Bellevue Book Signing

It’s Monday late morning and we’ve snow glittering on the trees and rooftops and temperatures are hovering in the mid twenties. With a a bright clear blue sky I can see the Olympics with breathtaking clarity and they’re just gorgeous–thickly powdered in snow and jutting jagged and white against the sky. The Seattle skyline looks miniscule compared to the mountains and doing errands this morning I felt so lucky to live here. Sure, we get our share of rain, but the combination of mountains and lakes and trees is truly majestic and it’s such a book lovers haven. We have great bookstores, libraries and librarians, writers and readers–I’m truly blessed.

Tomorrow I’m meeting some of my close local writer friends for a festive holiday lunch in Bellevue and then immediately after I’m zipping over to the Bellevue Barnes & Noble for a casual 2-4 pm signing. It’s to make up for my cancelled event last week when I had the flu and if you’re in the area, and have time, stop by and say hello. I’ll have special gifts for everyone who shows, so drop by if you can, but there’s no pressure if you can’t.

Now it’s back to wrapping last minute gifts and candy making and cookie baking. I can’t believe I leave for Hawaii in just four days. I guess I better think about packing, too!

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