She’s Gone Country Cover Girl Contest

To celebrate the Summer 2010 release of She’s Gone Country, Jane invited her readers to embrace their inner country girl and creatively recreate the cover of the book. The entries truly captured the spirit of She’s Gone Country, each with their own unique twists, and accompanied by positive comments about the book!

Jane’s readers then became the judges and commented on their favorite entries. To select winners, Jane shortlisted the entries with the most votes and drew from that list at random.

Check out the winning entries:


me gone country

Comments: “I can’t wait to start reading the book.  I know it will be just as wonderful as all the rest of your books.”

RUNNER UP: Melody S.


Comments: “So excited to start reading this! And thanks Jane for hosting such a fun contest!!”

RUNNER UP: Janelle L.

janelle SGC Cover Girl

Comments: “Hey Jane …..  I really LOVED this book!  As mentioned previously, I could not put it down on the plane home from the mainland.  Finished it that night after I got home.  Such a fantastic book, and I really had a lot of fun with my friend Risa doing the ‘photo shoot’ for this contest!   Thanks for another great read ~ Your friend, Janelle”

Take a peek at the other fabulous Cover Girls who entered:

Name: Jess K.

Comments: Just started She’s Gone Country, and I’m loving it! Makes me wish I owned the truck I’m sitting on 😉


Name: Kari A. (featuring daughter Chana in the photo)

Comments: “We’ve Gone Country in Montana! This is a Jane Porter classic – a fun romance filled with real life drama that kept me up late at night!”


Name: Marta J.

Comments: “I’ve never read your books but my mom loves them!  She’s read every single one.”


Name: Lori M.

Comments: “This is my daughter Camille. She is the ultimate country girl! Love your new book ‘She’s Gone Country’! Camille keeps reading it over my shoulder! Keep up the good work :)”

shes gone country 2

Name: Gena C.

Comments: “I loved the book. So much of the character’s struggles hit home for me.I look forward to your next book.”


Name: Denise S.

Comments: “I loved She’s Gone Country.  Makes me want to take a road trip to Texas!!”


Name: Dana B.

Comments: “I’ve been living in the city for the past several years and I’ve just relocated back to the country. Home. I’ve just started reading the book and can’t wait to finish it.
Thanks so much for the story!”


Name: Robyn L.

Comments: “My picture represents the heroine going out to pick wildflowers, having a picnic by the roadside and then read She’s Gone Country as a way of relaxing.  I think the wild flowers and picnic chest represent country.”

Natalie on horse

Name: Pat L.

Comments: “This is my almost 2 year old granddaughter. She doesn’t have a car but loves to ride her horsey and loves to “read” her books.” I am sure she will become a Jane Porter fan when she gets older.”

bettina tatum2

Name: Bettina T.

Comments: “Loved the book. Took my daughter with me for the pic. Hope there is a sequel to the book. Sophie was born when Shey Lynne was 40 and that is when I had my daughter Samantha. She wants to grow up so she can read Odd Mom Out and Gone Country. I know Mineral Wells and the area. Texas is a good choice for the setting.   Thanks and I love the books.”


Name: Himeko G.

Comments: “I finished the book two days after I got it and I loved it. Dane Kelly sure is a man to swoon over. I can’t wait for your next book Jane!”


Name: Jenn S.

Comments: “So I just happened to have already purchased her Halloween costume – a cowgirl- when I saw your contest and knew I just had to take this picture and enter.  Obviously Jacquie is overjoyed by the opportunity to read She’s Gone Country.  Thanks so much for always keeping me entertained with such engaging and fun characters and stories!”

Pam Neumeyer and Shay

Name: Pam N.

Comments: “As a single mom living in Montana w/my 15 year old son, this book really hits home (as did Flirting w/Forty). Dating a team roper who used to ride bulls and broncs, so I can also relate to the highs and lows of the rodeo world – Ty Murray and Jewel were a very nice touch.  PS My quarter horse mare is named Shay (registered name is Shabrie).  Thanks for letting us know we’re not alone out here…looking forward to your next book!”


  1. Oh Jane – it’s amazing how for a few hours while reading your books, I’m no longer sitting in a townhouse in the middle of a busy suburb of a major city.
    Instead, I can read your books and then enjoy remembering my own country days.

