She’s Gone Country Cover Girl Contest

To celebrate the Summer 2010 release of She’s Gone Country, Jane invited her readers to embrace their inner country girl and creatively recreate the cover of the book. The entries truly captured the spirit of She’s Gone Country, each with their own unique twists, and accompanied by positive comments about the book!

Jane’s readers then became the judges and commented on their favorite entries. To select winners, Jane shortlisted the entries with the most votes and drew from that list at random.

Check out the winning entries:


me gone country

Comments: “I can’t wait to start reading the book.  I know it will be just as wonderful as all the rest of your books.”

RUNNER UP: Melody S.


Comments: “So excited to start reading this! And thanks Jane for hosting such a fun contest!!”

RUNNER UP: Janelle L.

janelle SGC Cover Girl

Comments: “Hey Jane …..  I really LOVED this book!  As mentioned previously, I could not put it down on the plane home from the mainland.  Finished it that night after I got home.  Such a fantastic book, and I really had a lot of fun with my friend Risa doing the ‘photo shoot’ for this contest!   Thanks for another great read ~ Your friend, Janelle”

Take a peek at the other fabulous Cover Girls who entered:

Name: Jess K.

Comments: Just started She’s Gone Country, and I’m loving it! Makes me wish I owned the truck I’m sitting on 😉


Name: Kari A. (featuring daughter Chana in the photo)

Comments: “We’ve Gone Country in Montana! This is a Jane Porter classic – a fun romance filled with real life drama that kept me up late at night!”


Name: Marta J.

Comments: “I’ve never read your books but my mom loves them!  She’s read every single one.”


Name: Lori M.

Comments: “This is my daughter Camille. She is the ultimate country girl! Love your new book ‘She’s Gone Country’! Camille keeps reading it over my shoulder! Keep up the good work :)”

shes gone country 2

Name: Gena C.

Comments: “I loved the book. So much of the character’s struggles hit home for me.I look forward to your next book.”


Name: Denise S.

Comments: “I loved She’s Gone Country.  Makes me want to take a road trip to Texas!!”


Name: Dana B.

Comments: “I’ve been living in the city for the past several years and I’ve just relocated back to the country. Home. I’ve just started reading the book and can’t wait to finish it.
Thanks so much for the story!”


Name: Robyn L.

Comments: “My picture represents the heroine going out to pick wildflowers, having a picnic by the roadside and then read She’s Gone Country as a way of relaxing.  I think the wild flowers and picnic chest represent country.”

Natalie on horse

Name: Pat L.

Comments: “This is my almost 2 year old granddaughter. She doesn’t have a car but loves to ride her horsey and loves to “read” her books.” I am sure she will become a Jane Porter fan when she gets older.”

bettina tatum2

Name: Bettina T.

Comments: “Loved the book. Took my daughter with me for the pic. Hope there is a sequel to the book. Sophie was born when Shey Lynne was 40 and that is when I had my daughter Samantha. She wants to grow up so she can read Odd Mom Out and Gone Country. I know Mineral Wells and the area. Texas is a good choice for the setting.   Thanks and I love the books.”


Name: Himeko G.

Comments: “I finished the book two days after I got it and I loved it. Dane Kelly sure is a man to swoon over. I can’t wait for your next book Jane!”


Name: Jenn S.

Comments: “So I just happened to have already purchased her Halloween costume – a cowgirl- when I saw your contest and knew I just had to take this picture and enter.  Obviously Jacquie is overjoyed by the opportunity to read She’s Gone Country.  Thanks so much for always keeping me entertained with such engaging and fun characters and stories!”

Pam Neumeyer and Shay

Name: Pam N.

Comments: “As a single mom living in Montana w/my 15 year old son, this book really hits home (as did Flirting w/Forty). Dating a team roper who used to ride bulls and broncs, so I can also relate to the highs and lows of the rodeo world – Ty Murray and Jewel were a very nice touch.  PS My quarter horse mare is named Shay (registered name is Shabrie).  Thanks for letting us know we’re not alone out here…looking forward to your next book!”

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