoulders, a man blessed with stunning good looks and tremendous wealth, but a man lacking moral character. Married twice, Tino Galván indulged in numerous affairs, shamelessly flaunting his lovers before Buenos Aires society.

lazarosrevengeIn Dante’s Debt and Lazaro’s Revenge (Books 1 + 2) came out back-to-back first, and each was a RITA® finalist! (I was thrilled!) The Latin Lover’s Secret Child and The Spaniard’s Passion (Books 4 + 5) pairing up later that year. Book 3, Mistaken for a Mistress, originally an online serial, was published on its own a few years later as a special release).

The Galván children — from Tino’s marriages and affairs — grew up in a state of unremitting chaos. The only constant in Tino’s childrens lives was excess: too much money, too much alcohol, and too much unhappiness.

These books were hard to find until re-released in recent years in ebook and are now all available on Kindle, and beginning to make their way into other formats (The Spaniard’s Passion now has multiple order options). Excerpts that were not posted when this new site of mine launched last fall are now up for your reading enjoyment — just click on any title in this post for an excerpt, and any cover in this post for the Kindle link.

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  • spaniardspassion
  • mistakenforamistress

Part of the great fun in writing the Galván series was the research! Oh, the travel! I documented so much for readers in my Book Extras. I invite you to revisit these wonderful books from early in my career with:

#Tell me, did any of you read these back when they were new? If so, which of these Latin lovers did you love the most? Isn’t it wonderful how ebooks bring these old favorites into new hands? Do you have an author you recently fell in love with and then you discovered a older title of her or his that you never knew about… Did you ever have a chance to read any of my books in the pink binding? How about the paperback blue?


I’d love to hear if these books are brand new to you and if you downloaded one for your Kindle (that’s important, because if you win, I’ll know which book not to send you.) I’ll pull three commenters at random and send two of you a signed vintage hardback copy of either The Spaniard’s Passion or The Latin Lover’s Secret Child. They only ever printed a few of these UK library editions, and I have a couple I am looking forward to sending out. I also have one vintage UK paperback of Lazaro’s Revenge. I loved these vibrant UK blue covers — and I have one to share.


  1. I love having a second chance at reading books I may have missed before… love seeing older books rereleased! I have not read these yet!

  2. I have read and have on my keeper shelf “The Latin Lover’s Secret Child” and as with all my JP books I loved it.

  3. I read all of these books and enjoyed every one of them. Once I read one, I knew I needed to read the rest. I binge read them one after the other. I didn’t read them when they were first released. I bought them for my Kindle. It would be a dream to own a hard copy of one (or all) for my shelf.

  4. I binged read them a few years ago on my Nook. Loved them. I am not sure I even read them in order, but that did not matter. Great books!

  5. These are ll new to me and sound wonderful. Thank youso much for this chance. I love those Latin lovers. 🙂 I’d love to read them all.
    Carol L

  6. The books are new to me. I discovered you after seeing the Flirting with Forty movie on Lifetime.

  7. I read them originally and had them on my keeper shelves. Lost all them in the tornado so I’d love to replace even one of them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. I haven’t read any of them but will be looking for them soon. They sound wonderful!!

  9. Somehow I’ve missed both of these. Yea!!! More of Jane Porter to read for the first time!

  10. I never had a chance to read them when they where brand new because I have never heard about you back then.
    So I found them back in 2008 on amazon and read them back to back. So I read all of you Harlequins. A very lovely romance trip. Loved all the history. But I surly would have love the Galvan Family tree when reading them. I have never read a copy in pink or blue. Always the classic white Harlequin cover. Please continue to write Harlequins. I´m a die hard fan of them. You simply write the best 🙂

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