Bad Ass Mom

What does a bad ass mom do after she’s had a really bad day?

Apparently, she blogs about it and then she wraps her work up early so she can take her kids to a 5 o’clock showing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles followed by a robust Italian dinner at Maggiano’s.

It was a smart move on this Bad Ass Mom’s part. I don’t know if the boys like the movie, but I did. I’ve always had a thing for cool fighting turtles. And this version of TMNT was rather violent but it was definitely a day for the good guys (aka Ninja Turtles) to triumph over evil. And sometimes I don’t like all the kicking and fighting but I was into it yesterday. Go Leonardo! Get him, Raphael! Fight, Michaelanglo.

So next time you’re feeling kind of blue and out of sorts, go see some turtles who won’t take any crap from the bad guys. I can (almost) guarantee it’ll make you feel better about yourself.

This morning I woke up grateful to be alive, and:

1) Not green

2) Not a mutant

3) Not forced to live with ‘Master’, a teacher rat that makes you kneel everytime you enter the room

Life is good, and you know, we’re going to be okay.

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