Gouda Gets Married

While I’m in Bellevue trying to write a book in 14 days, Ty’s in Hawaii building his business and taking care of his pet. Make that pets.

It seems while Ty was here last weekend helping me with the injured puppy, Gouda got married. Don’t remember Gouda? It’s the Hawaii house’s resident mouse. Gouda is small and skinny and grayish black and Ty feeds her twice a day and talks to her and encourages her to come visit him on the couch. (Please, don’t say a thing, because when I think about a skinny black mouse running around the house and climbing up where I sit–or sleep–I want to whimper but Ty’s an animal lover so I just think of Handsome Ty and how kind he is and well meaning and my heart does a little double-beat and I think, wow. Wow, wow, wow and that’s about all I can say regarding fallin in love with a surf instructor that keeps wild mice.)

But back to Gouda, as this story is about Gouda, she got married and she and her new skinny black mouse honey are running together through the house and I’m thrilled for the newlyweds, thrilled they’ve found each other. But why in my house? Why? Why? Oh wow. Ty. Wow. Because I know what newly weds do. I write romance for Pete’s sake. I have love scenes in every Harlequin Presents.

Gouda and Goth (I’m going to call him that because it pleases me and Ty shouldn’t get to name all the mouse in the house) are probably making delicious sweet mouse love right now and soon–wow–they’ll be nest building for their offspring, because one mice is cute, two mice is marriage, and marriage makes more. Oh wow.

I love loving a animal lover but–wow, be still my heart, be calm Jane’s little brain–but lots of mice? Little itty bitty black mice? Hordes of tiny furry black babies running everywhere?

Wow, wow, wow. Ty Gurney. Wow. I’ve no other words than that.

Oh, and we should have got the cat.

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