Visalia – My Hometown

I love these shots of my hometown and Visalia’s beloved Fox Theatre! I rode my bike down Main Street every day on my way to ballet.

frog_450x2-138x215What’s your hometown? Do you still live there or have you moved away?  Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of The Frog Prince.  My heroine, Holly Bishop was a Visalia girl too!  Contest ends Tuesday with winner announced Wednesday.



  1. The Frog Prince is the first Jane Porter book that I ever read and what an outstanding introduction it was! My hometown is a big city and there are way too many people there now for me to be comfortable. 😉

    1. My hometown is Garden City Park, NY. I have lived here since 1956. My kids went to the same schools as I did & they still live here too.

  2. My childhood home was in Palo Alto, CA. I can’t afford to buy a home there. My late teens was in Auburn, CA and I don’t live far from there. I go often to see family that still live in town.

  3. I love about an hour away from my hometown: Newark, DE. We had a wonderful old theater, but it’s gone. Great place to grow up. Went to college there at the University of Delaware.

  4. My hometown is Chicago, Illinois, at least until I was 13 when my family moved to Munster, Indiana – a whole 12 miles away. I remember riding my bike all over the neighborhood too but not to the theater which wasn’t all that close. Now I live in St. Paul, Minnesota which is not very close yet to Chicago. It doesn’t matter because when I moved here my parents also moved away to Las Vegas so there is no longer a “home” to go visit.

  5. my hometown is Goshen, Ohio. i don’t live there anymore, but i do visit several times a year when i go see my Dad.

  6. I found that my hometown changed for me when my mom passed away. She was home. Now my wife and I get to create that feeling for our soon to arrive triplet boys!!

  7. We moved so much growing up, I don’t have a “real” hometown, but I claim the one I lived in through high school and college. Don’t live there now, but miss it and my friends terribly. My brother just moved there!

  8. Ontario, California was hometown USA, 4th of July parade down Euclid Ave, special dinners at Vincent’s Spaghetti on Holt Blvd, and writing plays where the neighborhood kids acted them out and the parents applauded from their lawn chairs in the backyard.

  9. My Hometown is Indianapolis, IN and I still go back at least once a year. I used to go more often, when I was helping take care of my Gram. Love The Frog Prince, it was a my 1st Jane Porter book. (I already have a signed copy, so don’t include me in the giveaway!)

  10. My hometown is Geyserville in the heart of the sonoma vine country. My daughter was born in Visalia just down the street from that video. My husband grew up in Visalia and it will always be meaningful to us both.

  11. My hometown is in Europe so I don’t live there any more. But my family does. I very recently did another big move and now I live close to a very big city. On I never in a million years thought that I would live in. But let’s see what’s going to happen.

  12. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, which I miss every day. I grew up in the suburb of Ingomar, named for Ingomar the Barbarian! Oh, and go Steelers!

  13. My home town is Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK. I moved away about 10 years after I got married, but we moved back to Spilsby, in Lincolnshire a town about 20 miles from Boston approximately 10 yeas a go. Love reading your books.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to win Jane! I grew up in a very small town outside of Princeton New Jersey now I live on a small town on an island in Rhode Island

  15. My hometown is Boring, OR. I don’t still live there, but we are only about 5 miles away. Love these little towns!

  16. The town I count as my hometown is St. Cloud, Florida. Lived here as a child, moved to bigger city, and traveled because of Uncle Sam. When hubby got out of service, we moved back to St. Cloud. Still here.

  17. I have not strayed far from my Indiana hometown. It is filled with hardworking, loving people. Most of my family are still here and I am very close to my Mom and Dad. This is the best place to raise my kids!

  18. I love about 2 and a half hours from my home town and I miss being there have lived where I am for almost 10 yrs but ready to move back in a few months woohoo

  19. I lived in my hometown for 25 years before I moved 2 hours north. I now live in a very small town that has become my kids hometown. I prefer small town live to city living.

  20. My hometown is Geneva Illinois. I now live in Kansas. It has changed a lot since we have been gone. Family still there, so we get back at least once a year,

  21. I was born in New Orleans but raised in a small town across the lake from there. I have lived in several different places while going to school and college but I’ve always ended up back here in the small town where most of my family live.

  22. My hometown is Mandan, ND. I no longer live there. I live in Montana now. I have been here since highschool so its pretty much my hometown.

  23. I was born in Virginia and moved to Norwich, CT when I was 2 to live closer to my mother’s family. I lived there until 3 years ago when I moved to Warwick, RI to be with the love of my life. We now live here and are raising our 14 month old Zoe. While sometimes I wish I could raise my little one where my mom raised me; I know I am so much happier here in RI with my little family. i have my prince and we have our little princess.

  24. My hometown is Pawcatuck and I’ve lived here since 1994. I do not know if I’ll ever move out of CT but I will be traveling.

  25. Father was in the service and stationed in ny when I was born the went to Vietnam we moved to Erving mass when I was real young and I lived there until I married. I consider it my hometown

  26. My hometown is Louisville, Ohio and I have lived there for the past 76 years…It is a fairly small town, east of Canton, Ohio , deemed Hall of Fame City …Home of the Football Hall of Fame… Louisville celebrates the constitution during the month of September with a week of celebrations…

  27. I mov d all over the country, but finally settled 8 miles from my hometown to raise my kids. Glad to be by family.,

  28. My hometown is where I live now. Manchester, CT. I moved away from time to time but, it always seems I end up back home again eventually.

  29. My hometown was Lanagan Missouri and it was small. We could spend all day at the local park swing and our parents didn’t have to worry about us. I got remarried and move about 30 minutes away because of my job. I miss my small town every day.

  30. My home town is named Paulding, Ohio. Since I Dad passed away I don’t get back there like I would like to. My brother and some step siblings still live there but for about 31 years I have lived in a town about 45 miles away

  31. My hometown is Flemingburg ky. Only live there till I was 3. Dad was with IBM. We moved a lot. Mom and dad retired there. I live not to far away. Shows you that things go full circle!

  32. I have lived where I live for most of my life. Moved here when I was 11, moved away briefly twice for work (1 1/2 years total)…I like it here. Smallish, middle sized city. 🙂 I’d love a copy of The Frog Prince. 🙂

  33. From south Alabama for 51 years moved to north Alabama 4 hours away 6 years ago.Daughter needed babysitter while she worked so we retired and moved .They moved back where we were from 2 years later so we just bought a place and stayed.

  34. Detroit is where I was born! I have moved several times, but still have family there, do I do get to go home often!

  35. My hometown is Wilkes-Barre, PA and I moved about 15 away from there. I still visit there about once a week to do some shopping and I still have family and friends there.

  36. My hometown is Worcester Ma. I have now lived in a small town named Millbury Ma since my now 16 year old was born! We like having the girls in a small town where everyone watches out for each other! My 16 year old had her first accident Friday night and 6 cars from town stayed with her even after mom and dad showed.

  37. I’m from West Orange, NJ and with exception of moving to another town for about 2 years I’m still in my hometown. Half my children live here and the other half live within twenty miles. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Carol L

  38. I live about 2 hours away from my hometown. My parents still live there, but we found jobs in other places and moved.

  39. I moved away thank goodness! It was not a good area to live in haha but I have lived in some awesome places since.

  40. I live far from my hometown, but I’ve been here in NC for 25 years, so I feel like I have TWO hometowns!

  41. Congratulations to #7, Jackie Tuttle!! You are the winner of My Hometown giveaway and I’d love to get a copy of The Frog Prince in the mail to you! Drop me a note with your mailing address and I’ll get it done soon.
    Much love to all and happy reading!

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