  2. Sounds like a good book from what I’ve read so far. Can’t wait to get a copy and read further.

  3. Hi again Jane! Yes, I just wrote a book on your blog from yesterday, but I now noticed this spot for She’s Gone Country. What an amazing story…I could not put it down & practically didn’t. 10 hours in 2 days! After “Easy on the Eyes”, I didn’t think the summer would ever get here. And, once it did, to have to wait til August! Jackie had always been my favorite, but I think Shey’s right up there w/her! As a mother of 2 boys, I can completely relate. Such an incredible story about family, relationships and sense of self. I truly did not want the story to end! I know how hard you’ve worked on Shey’s story w/baby Mac and you did a fabulous job! I know everyone will love it as much as me. Oh, I loved the updates on Marta & Tia too! Looking forward to more! Good luck again w/your tour ~ Stephanie

  4. I havent started the book yet. After all the comments I do plan on purchasing it and look forward to reading it. Thanks so much for writing this book and all the others.

  5. Yahoo.. really are a country girl – love how you take me away – better then calgon!!

    1. I also like #3 because the statement “gone country” implies that she might not have been country and has chosen to. The picture of this girl depicts that.

  6. #3…..PERFECT, love the pic, the subject is BEAUTIFUL,,,and the photographer is AWESOME!!!!!

  7. #3 is fun and flirty. Amazing photo. I am holding out getting the book until your bellevue signing this week. See you then!

  8. I just sent in my picture, but it’s not showing up yet. The other entries are really good too. Going to be tough competition.

    1. It’s there now, Janine, and I love it! You guys are dong a great job. These are so fun to see and I get so excited when a new pic gets posted!!

      1. Thanks Jane! I can’t wait to see what others come up with. This has got to be the most fun contest idea.

    1. Nicky, we haven’t gotten a lot of the entries yet although a number of readers have said they intend to participate. Maybe everyone is pulling together props? Or finding a truck? Either way, I’m excited to see what else gets posted!!

  9. Hi,

    I vote for number 5! I think she is adorable! It’s so great to know that some of us Moms pass on our love of reading to our kids! Of course it takes a great author to catch their attention too! ;)Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to dig in to this new book.

    Ciao For Now,
    ~¿~ Quetzi

    1. We DO pass our love for reading on! I read to my daughter every night for at least a half hour. She is only 4… I hope we still share the bond when she is older.

  10. Wow, I grew up in the same areas of CA you did. I even worked in the Ag industry, and I rodeoed in college and pro. Go Cal Poly!
    I’ve never owned any vehicle except a truck. Now I live on 6 acres in IA. lol Can’t wait to read the book.

  11. Hi Jane!

    # 5 is adorable! Even the expression in her young face is perfect. Shows that age is no boundary for your books and who knows — that young chickie just might crack the cover too!

    Always a fan!
    Big Hugs!

  12. I grew up in Texas, but I now live in Nevada and dont have the privilige to be a part of a country club so that I can ride horses when I want to. Whenever I go to Texas, I always ride horses, because I have family and friends who have ranches.

  13. I grew up on a farm, we always had a horse or two to ride. Once a country girl always a country girl.

  14. The book sounds like a fun one, I used to hang out on a farm during the summers, we would take the equipment out and do the haying. It was fun!

  15. Just started “She’s Gone Country” and loving it! I’ve loved all your books, kind of hard to pick a favorite!
    Good luck in the baby dept., been there, keep the faith!!

  16. #3 gets my vote since she showcases the book, the truck and her “country” outfit the best. I expect she’ll keep that cowboy hat from tumbling off.

  17. Thank you so much for writing books for women that are over the age of 29!! Finally! Now I just need to run back to the bookstore and find the rest of your books. She’s Gone Country described the struggles of being a divorced mom with kids to the teeth. Raising boys takes a special breed of women to get the job done!! Thanks again. Let us know if you are swinging toward the East Coast during your book tour. Ohio has a lot of country girls too !!! I vote for number 6.

  18. vote #4 Great book Jane. I notice a couple of the girls in the contest don’t look old enough to be reading your books. I love your books, but won’t let my daughters read them until they are older and understand life more.

  19. If I can get my computer to cooperate will be posting a photo.

    Good luck with the book. Can’t wait to read it.

    All the photos are great.

  20. Thank you so much for all your time and effort to put together these contests so we can have a chance to be a winner
    Also thank you for your book info

  21. I like Janine, number 4. She really looks good on that old pickup and that old pickup looks good with her on it.

  22. My vote goes to #11. What a cutie and a cowgirl should be on a horse not a truck. Congrats on your book. Looking forward to diving in and taking a trip to the country.

  23. what a cutie – cute idea putting the little 2 yr old on her horsey hope she wins – its an original idea

  24. I vote for #11 – Pat L

    Just loved the concept of the child on the rocking horse because she was not old enough to drive.

  25. I love number 3 My vote is for her!! Very country the truck is amazing the girl is all country!! Beautiful photo!!

  26. I vote for #4. Very good picture! It is such a peaceful setting. Just looking at Janine enjoying that book, makes me want to go sit on an old car and read the book myself!

