I got my book in to Harlequin late Tuesday night and spent yesterday cleaning off my desk heaped high with bills and business correspondence and then I started sending Valentines because I love February and the color red and the shape of hearts–a circle with a point–which keeps circles from being too sweet.

I sent my former mother in law, Jackie Gaskins a card, too, and wrote her a note and planned on ordering her some gorgeous tulips or roses to have on her table next week.

She won’t get the card and the flowers aren’t needed. She died this morning at 6:30. I have to tell the boys when they come home from school and that’s going to be hard. I liked that lady so much. She was cool. She was funny. She had a big laugh, blue blue eyes, and she loved red lipstick.

I’m sad–okay, crying–but I’m not going to think about the sad stuff right now. I’m going to think about her race car driver approach to life, her vroom vroom about going places and doing things and having fun. Jackie loved to have fun. We all should want to have fun. We should all want to feel good and we should all take whatever steps we have to take to feel good.

Life isn’t about keeping things tidy and organized in neat little boxes. It’s about blowing off the lid, and exploding all the walls and not playing games, and not trying to please others without ever pleasing yourself.

So for Jackie today I’m going to be happy. Today is Jackie’s Day and that means red lipstick and a great big laugh.

All day.


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