Headline News

The headlines in the papers continue to be grim. Even our local headlines are grim. Boulder falls from cliff, crushes car with three young women inside. Father of a three year old jumps into lake in front of son to save dog, and drowns. Frankly, it’s just too much.

And here’s not even a headline from the news, but something that really happened, something that’s got to be put in one of my future books. I order pizza from our usual place on line, wait for an hour, call place to ask about delivery and am told that pizza is still running late. I say that we should have been given a call, that 6 year old kids can’t wait 90 minutes for pizza, and the guy answers, ‘You know, I don’t need to hear wah-wah-wah, my kids are crying and hungry because they don’t have their pizza. Lady, we all have problems.’ Click. And he hangs up.

At the time (last Friday night) I was pretty shocked. I’ve never had a pizza place do that. But you know, five days later, I’m beginning to see his point.

We all do have problems.

We have lots of problems. And sometimes we can manage them, and sometimes the problems manage us, but that’s life. Unfortunately.

Sometimes there are good days and then there are bad days, and sometimes the bad days all come in a long, ghastly, seemingly unending row. But that’s when we’ve got to pull up our proverbial boot-straps and keep trying. Keep going. For Pete’s sake, what else are we going to do?

So after you’ve donated to the Red Cross, or volunteered where you need and want to volunteer, know its okay to unplug the phone and turn off the internet news and watch feel good movies and read feel good stories. Right now, despite all the chaos in the world (or because of all the chaos…) a little feel good is called for.

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