Belated Birthday Wishes

It was my birthday, two weeks ago, just a few days after Valentine’s Day and I was sick. In fact, I was sick before my birthday arrived, the night before I was to fly with my boys to Hawaii and I spent the first 9 days in Hawaii feeling like ground round. I’m home now, and finally better, and trying to get caught up on everything that piled up.

First things first, it was my birthday and I am now 36. It’s amazing how these birthdays go. I just keep getting younger and younger. And yes, you can quote me on my age. I’m a very happy thirty-six year-old.

Because I love presents, I’m giving away presents as part of my belated birthday party for myself. In fact, I’m giving away twenty presents and only those that read my JaneBlog will have a chance to win one of those twenty presents.

How do you win a present?

Well, first you have to read my entire blog post for today. And then (no, don’t race to the end, stay here, pay attention, pay attention to me, I love being center of attention) be one of the first twenty to email me at my email address ( with Jane’s Birthday in the subject header.

What will you get? Don’t be impatient! It’s good but it’s not a new corvette. It’s not even a box of cookies. But it’s free. And that’s what counts. And I’m sending it to you so that’s like frosting on the cake.

I was delighted to learn that my Christmas novella was nominated for a best book of 2006 and that’s exactly the kind of boost I need as my next Harlequin Presents is about to hit the US market. It’s currently out in the UK. I also just heard from my Harlequin editor that my latest manuscript–after revisions–was fantastic. Yay. That sheikh story should be out late in 2007 or early 2008. And I’ve another Harlequin Presents due end of March. Fortunately I’m on page four of chapter one so I’m just sailing along there.

Now about that birthday present I’m sending to the first twenty people that email me: the present includes a signed copy of the anthology that includes my Christmas novella, a a brand new red Jane Porter pen, bookmarks and some fun extra goodies.

So email me. Do it soon. And you win.

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