Title Me & Freebie Thingies

I need help–which I will reward with a special treat–and I need to give away a trip for two to Hawaii, so that’s what I’m doing here. Asking for suggestions, and then reminding you to enter my Hawaii sweepstakes on my website.

First up, my September 2007 release from 5 Spot is being retitled from ‘Like Everybody Else’ to apparently no one knows.

I’m completely serious. We need a new title and no one in NY seems to know a good one but they don’t like my old one and I’m turning to you.

For anyone that emails me with title suggestions for my two mommy books set in Bellevue (although they could be set just about anywhere I’m learning from the reader mail I’m getting) I’ll enter your name in a contest where the prize is a Sephora.com $50 gift certificate. All folks who suggest a title have a chance to win.

But that’s not all.

If the editorial team at 5 Spot should pick your suggested title–for either my first or second mommy wars book–you will win a $100 Amazon.com e-certificate, a $25 Starbucks drink card, and a signed copy of every book I’ve had published (20 + books!). PLUS some really wonderful secret treats.

And that, my friends, is an exciting prize package indeed.

Here’s the concept for the two (linked) books again:

The September ’07 book is from Marta Zinsser, a single working mom’s perspective. She’s an artistic Bohemian mom in a suburban neighborhood of Prada wearing, Gucci loving, country club attending moms. Marta’s daughter isn’t fitting in since they moved from NY and Marta must find ways to get involved, and to pitch in at school, to help her daughter make friends. However, Marta sticks out like a sore thumb (her camo pants and combat boots probably don’t help…) and the other moms aren’t warming to her at all and the tension just grows.

The second book is from the perspective of Taylor Young, one of the picture perfect PTA loving Bellevue moms. Taylor knows how to do things right, and get things done and this year it’s her turn to chair the school’s annual auction and the last person she wants on her committee is that Marta Zinsser who wears clogs, cowboy boots, combat boots and worse–rides a motorcycle.

My editors want something that sounds a big like ‘Flirting with Forty’, something that conveys motherhood, playgrounds, mommy wars, whatever that would grab women’s attention.

Email me at jane@janeporter.com, and while you brainstorm possible titles, please don’t forget to pop over to the sweepstakes page here on my website and enter to win my Hawaii trip for two.

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