Mother’s Day Contest For My Readers

Mother’s Day is kind of a peculiar day for single moms and I don’t think I ever realized it until I became one. You’d think that being a single mom would make it extra special, you know, the whole ‘celebrate mom’ thing. But the problem is, to get kids to ‘celebrate mom’ there’s got to be a dad, or another adult pushing and prodding them to put down their Gamecube controller, the remote control for the tv, the latest plush Pokemon toy and make something for mom or buy something for mom and well, think of mom for a change.

Now that’s not to say that kids don’t think of mom. Kids do. Mine think of me all the time. ‘Mom, where’s my baseball jersey?’ ‘Mom, where’s the remote control?’ ‘Mom, I can’t find my backpack.’ ‘Mom, what’s for lunch?’ ‘Mom, why didn’t you arrange the playdate?’ ‘Mom, when is dinner?’ ‘Mom, why didn’t you buy more ice cream?’ ‘Mom, why do you always make the same thing?’ ‘Mom. Moooooommmm. Moooooooooooooommmm!!!!!’

Yesterday I took my boys to the mall, gave them a fistful of cash and told them they had to buy me a Mother’s Day gift. It wasn’t optional. I didn’t say, ‘just make me a card.’ I said buy me something, and here’s another $20 and make it nice. Is that wrong? Maybe. But I like presents and cards and feeling special and I want my boys to learn to think of others, including me. I want them to try to think of what I might like, what I might enjoy…and hopefully this training will rub off for their future years when they have girlfriends and wives.

So in honor of all the moms out there, I’ve decided to host a special Mother’s Day contest this week on my website Bulletin Board (B-Board) with the winner announced on Sunday, May 13th which is Mother’s Day.

The contest prize is a print out of Odd Mom Out (which would make you the first person to read Odd Mom Out outside my publishing house), and along with the print out of Odd Mom, the winner will also get a hot pink Starbucks car cup, and a Starbucks drink card.

How do you enter the contest? Register over at my B-Board and then answer a question, or start a new topic, or just find an interesting topic between now and Saturday night you will be entered in the contest.

I’m really excited that one of my readers will have the first look at Odd Mom Out. Fingers crossed you’ll win and fingers crossed again that your home isn’t quite the shouting palace mine is, and that your Mother’s Day is a tad more serene than mine.

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