A Dab Behind The Ears

The bestselling novelist of the past twenty-five plus years, Danielle Steele, has something new on the market and it’s not a book. No, she is now such a legend, such a huge success, that she has a perfume with her name on it. You can buy ‘Danielle’ at most department stores and the ads in magazines have captured my imagination.

In the ads a sleek, slim, radiant Danielle wears a gorgeous dress with a wind machine blowing her hair (along with the pages of a recently finished manuscript) and the text is: Believe in Happy Endings.

I do.

And I love this ad and the idea of Danielle now being a perfume, along with the likes of Brittney, J.Lo, Liz Taylor, and others.

It’s given me some ideas, too. Something to shoot for. Something to work towards.

Someday when I’m more unlined and perhaps famous I’m going to have a perfume, too. Someday there will be a beautiful parfum named Jane.

The parfum Jane will be something incredibly powerful, and should only be worn when you want to live like Jane Porter.

Dab some Jane parfum behind the ears before you feed the waxworms to the gecko.

Dab a bit more Jane behind the ears as you chase the gecko’s loose crickets down the hall.

Dab Jane on your wrists to ensure that when you take out the garbage, the bag will split.

Don’t forget the unforgettable scent of Jane as your hard drive crashes.

Jane parfum is the idea parfum for a dinner of Velveeta Macaroni Shells & Cheese.

Jane will waft in the air as you clean up the partially blind puppy’s poops in the yard.

You want Jane on when you go to the gym and forget to shave your underarms.

Wear Jane. The Unforgettable Fragrance For All The Forgettable Moments In Life.

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