California Girl

I’d forgotten the California landscape. I tell people I love the rolling hills but I’d forgotten how, I’d forgotten exactly why but driving from the Bay Area to the Central Valley, cutting through Pacheco Pass and taking the 152 past Los Banos, I remembered it all–the shades of gold, the bright blue sky overhead, the barns and fences and fields. I used to teach in Hollister and this was the way I went home when I went home and I drove fast, confidently, loving every minute of being back where I spent my first thirty-something years.

My Visalia event at Borders was everything ‘going home’ should be–great media coverage (3 newspaper articles and a spot on a morning tv news program), a wonderful turnout, and signing and selling another 75+ books. Tonight I’m at the Borders in Fresno and I’ve heard from many people that they intend to be there to hear me read or listen to the discussion. I’ve different memories of Fresno than I do of Visalia. Visalia is the childhood while Fresno is early adulthood. Here in Fresno I started my career, furnished my first real apartment, and ventured on those first significant dates that end up changing your life.

And then tomorrow…it’s on the road again, leaving Fresno to head north, up the 99 to Sacramento, enjoying lots of sunshine and 95 degree temperatures on the way. Sometimes people ask me if I ever miss the sunshine living in Seattle and I say no, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m really loving being a California girl this week and soaking up the sun.

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