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From the beginning Flirting with Forty has had a touch of magic. It was a story close to my heart, and a story not entirely all mine, but personal enough I could write with strong, clear emotion and even stronger conviction. Every book I write means something to me but truly, Flirting with Forty, has had a life of its own.

As many of you know, Flirting with Forty has been in the entertainment news with the movie currently in production. A week ago the cast and crew moved from Calgary to Hawaii where they’ve been filming for the past week. Many of my boyfriend’s surf instructors and beach girls have been extras on the North Shore scenes. Several Pi Phi alum friends from the Honolulu chapter will be extras tomorrow in the airport scenes. Other RWA author friends from the Aloha Chapter have been tapped for the Waikiki scenes this coming week. Even I will have a bit part, sitting or standing somewhere in the background of the Waikiki scenes. Ty and I jump on a plane Monday morning to return to Hawaii to visit the set and sit/stand/walk wherever we’re told. I don’t care if I don’t even get used as long as I can hang out on the set and just soak it all in. Who knows if any of my books will really make it to this stage again.

With the entertainment buzz, there’s bound to be photos and blurbs of Heather on the Flirting with 40 (how they title it) set. Just an hour ago my good friend, author Susanna Carr directed me to a clip of the film on The link she sent me is: here: Look for the title on the left called, “Heather to Denise: Reality Bites!”

There are also pics of Heather surfing. One of my favorites is over at, and it’s pic 7 of 17 under Star Tracks called “Hang 10” and shows Heather laying on her stomach on a surf board riding a wave. An even hotter shot of her is over at Perez Hilton’s gossip site.

Why is this story so popular? Why has Flirting with Forty touched so many? It’s been my biggest seller by far and all of a sudden I’m getting lots of reader fan mail again. Just this afternoon, within an hour, I had four fan emails saying how much they enjoyed Flirting with Forty. I’m not sure if the movie is generating interest in the book, or if the new mass market editions of Flirting are catching readers’ eyes, but either way, it’s wonderful to realize that Flirting with Forty is finding new fans.

If any of you see the new mass market editions of Flirting, let me know. I’d be curious to hear where you’re finding them. Are drug stores and grocery stores carrying them? Or is it just at bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble?

For the readers who are just discovering me–welcome. And for those who’ve been my friend and fan for awhile now, thank you for sticking around. I’m delighted Mrs. Perfect is on most Barnes & Noble shelves and I can’t wait to hear what you readers think about Taylor Young and her world.


  1. One of my favorite books of all time is Eileen Rendahl’s Do Me, Do My Roots. I’d read through the whole thing, laughing and crying as I went and then read at the back that it’s based somewhat on her own personal experiences. It’s definitely my favorite of Ms. Rendahl’s books and I think it’s because, like you said, it’s personal enough that she could write it with strong, clear emotion and conviction. I’m saying all this because I had the same reaction to Flirting with Forty – it’s been my favorite of yours I’ve read so far, and now I know why. 🙂

  2. For me, the reason I think that Flirting has been such a favorite is that it is it is a story of a “vacation romance” that turned into reality! Plus, Hawaii is such a great setting for anything from books to movies. I think that this movie is so exciting, Jane and I really am looking forward to seeing it! Please continue to update us on all of the latest!


  3. Jane – I have to say that I just finished a marathon of reading your 5 spots, and I loved them all! I can’t wait for the movie in December, and I enjoyed seeing what you did with Taylor. I loved the contrast to Marta, but then the entire twist of it all.

  4. Target has Odd Mom Out now. It’s been there for about a month (that I’ve noticed.)

    Why is Flirting so popular? Maybe it’s because Jackie is someone many wish they could be – brave enough to go to Hawaii alone, brave enough to want more as a woman, and brave enough to admit it out loud, then actually go for it.

    While I can’t relate to Jackie in the most obvious ways, not divorced, not yet forty, and certainly NOT bikini ready, I can relate to her as a mom and woman. That desire to be the best mom, the desire to feel fullfilled as a woman, and the occassional guilty feelings of wanting more from life, are something I think most women face at some point in their lives. Jackie just went for it.

  5. I loved Flirting with Forty when I read the chapters in Redbook May, June and July issues.I had to get the book to read more. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and I had to share the book with my family. I love Hawaii so that made the book even more interesting and fun to read. I have just finished reading Odd Mom Out and it was very stiring for me. My daughter is divorced and has a 10 year old daughter I want her to read it I think she would really relate to a lot of the storyline. Keep up the wonderful writing. Elaine

  6. Jane, just read FWF (finally!) and I LOVED IT!!! I read the original trade edition that’s been on my TBR for about a million years…didn’t go to sleep last night until I’d finished it. Can’t wait to read Odd Mom Out. Yes, I have that too. And yes, I will be there for your launch party. And yes, that photo of Heather is HOT! You go, girl! We’re so proud of you!

    ((hugs)) Eastside RWA

  7. I guess I’m a late bloomer because I just picked up the book last week! Got it at my local grocery store, but noticed it and Odd Mom Out both on my twice weekly Target run. Saw Lacey’s comment about not going to sleep until she finished it – I think I got her beat! I picked it up Wednesday night on my way home from work and called in sick on Thursday so I could laze around and finish it! I’m sure the movie will bring even more interest in this and all your writings – Having Heather Locklear play you in movie? It doesn’t suck! By the way, any chance you’ll throw us a bone and post a shot of Ty?! Smooches~KellyB

  8. I read about you in More magazine and had to buy your book, Flirting with Forty. I am 41 years of age, not married and have no children nor do I live in a big city. Yet I still found your main character, Jacqueline, someone I could very much relate to. I hope someday I will feel as fulfilled as you are now!!! The soul-searching paid off for you.

    I don’t know how similar your friends are to Jacqueline’s, but I suspect they are quite similar. Anyway, given that: I’m glad you ignored your friends; they may have been well-intentioned, but they didn’t know your innermost needs.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!!! Take care

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