Mini Update

I’ve had computer issues. Just got computer returned after emergency trip to harddrive guru. New hardrive installed. Yeah. I can email, read my news on the internet, and oh, right, write my book.

Speaking of book am on Chapter 7. That is better than 1 or 4. But book was due tomorrow. Not so good.

I made Semi Spicy Chicken Verde Enchiladas tonight. Not bad. Kids are kind of liking this new mom in the kitchen thing.

I made Turkey Stroganoff four nights ago. Bad. Very bad. Must never ever make that recipe again.

Our one eyed bulldog is a year old now and very darling with her shrunken bulldog head (all the steroids she took after getting injured??) but she has a total bull dog walk. It’s like a little muscle girl walk and her butt swings side to side. She’s lovely. Even with small head and one eye.

Gecko needs crickets. Gecko’s hungry.

Kids are alive.

I lost my chance to win Mother of the Year 2007 last Friday night. You don’t want to know. I was in full miscommunication mode and it was a disaster. I spent days mourning my poor communication skills and only fully kicked the blues yesterday.

And um, that’s it. That’s the update. I will return soon and will try to think of something of value to say.

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