  27. I vote for #3
    Natural looking, and the focus is more on the theme, than just a picture of the model on a truck!

  28. my vote is for #3 perfect truck, perfect girl, and a great photographer!!!!! Hope she wins!!!!

  29. I like #4 the best because she is my sister! She loves Longhorn cattle and old barns what could more country than that!!

  30. I vote for #14, Jacqueline. I’m a bit biased because she’s my granddaughter but isn’t she cute! Looking forward to reading the book.

  31. My vote is #4.
    Deep in the heart of TEXAS! Country girl all the way.
    I would roll in the hay with her:)

  32. Jenn S – Picture #14 is great. She appears to love the book, it’s open and she sure has a great smile. Wonder how much of it she really read!

  33. I really like several of them – 3, 11, 12, 14 and 16 to be specific. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone that entered!

  34. I vote entry #3! The picture is awesome. I would stop and read the back of the book to see if I was interested just by looking at the cover!

  35. I vote for #12! Love the cute pic of 2 generations of readers on the hood of a truck.

  36. Is this how we vote? They are all really good pictures, but….my vote goes to number 4. Thanks.

  37. I thought #3 captured the true essence of country and would make a beautiful cover

  38. All of these are so great and capture what the books all about. I would have to go with #3 though, the colors and everything stand out so much more than the others!

  39. Voting for #16. Definitely looks like she’s gone country (and it doesn’t hurt that I love Montana with a passion. Been there many times.)

  40. Picture #3 is by far the most professional looking photo. The model looks as if she is taking in the serenity of the country life. The old truck reminds me of something that would have been used for anything and everything on a country farm. The backgrounds with the open fields and trees is perfect! Beautiful photo!

  41. OMG Jane, these are all great. #16 was the best interpretation for me. I could totally see Shey in that one. I had a conflict though because #3 was also good. #16 is my top choice though.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  42. I vote for # 3. The photographer definitely captured the true essence of the book cover. You see not only the truck, the country girl,the book cover and a beautiful country setting.

  43. #3 gets my vote. I am really impressed with the photo. That girl is definietly country and the truck really looks like the one on the cover.

    1. I would vote for #15 for shear creativity. OK, this picture was taken in Hawaii and she still made it look country. Janelle is also an outdoorsy kind of girl and always up for an adventure. Great job Janelle!!

  44. What could be greater than the sheer innocence of a child’s curiosity and showing them the power of reading!!! Kudos to you Pat L.!! My vote is for #11.

  45. #3 gets my vote.
    I read She’s Gone Country and as always Jane another winner there, but I expected no less from you.

  46. I think Janine #4 is great and has followed all of the contest rules exactly as they were written whereas lots of others haven’t. She deserves to win because she follows rules.

  47. I vote for #11.
    I mean come on you just cannot resist a pretty little blonde cowgirl and her pony. She derserves to win.

    1. I know you said Janine has your vote but you put down #14, you did mean # 4 didn’t you since you did put her name down. Please correct so a vote isn’t lost. Thank you.

  48. I gotta vote for #15… way cool car, way cool gal, and way cool flip flops. Janelle rocks!!!

  49. Number #14 is so adoreable! And already primed for reading your books. To formulate a love of reading at an early age is SOOO important, particularly in this age of digital!

  50. #15 of course – she’s my little country girl – been best of friends since we were in elementary school – great girl and I’m lucky to call her my friend.

  51. #3 has the whole country package! The scenery is perfect for the cover of a book! Definitely #3

  52. My vote is for #3! Beautiful Pic! Would definitely make an intriguing book cover!

  53. #16…I enjoyed her comments, the way she related to the book…beautiful horse…nice country girl touch!!!

  54. I think #11 is a winner! If she’s to young to drive but can ride her Horsey, she has definitely Gone Country!!

  55. I love #15! Doesn’t look like it’s a “pose” per se. Look’s very natural, Love it!!

  56. #6!!!!!! she is an amazing friend!!! and just a all around nice and great person there is no bad bone in her body and she doesnt give in to the world around her shes her ownfree spirit!

  57. #2 reminds me of time spent in Montana and that is my favorite place to imagine being a ‘little bit country’.

  58. Well, since I have to revote I vote for #16. I like how she added her own creative touch to this photo. And look at the scenery behind… Alright I am ready for a vacation and visit.

  59. Hey Janie LOVED this book! I read it in two days – I couldn’t put it down. Way to go girlfriend.

    And my vote in the contest goes to #16. When I pictured Shey, it wasn’t far off from this. This single mom is beautiful.

    peace out

  60. My vote is for #15.

    Janelle I love them slippa’s. Only in Hawaii! LOL.

