Launch Party Success

stacks of Mrs. PeerfectDespite all my nervous nilly ways, last week’s launch party was a huge success and in hindsight, I needn’t have been nervous.

120 people attended at the bookstore.

100 copies of Mrs. Perfect were sold–plus thirty more of Odd Mom and Flirting and Frog.

Since September when Odd Mom Out debuted at the Bellevue Barnes & Noble it’s sold like hot cakes. Around 600 copies. That’s a snazzy number for one bookstore.

signing copies of Mrs. PerfectThe night of the launch, people waited in line for up to two hours to get their books signed. I’m sorry to those who had to stand that long. I really tried to move quickly through the signing aspect this year. I even asked everyone to open their books to the title page so they were ready to be signed when folks approached me. (Kind of like curtseying to the queen–awkward but must be done.)

I did get some complaints, though. Friends said they went to the Ooba’s party and I didn’t show until almost 10 pm. Unacceptable, they said. I should have been there drinking and celebrating, not slaving away signing books.

Others said they ended up hung over on Wednesday morning. Apparently drinking chocolate-tinis late on a schoolnight wasn’t very smart. Next year I’ll serve punch. No, make it a V-8.

Actually, everyone was very happy. My friends just like to torture me. (Thank you.)

Mrs. Perfect book launch at Barnes & Noble

To relive the festivities, check out the photos from the launch party page and the pre-party page my fabulous web team has just made available. The pictures are from a number of cameras, so huge thanks to Danielle Peck, Christina Arbini, Lee Hyat, Kari Andersen, Kristiina Hiukka, and my web designer, Emily Cotler, for making sure I had tons of photos from the event to help me remember my Mrs. Perfect launch.

Oh! And before I forget, this was a fundraiser and between donations from my readers and friends, we raised a $1,000.00 for Page Ahead even without Barnes & Noble’s contributions. Thank you to everyone for supporting such a worthwhile cause. And if any of you should want to still make a donation to Page Ahead, send me a check for $40 or more made out to Page Ahead, and I’ll send you fabulous JP swag: a 5 Spot bag filled with Hawaii skin care set, a mass market edition of Flirting with Forty, a Jane Porter water bottle, a blow up ball, and treats.

The launch party may be over, but there are still a dozen different events ahead. Do check out my Events page here on my site for the low down on tonight’s signing in Seattle, the Wednesday night signing at University Bookstore Bellevue, the Hawaii festivities, the Kirkland signing, the Spokane signing, the New Jersey events, and the huge San Francisco literacy signing in late July.

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