Charlene Sands: Got Cowboy?

I have been a fan of Charlene Sands a long, long time.  As a closet Harlequin Desire reader, I never miss a Charlene Sands release, and so I was so thrilled to hear that Charlene had signed on with Tule to write one of the rodeo stories for this year’s Montana Born imprint.  Charlene also happens to be the launch author with this year’s Copper Mountain series and her story is amazing and garnering many many 5 star reviews.

For my readers who know Charlene, you’re going to love her blog (and new book!).  For those who don’t yet know her, so glad you’ve got the chance to meet her now!

Welcome, Charlene to my blog and my incredibly supportive readers!

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In reality I would imagine the cowboy life wasn’t all too glamorous.  They ate dust on the cattle trail, fought Mother Nature’s wrath in scorching heat and raging storms and gusty winds that swept the hats from their heads and blew grit in their eyes. They fell asleep at night, their exhaustion a blessing against the hard-packed ground that was their bed.

But there’s just something honorable, worthy and soulful about a cowboy that pulls at all my heartstrings and makes this New York born, California implant… bleed cowboy.


I know why that is.  It’s easy for me to explain. Back in the days of my early childhood, my father, a wonderful ex-Army Sergeant, turned entrepreneur, had a gift for storytelling that entranced his two young daughters.  And what were the stories about?  Well, they weren’t about princesses or silly rhyming cats or female superheroes.  No, these stories came directly from his own passion, the history of America.   My dad, bless his soul, read four thick books a week and could tell you any detail you wanted to know about General Armstrong Custer, (his favorite subject) the American Revolution and our founding fathers, the Civil War, the plight of the American Indians and the American Cowboy.

cs2As a young girl, I’d sit on my parent’s bed on Saturday mornings and implore my father to “Tell me a ‘tory.”  Being the grand storyteller that he was, Dad would concoct a fascinating tale about the bad guys of the west and interject ME, as the Sheriff Who’d Saved the Day!  I’d be Sheriff Charlene in the town of Cinnamon Toast Ridge and the tall tale would take on a life of its own.   As we grew older, my father would entertain us with fascinating facts about history at the dinner table. And it wasn’t so much a lesson in history, but of life.  As I look back on those times, I can only hold those treasured memories to my heart.

Of course, it was also the time of Bonanza and Gunsmoke and Rawhide.  Like every young girl, I had a crush on the Ponderosa’s Little Joe.   Small wonder that the first book I’d ever published from Kensington was about a down-on-his-luck rancher, titled Chance in a Million.  And my very first Harlequin was a historical western titled Lily Gets Her Man.  Since then I’ve written many modern day western series, including the bestselling, The Slades of Sunset Ranch and The Worths of Red Ridge.


My office is filled with western inspiration, from one-of-a-kind metal art horses that rise above my computer, to bookshelves filled with western facts and special art, mostly given to me by my dearest friends.


Claim Me, Cowboy, comes right from my heart.  It’s a story about second chances and shows how love conquers all.  Montana cowboys (of course) and the Copper Mountain Rodeo, babies and broken hearts in need of mending all play a part in this story.  Tyler Warren is a man with a bitter past, who has come home to Summer Simmons Nichols, the girl who’d married his best friend.   Prepare for secrets to be revealed and strong characters to emerge.  Tyler is a man’s man.  He’s the hero I’ve always wanted to write.  And I’m so grateful to Jane Porter and Tule Publishing, for giving me this chance to write my story as I see fit.



Charlene Sands is a USA Today bestselling author penning steamy and emotional contemporary romance and stories set in the American West. She’s been honored with the National Readers Choice Award, the Cataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award and the Booksellers Best Award. Her book, The Texas Renegade Returns was honored with Romantic Times Magazine’s Best Harlequin Desire of 2014.

Charlene knows a little something about romance. After daydreaming about the cute boy with the long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes two lockers down from her in high school, to her amazement he asked her out on a date. And he’s been continually amazing her for the past thirty years.

When not writing, Charlene teaches childbirth and baby care in her community. Her perfect day includes reading, drinking iced mocha cappuccinos, walking the Pacific beaches with her hubby or dragging him to the latest romantic comedy movie.

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It’s a real treat to have you as a guest, Charlene!  Thanks so much for stopping by. Readers, to celebrate Charlene’s new release, Claim Me, Cowboy and the entire new Montana Born Rodeo series, we’ve got a special treat for you! Leave a comment below for Charlene and you’ll be entered to win this prize package – and it even includes one of Tule’s very popular handmade pottery mugs featuring the wonderful state of Montana (and Marietta is the little red star)!  Contest ends Monday with winner announced on Tuesday.  Good luck!


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