Almost Three

Mac is so much fun right now, and just a month shy of turning three.  He’s full of stories, talks nonstop, and loves making us laugh. Mac’s favorite words are (and in no particular order):  skeletons, zombies, pirates, cats, chocolate, adventure, ghosts, fighting, swords, brothers, gross, disgusting, and weird.

And with those as your vocabulary, you can imagine all the stories he tells.

I’m working hard on stories of my own, with Kit’s book due in less than two weeks.  It’s an intriguing book and I lay awake at night thinking about Kit and the complexities of her world.  On the surface she’s a simple woman–an English teacher at a Catholic high school in Oakland, California–but there are layers to her and strengths and secrets, fears and dreams and I really want her to have all the good things she deserves.

I’ve just finished reading A Discovery of Witches, which was really fresh and fantastic, and last night I read a bunch of chapters in Fifty Shades of Grey a big ebook out right now that’s generating lots of press and sales as erotica or “mommy porn”, but the book was making me sad (erotica should not make one said, right?) so I’ve put that aside and I’m not going to read much of anything now until Kit’s book is finished.

But life is good.  Boys are good.  My gorgeous guy, Ty Gurney, is in Hawaii teaching surfing since its Spring Break.  Accupuncture helped my migraines, we’re still showing our lovely house in Bellevue and hoping the right family will fall in love with it.  How are you?  Tell me about your life right now.  I’ve got a special prize for two of you!   (And yes, it’s a surprise prize…the very best kind!)  Ths blog contest runs through Thursday, with the winner announced on Friday.  Now have a great week and bring me up to speed!

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