No Turkey

It’s going to be a very quiet Thanksgiving at my house this year.  Surfer Ty’s in Hawaii working and my boys will spend Thursday and Thursday night at their dad’s.  Their dad’s new wife has been working hard getting ready for the holidays and she, her kids, and her family, will be joining the boys at Joe’s for a big traditional turkey dinner.

Joe and his wife Aileen have invited me to come by, and two good friends, Lisa Johnson and Lorrie Hambling, have both invited me to their house for Thanksgiving dinner but I don’t know that I’ll make it very far from my own house.  I haven’t left my house in days.    Partly because I’ve been working really hard on the Harlequin Presents I’m writing, and partly because I’m back to queasy most of the day and it just gets worse in the afternoons and evenings.   Tonight I’m so uncomfortable I can’t sleep which is why I’m here, sitting at my computer at 11:15 at night and whimpering where no one can hear me.

I’ve been telling myself all day that I don’t need to do Thanksgiving this year.  I’m telling myself  I’ll be okay here at home.  I can write and eat bread and butter and maybe some cold sliced fruit, but that’s so not me.  I used to do huge Thanksgivings.  I used to be so traditional with my holidays and festivities.  I made everything a celebration.  Nothing passed me by.  I cooked up a huge meal.  Set the most beautiful table I could with French linens and my china and crystal, along with candles and fresh flowers.  I loved using all the good platters, and polishing the silver.  I enjoyed picking out the right wine.

I haven’t been that Jane in a long time, and sometimes I find myself missing the festive Jane who knew how to entertain, but that Jane also got stressed and worried so much about everything being perfect.  The Jane I am now can’t really find it in her to care about perfection.  Good and okay have become well, good enough.

I tell myself that there’s always next year.  I tell myself it’s okay to skip a holiday now and then.  It’s okay to take a break from the rituals.

I’m telling myself this, but I’m not convinced.

Help me take my mind off what I’m not doing for Thanskgiving by telling me what you are doing.  I’ve got another Odd Mom Out prize (t-shirt, signed book, See’s chocolates, Starbucks drink card) combined with a Mrs. Perfect prize (signed copy of Mrs. Perfect and stacks of brand new tupperware) to give away.  That’s right.  One of you will win both books, and all the great goodies.  Contest ends Wednesday at midnight.  I’ll post the winner’s name on Thursday.  (Please note, if you’re the winner you’ll have until Monday to send me your mail address or I’ll pick a new winner!)  Just share with me your plans, and you’re entered.

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