The Odd Mom Out Book Tour

I’m going to be on the road again starting October 3rd and traveling until Thanksgiving Weekend speaking, reading and doing Odd Mom Out booksignings. Probably the hardest week of travel though will be the very first week of the tour, the California leg where I fly into Los Angeles October 3rd and a week later end up in San Francisco after hitting six bookstores, one airforce base, and one party in between.

The great part about this tour (besides meeting my readers and hooking up with friends) is that my Mr. Surferman is coming over from Hawaii to spend the week on the road in California with me. That’s right. He’s going to see Jane Porter in full author glory…Jane putting on the suits and heels and little pearls. Jane smiling and chatting and avidly listening. Jane making small talk. Jane carrying posters. Jane passing out bookmarks. Jane signing ridiculous things in peoples books because she can’t chat and sign at the same time.

He doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Thousand Oaks, Westwood, Pasadena, Visalia, Fresno, Travis, San Jose, San Francisco. The fame! The fortune! The Ramada Inns of America!

Okay, some of the hotels are quite nice. And my publisher and publicist have worked really hard to make this a great booktour, making all the contacts, handling all the arrangements, even providing media escorts in the bigger cities.

Thank God Ty’s mellow. Thank God he’s used to me being Princess Jane. Thank God he’s willing to drive while I crash between gigs, feet up on the dash, in the passenger seat.

The dude rocks. He’s hot. Heck, he inspired Kai and Flirting with Forty. And just think: if you hit one of my California books events, you can meet him, too.

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