Just two days away from the big Frog Prince launch party in San Francisco which kicks off my California book tour. I’m writing frantically trying to meet my May 31st deadline for Harlequin and yet my attention is really divided. I’m thrilled that The Frog Prince has begun to make appearances in stores, and I’m doing all the silly things I never thought I’d do like stopping by Barnes & Noble in Bellevue–not exactly daily, but close–to see if anyone has bought a copy (yes) and checking Amazon to see if there have been any reviews added (yes, again). There have been other exciting moments this week–the discovery that Warner took out a big ad in Sunday’s New York Times Style section for The Frog Prince and the possibility that there will be an ad in People magazine this week or next. I’ve written nearly 20 books for Harlequin so having a book out isn’t new, but this is so different. My books for Harlequin were never reviewed by Booklist or Publisher’s Weekly. My Presents looked like other Presents while The Frog Prince has its own distinctive cover and its such a gorgeous book–it feels so good in my hands–and best of all, it’s dedicated to my late father. I’ve waited until now to dedicate a book to Dad and I know he’d like this one. I know he’d love a story of a girl finding herself. It’s almost as if finally, finally I’ve come full circle–the little girl’s grown up–and no matter what happens next, I’ve done what I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ll be checking in almost daily from the road, sharing my adventures on my book tour. I hope I’ll meet readers, see lots of friends, and hopefully have fun. Join me as I launch Jane’s Planes and Automobiles, my online travel diary!


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