As if I didn’t have enough distractions at my desk, on my computer, to keep me from writing. And now I have another. Logitech Video. It’s like MSN Messenger with video and sound, only I can’t really get the video and sound to synch live so right now I’m in a training phase of emailing back and forth with lots of little camera stills spliced between MSN chat.

I’m not into instant chats–too time consuming–but I wanted to be able to ‘see’ Hawaii Ty more. If I couldn’t be with him in person, I wanted to video conference every day. Unfortunately I can’t quite get his Mac computer camera and my Logitech camera to work together but at least I get lots of funny photos from him and I see his eyes smile at me, and the wet hair after a shower, and his grin, which makes me feel good.

Now if I could just leave my Logitech camera alone when he’s away from his desk…but I’m not. My email was down for a couple days this week and I in turn used the ‘free time’ from email to try to watch me write…on camera.

Pathetic, yes, very much so, especially as I’ve come to these conclusions–

1) Lighting is very important. The right light takes ten years off me. The wrong light and I’m all neck sags and eye bags and sickly sallow skin.

2) I like the right side of my face better than the left, and prefer profile angles over dead on.

3) It’s hard to take self portrait shots and write and check the internet to see if web mail is working yet all at the same time. Something has to give, and there goes the writing again.

4) Having a camera on my desk brings out the worst in my youngest son. The moment my son Ty saw the camera he wanted to drop his jeans and take a picture of his (as we say in the romance genre) male member. What is that about? And where did he come from?

5) And okay, I’ve also wondered about taking some ‘glamour shots’ of my own to send to Hawaii, but what if the pictures ended up somewhere else? What if they suddenly appeared on some questionable website: ‘Romance Author Jane Porter Bares Breasts!’ Would that help my sales? Hmmmm.

No. I’m not going to even think about it.

I’m not. I’m not. Absolutely, positively will not.

You know, maybe it’s time for the camera to go.

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