Men At Work

My boyfriend Ty was here from Hawaii this past weekend to catch my boys football and soccer games and help me take care of some things around the house. I didn’t exactly give Ty a written To-Do List but there were two days of things to do. Being a single mom things just break, and fall apart, and pile up and before I know it, I need some serious help.

Ty gamely built my workout bench, hauled an electronic piano keyboard up the stairs, swapped out the brake light on my car, buffed the scratches and paint marks off my car, changed two dozen light bulbs (including the spider infested ones and he hates spiders), and that was just the stuff I asked him to do with his shirt off.

No. Don’t go there. This is a clean blog, all about clean living.

And I’m not the only one who enjoys the whole take-off-your-shirt-and-be-my-sexy-handyman fantasy. Desperate Housewives squeezed two whole seasons out of the young shirtless hunky handyman and Sophie Kinsella did it recently in a book.

It goes without saying that there’s a great deal of charm in a tan, muscular, good looking man working. It’s probably the same charm of a tan, muscular, man surfing or playing sports or doing anything else that’s manly. Manly men are appealing. Manly men that make my life easier and make me feel cherished and protected does it for me. Makes me think of the whole You Tarzan, Me Jane thing. Guys look so much better with a gleam of sweat on whittled muscles then sitting comatose in front of the t.v. Or hunched wanly over a keyboard working in unflattering halogen light.

Unfortunately my Tarzan’s gone back to Waikiki and I’ve got to get back to my book since it’s due before the end of October and yet every time I turn on a light, or walk into my garage, or head to my car I think of a gorgeous shirtless man fixing things up for me, making sure everything’s okay, making sure I’m taken care of.

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

And men gotta know (too bad more men don’t read this blog) that doing all the help-you-out stuff is a win-win. Because guys, if you take care of her needs, she’s gonna take care of yours…

In a clean way.

Of course.

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