The Big Day

I feel like a bride on her wedding day. Ridiculous, I know, but having overnighted at Emily’s, I woke up to a special breakfast, and a great girl chat about launch parties–and Em’s infamous launch party story for Web Redesign–and I’m looking ahead to my day, trying to decide what to do first and then second before the party actually begins. Flowers, check. Balloons, check. Nails…not check. Okay, how do nails have anything to do with books? They don’t. But that’s my weird priority list. I actually hope I’ll get some writing done today. I wrote for nearly four hours at airport and on plane yesterday and felt so good. Writers need to write, and yet I’m a writer that won’t write if the words aren’t there. I sit and stew. I frown at my computer. I glare into space. I pace and frown and glare some more. But in the past few days I’ve written nearly two chapters and I’m really digging my story and I’m getting my characters and it’s starting to come together. Yes, I know, the book is due in about ten days, but my books always come together late. I stew, and fester, and pace and write and little by little the story pieces its way into something real and breathing, something intense and determined, something that captures me, the writer, and pulls me along on the adventure. I wish sometimes the story gelled sooner, faster, but hey, its a process and the muse–especially my rebellious, childish muse–hates being rushed.

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