Bon Voyage

Okay, not climbing on a cruise ship but an airplane, yet Bon Voyage sounds festive and fun and I’m praying that’s what my boys first trip to Europe will be–fun.

We’ll board our British Airways flight in the next hour plus and sometime around 10 am UK time we touch down. My sister Kathy and her daughter are meeting us in London for a two week single mom and kid adventure in England and Italy. The cities were picked by my boys: London, Rome and Venice. They wanted more but I hate checking in and out of hotels too fast.

I haven’t been excited until now. Maybe I’m still not really excited but that should come. There has been so much stuff happening, so much going on with the boys’ dad and my writing and life itself that I wasn’t sure we could pull this trip off. Even a day ago I wasn’t sure it’d happen but the clouds parted and the sun emerged and Seattle today is gorgeous and we’re dashing to the airport now.

I’ll try to check in from the road, but it’ll be from internet cafes as I won’t take a computer. This is family time. Mom time. Kid time.

About time.

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