Mice Are Nice

I’m dating Doctor Doolittle. And it’s a challenge.

Boyfriend Ty is great with kids and animals. If you’ve got a youngster that wants to learn to surf–Ty’s your instructor. And if you’ve a mouse in your house, it will live there forever.

It will be named. And fed. And talked to. And encouraged. Even if it creeps into your girlfriend’s luggage, and poops in her bras and underwear.

I really try not to be judgemental, or overly controlling despite my control freak nature. I try to back off and support others, especially when they feel strongly about something.

But a mouse in my house? And yes, it’s Ty’s house, too, and yes, he lives there alone for weeks at a time when I’m on the mainland and he needs company and he misses his dogs, but can we get a mouse that lives in a cage? That has toys of its own and a special place to poop other than on top of my lingerie?

This weekend while I’ve been in Hawaii Ty and I visited the Hawaii Humane Shelter a couple of times to look at pets needing adopting. Most of the dogs in need of a home are pit bulls, or pit bull mixes and they unnerve me.

But at the shelter there was a cat that a lady was calling a ‘Plain Jane’, and the cat’s name is Callie and apparently her owners returned to the Mainland. Without her. Callie was insecure but sweet, a gentle gray striped cat with lots of white fur and big gray green eyes in a pretty white face. And I think she’d be good for the Hawaii house.

I think she’d sit on the back of the couch and look out the window and wait for Ty to come home from surfing.

And I think she’d be a great big sister for the mouse. The mouse, Gouda, spent most of last night in my carry on bag eating my remaining Hershey’s kisses and I kept tossing and turning and blurting in the dark, ‘Gouda, go away!’ and ‘Gouda, get out of my things!’

Ty’s only comment this morning was that chocolate isn’t good for mice.

Like I’ve been forcing Gouda to eat my kisses.

Like I enjoy stepping around mice poop on *my* side of the bed.

Gouda really could use some company, too. Someone to keep her from being lonely during the day while Ty’s at work.

And I’ve the perfect friend for her. Gouda, meet your new sister Callie. And Callie, be gentle with little Gouda. Remember, mice are nice.

Just not in my underwear drawer.

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