Internet Mama

I’ve lost it. I’ve gone over, into the far side, the world of internet addiction. In the course of four days I am now a member of MySpace and the newish site called which is a place for moms to hang out and it’s cool, far more my speed than MySpace but minus the diversity.

The addiction started with me adding my own B-Board to my website, and then it spread to, ‘Oh, so many cool authors have a myspace page, I should have myspace, too.’ And then that became this whole other thing of inviting authors and virtual strangers to be ‘my friend.’ On one hand it’s kind of neat to see my pals faces and books show up on my space but then when I started to send my boyfriend a ‘be my friend’ invite I got a weird feeling. He’s my boyfriend. We share a house. A bedroom. A bed. Do I really have to ask him to be my friend? Isn’t that just a little too creepy?

While racing around posting comments and asking folks to add me (I finally get the lingo now…I’m supposed to say ‘thanks for the add’ in the comments section, not ‘thank you for being my friend’ but for those of you who have me saying ‘thank you for being my friend’ please know I’m not absolutely pathetic, I just didn’t have the right language yet) I saw an add for another site called

Well, I’m a mom, and I seem to have a perverse need to be liked at this point in time and to communicate with total strangers and so I joined cafemom, too. I’ve been working on my profile, personalizing it with some red color and a couple tiny photos. I don’t know why the photos are so small. Maybe the younger moms still have good eye sight? Maybe we don’t really want other people to see our kids? Not sure, but I was so busy there today that I actually started my own group tonight.

That’s right. I am now a group moderator over at cafemom (why? why? why?) and the group is for romance readers and lovers of romance novels (including chick lit, women’s fiction, mom lit, etc) and they didn’t have a group for romance readers there. They had groups for everything else. Including how to have hot sex, how to be a hot mama, how to breastfeed (and no, that’s not under the spicy topic category, that’s really a parenting topic). They had a couple other book groups but nothing fo romance novels so ta-dah! I made it. I did it. And I’m the only one in it.

So, if you’re a mom, and if you like reading fun books and if you feel sorry for me having a romance reader book group that no one is in, do check it out and know that even I fail miserably over there (why again am I doing that when I have my own bulletin board????) I was, once upon a time, a book club leader.

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