    Hope to see you later this month.

  61. Jane, I didn’t find my truck… so disappointed. Oh well!

    But I really think everyone did a great job putting their photos together! Entry #2 was adorable. And Entry #3 was a cool picture with the old truck, oops the cowgirl is missing her boots.

    It is Entry #16 that has got my vote, just couldn’t be more fitting! Such a cool photo with a cowgirl with her horse and of course that old truck!

    Good Luck Everyone! Have Fun!

  62. I like #4 Janine, she is the perfect picture of a country girl enjoying a lazy summer day reading a good book.

  63. Definitely 15!

    Go, Janelle, Go! As we say in the island, Janelle no kai oi…the best! Slippahs and a cow girl hat, you pull them off well! See you soon!

    And she isn’t the only one. Jane no ka oi, too! =)

  64. Loved #14, she is such an adorable little cowgirl. She looks very excited from reading your book.

  65. Lovely entries! But I am voting for #4! Love the old time truck and the broken glass on the windshield. Plus lovely gal to boot!

  66. I love #15! Her car is the prerequisite older model in a fun shade of blue. The orange beads set of well between the green hat and green shirt. My FAVORITE part is the quirky smile on the model’s face!!! It looks like she knows something from reading the book (which is open like she is re-reading a favorite part) which maybe the rest of us did not pick up. fun contest.

  67. No. 16 is my favorite. Can’t wait to meet you in G-town, TX. Hope you enjoy your Texas tour.

  68. #16 was my favorite. But it was really hard to choose – congratulations to all the entrants 🙂

  69. #15 is the best. Who wants to look at the same old country girl cliche? This girl says I am different, interesting and you want to know more. Rockin the Mini…who else could do that?!

  70. How can you pick? They are all so great.

    I liked #16 for the composition and lighting.

  71. #1 Leaves it to the viewer to imagine the reader…it could be anyone…easy to imagine oneself being the reader and looking fabulous! #1 gave inspiration to others. And NO, I have no idea who #1 is…no connection whatsoever. It’s #1 for sure!

  72. I like #1, #3, and #12. My favorite is probably #12 because she’s sharing her love of reading!!

  73. #15…leave it to Janielle to put a little Aloha twang to it by wearing rubbah slippahs. You go girl!! =)I wonder what part of the book she was thinkng about when the photo was taken. Hmmm? 😉

  74. #16 is my first choice…her story is sweet and sincere. Her horse was a nice creative addition. The picture looks so natural; not so posed – #3 is good, but the pic looks too posed. Good Luck everyone!

  75. numbeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 666666666666666666666666666666666 is sexy

  76. Absolutely #15! The use of color in the picture really looks great. And did you check out the bird the photographer caught in the background? How cool!

  77. #16 This is a very natural and untouched natural beauty; woman, truck, horse and scenery. Unstaged.

  78. # 15 is a “Yaaaa-Hoo” pose. Great color skeme that brings it alive. The expression on the face tops it off… yet still looks natural.

  79. Definitely #15. This pic is adorable, love the colors and that car is just too cute. Janelle looks great…. looks like a winner to me.

  80. It has got to be #17 She looks and sounds like Shey Lynne. Loved the book. Look forward to more great reading.

  81. Love every single one of the entries, but I’m casting my vote for #15.

    Definitely have to look for this book–time to take a break from all my shapeshifters and read about a sexy cowboy! (I married one almost 40 years ago…they tend to hang on to that “good lookin'” part really well, and damn, but he still looks hot in jeans and boots!)

  82. Number #15 of course!

    Going Paniolo on the HOT mini-coop!

    Aloha to Jane! Loved the book!

    Go Team Janelle!

  83. #15 hands down…there’s a tear in my beer about how country that chicky girl is…stop the vote and announce #15 as the winner before we get any hanging chads.

  84. My vote is for #16. This picture is a perfect fit for your book. She is happy and ready to take on the challenges of her new life.

  85. #16. Very cool and the horse was a great extra!! Thanks for such a great book. Hope we get to visit with them again:)

  86. #16

    Single mom raising her son in God’s country. Perfect pic of the strong woman making life happen!

  87. There is a lot of competition here, but I’m voting for #3. I like that one the best!

  88. Hang on to your hat, she may be a small town country gal but she has BIG plans!

    I vote to for number 3! The picture speaks for itself!

  89. The winner is #4 she is so pretty and would looks beautiful on the cover of a book. She is the most country looking of them all.

  90. That was an intense competition. Thank you for everyone who voted for #4. I really appreciate it.

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