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A Long Afternoon

I guess this is where Jane’s planes and automobiles really start. At Sea-Tac, Seattle’s airport, where I wait for an Oakland flight already late due to a mechanical. I’ve called Em, my brilliant web designer and branding guru who seems to always have an answer for everything and she tells me not to worry about late flight, that she’s on top of the situation and that they’re monitoring my flight in her office and dinner will be waiting when I get there (Waxcreative is the ultimate in customer service). I hang up, call my little brother, Rob Porter, in San Francisco. Rob will be picking me up from Emily’s later tonight after we finish stuffing the goodie bags for tomorrow’s … Continue reading A Long Afternoon


Just two days away from the big Frog Prince launch party in San Francisco which kicks off my California book tour. I’m writing frantically trying to meet my May 31st deadline for Harlequin and yet my attention is really divided. I’m thrilled that The Frog Prince has begun to make appearances in stores, and I’m doing all the silly things I never thought I’d do like stopping by Barnes & Noble in Bellevue–not exactly daily, but close–to see if anyone has bought a copy (yes) and checking Amazon to see if there have been any reviews added (yes, again). There have been other exciting moments this week–the discovery that Warner took out a big ad in Sunday’s New York Times … Continue reading Unbelievable.