Cry Me A River

I don’t advocate bawling all the time. It’s hard on the skin and unappealing at an eye ball level. But it did result in me getting some beautiful flowers from my bud Elizabeth Boyle ( who should have actually gotten flowers from me for finaling in the Ritas again. Last time I roomed with her during the Ritas she took the gold lady statue home (well, back to the hotel room and yes, she did sleep with it but hey, I would have, too.)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the cool thoughtful friend this time, Elizabeth was. Knowing I’d had a hard week, and knowing I still had a whole lot of book to write, Elizabeth sent me a gorgeous arrangement of pale pink lilies and purple tulips and tall green Bells of Ireland.

The flowers are lovely, and I’ve so appreciated them as I’m spending a lot of time at my desk right now, but even better than flowers is Elizabeth’s friendship.

Friendship is so important. Friendship is one of the glues in my life and I don’t know that I appreciated my girlfriends in my twenties the way I do now.

Maybe this is why I’m writing more and more modern lit/mom lit fiction. Falling in love feels good, and great sex is well…great, but having someone in your corner day in and day out is the real thing.

So to all the friends who emailed me this week, to all the readers who’ve written to say that my blog helps or inspires or simply makes them laugh, thank you.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the flowers. Thank you friends and readers for the emails and the thoughts over at my Bulletin Board, and thanks to my mom and dad for raising me with just enough confidence, and just enough anxiety, to enable me to share my emotional problems with thousands of people–lots of them strangers.

Sure, counseling is definitely private, but its also expensive. And you’ve got to drive there. And wonder what everyone elses problem is in the waiting room.

No, better to just spill my guts here.

And hell, if we can’t laugh (gently) at me sobbing in a Japanese restaurant, what can we laugh at?

My only regret of the last week is that I�m really going to miss that sushi.

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