Friday Night Date

With the keyboard, that is.

I’ve spent a lot of time at my desk these past two weeks and nearly all attached to my computer keyboard, trying to somehow make sense of this story that right now still seems bigger than me.

The good news is that tomorrow I start chapter 16. The great news is that in my story I leave America behind. Chapter 16 takes me to Africa and I’m delighted to get some distance from LA. Tiana’s life as a celebrity is not easy.

I actually finished chapter 15 early tonight, wrapping up around 8 pm (and okay I finished early because I made chapter 15 really short but I had to, I did) which left me two hours before my 10:15 radio talk show interview with Lou in Boston. I also did an interview with ESPN Radio in Las Vegas today. Both times we talked about Cougars, and both shows were very different in tone. I never realized I’d become an expert on Cougars (older women hunting younger men) but hey, we all need an identity. I guess this is mine. Please just don’t tell my mom.

Things keep slowing down PR wise. I’ve another radio/internet interview on Sunday afternoon and then that’s it for now, although a request can come in at any time. I don’t mind radio interviews though. They’re easy and fun, and best of all, you can do them in your pajamas, or bra and underwear. I do it all the time.

My boys went to their dad’s tonight for the weekend. I’m spending the next couple of days hardcore writing which means I don’t leave my house, answer my phone and do much of anything but write. It also means I eat too much cereal and peanut butter.

So tell me, is everyone traveling? Anyone working? Or am I the only one spending the weekend at her computer?

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