Jane’s Favs: The Secretary’s Seduction

I’ve written over 40 books now and of the 40 there are reader favorites, and critics’ favorites, and then there are my favorites.  I don’t know why I love some books more than others.  I put the same amount of effort and energy, passion and patience into each.  But some books are a struggle, and you wrestle with the characters and the plot, and wonder why you’re even writing that story, while others just pour out in an easy, smooth draft.

I haven’t had an easy smooth draft kind of story in awhile.  (Flirting was one, Mrs. Perfect was another, and then there was Lazaro’s Revenge, which is one of my all time favorite Harlequins, and my second Rita finalist for best short contemporary series).  But smooth easy to write stories aren’t necessarily indicators of a book’s success.  I’ve struggled over stories that become immediate bestsellers.  Obviously, the reader doesn’t always know when I’m cried and sweated (and maybe bled!!) over a book.

But looking back over the past forty some novels I’ve written since my first sale in 2000, there are a few stories I truly love, and right at the top is The Secretary’s Seduction.  

The Secretary’s Seduction was also the first (and only??) one of my Harlequin Presents that didn’t make it out into the market in regular retail.  It was instead part of a collection, that only a few stores carried, and most of my readers never read it….until now.

The Secretary’s Seduction was also a turning point for me as a writer.  It was a ‘lighter’ story than my previous Harlequin Presents, with a more playful tone, and the hero, while still an alpha, (and wealthy and gorgeous), was more contemporary…more modern.  I think my editors were a little disappointed with this book, as it was sweeter than my previous Presents.  Some readers said it felt more like a Desire than a Presents, but honestly, I loved it.  It was fun to write.  I loved writing a boss/secretary romance that was also an Ugly Duckling story.  This was also the book I wrote before I wrote The Frog Prince, my first single title novel, which some dubbed chick lit, and I just call modern lit.

In Australia they recently re-released The Secretary’s Seduction as part of a Jane Porter bestsellers collection, which delighted me as its impossible to get copies of this story in print.  And then this week, I received copies of the Japanese manga edition for The Secretary’s Seduction, and it just made my week.  Its probably one of my biggest thrills right now as a writer…seeing these cartoon versions of my novels.  The drawings are incredible–the stylized characterization…the heroines so gorgeous with tons of long hair and big eyes and lots of tears sparkling in their eyes.  The heroes almost always have long hair, too, and strong jaws.  I’ve scanned some of the pages of the new manga so you can see.

As I mentioned above, for the past six years The Secretary’s Seduction has been almost impossible to get in print, anywhere, but its now–happily, wonderfully–available as an ebook, through Amazon and B&N.com.

But…thanks to the wonderful Harlequin office in Australia who sent me three copies of the Australia Jane Porter bestseller collection, I have  three copies of the book to share with you, my readers.

So in honor of the holidays, and the fact that I adore this fun, sweet, sexy story (no horrible brooding heroes here!), I’m giving away all three copies of the Secretary’s Seduction in a awesome prize box.   Each prize box is packed with great things, including a signed copy of The Secretary’s Seduction (a book that has truly become a collector’s item now), a beautiful glass Christmas ornament that ties into the NY novel setting, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card, a surprise Jane Porter novel, popcorn, JP water bottle and lots more JP reader goodies!

For a chance to win one of these fun prizes, talk to me about your upcoming holidays–what are your plans?  how are you doing?  what are your favorite part of the holidays?  is anyone as stressed as I am?!? –and you’re entered.  The contest is a shortie and will run through Thursday night, and in a rare twist, I will also announce the winners sometime Thursday night…not sure when, so enter early and don’t leave it to the last minute, as I’m hoping to mail the 3 prize boxes out Friday.  If I don’t do it then, they won’t get out for awhile as  I’m heading to Hawaii on the 26th where I MUST finish my current book.

In the meantime, happy happy holidays.  Sending so much love to all of you!


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