Menthol Woman

There are considerable advantages to a long distance boyfriend. I only have to shave my legs when I see him, thus saving me from nicks and cuts for weeks at a time. I can leave my hair curly, only flat ironing before he arrives thus creating the impression that I’ve naturally straight shiny hair. I can wear sweats and schleppy plaid pjs and he doesn’t have a clue that I never officially get dressed the last week or two I’m on deadline. (I know, I’m cheating, but I make my living creating fiction and I can’t stop now.)

And now I’m grateful for the distance because long distance boyfriend can’t smell me. You see, tonight I’ve slathered myself in arnica gel and a menthol laced rub because I hurt. I’ve been pushing it at the gym and I’m suffering. Every time I stand or sit my quads and hammies go, ‘hey! Watch it, sister.’ And I’m trying to watch it, but it’s past the point of no return. I’m sore and I’m grimacing as I climb my stairs at home but I have to do this. Things were getting out of hand. I was pinching more than an inch at my waist and it wasn’t just my body complaining, it was my head.

I’ve lost focus, as well as incentive and my energy’s just shot.

In the past year, I eased off the grueling workouts, spent a lot of time on the road, and enjoyed more than my fair share of fruity tropical drinks in Hawaii. And my hips, as well as my attitude, showed it.

Now I’m back to training hard so I can start writing hard again. I need to get my body disciplined so the mind will become better disciplined. My goal this year is to write some great books–not necessarily a lot of books–but books that challenge me, and demand me to think, to question, to analyze and channel into interesting fiction. For me to successfully do this, I’ve got to get my head on straight. Which means beefing up my cardio and pushing my muscles until the endurance is there.

I don’t do New Years resolutions, but I’m constantly regrouping and I’ve done a huge regroup in the past week. I’m back to thinking positive. I’m determined to have a great year, and it will be, if I lay the right foundation by building up my energy, developing stamina, and increasing my confidence.

Which also means I’m going to be popping some Advil nightly and rubbing the achy, sore muscles with arnica and menthol and hoping the aches and menthol won’t be necessary by the next time I see that faraway boyfriend of mine. Because as much as sexy younger boyfriend likes me, he might not appreciate a menthol scented woman.

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