Tuesday Nights

My favorite night of the week is Tuesday night. I also love Mondays and Wednesdays but Tuesday is the best as I’m a reality TV show die-hard and on Tuesday night I get American Idol, The Biggest Loser, and the results show for Dancing With The Stars (which I of course watched Monday night).

You should see me with the remote control, juggling programs, taping this one, finishing that one off. Commercial breaks are a chance to race (okay lumber) to the bathroom, get some more water, and relax before the next frenzied viewing begins. My kids know better than to fight during American Idol, especially if Adam Lambert is singing. He rocks. He’s really, truly unique and I look forward all week to seeing what he’ll do next.

My favorite part of The Biggest Loser isn’t the challenge, or the diet tips, or the contestants bonding/competing, but the moment where everyone gets weighed. I love to see the results, and I really love the last minute at the end of the show where they reveal how the person voted off is doing at home, and how much they weigh now, and how much happier they are.

I know not everyone loves reality shows, and I’m selective in my viewing. I don’t watch all of them.  In fact, I won’t watch shows that are a race, or a competition about survival or beating others. I don’t like the scheming and conniving and forming of alliances. Maybe it’s because I’m a lone wolf, but most alliances involve manipulation and back-stabbing and the worst worst part for me is when people sit around and talk about others. Or laugh at others. I loathe that…. I really do. One’s integrity is everything to me. Courage and honesty are important, but even more important is kindness and compassion. Mean people aren’t cool. And they’re not funny when they’re making fun of others.

So my favorite TV shows aren’t dramas or comedies, but programs that showcase talent, or demonstrate growth, or are a shot at love… even if it doesn’t work out.

And why don’t I have any favorite dramas or comedies? You’ll hate my answer. But it’s an honest one. For me, most series programs are too scripted. I can predict the dialogue too much of the time, and know where the story is going in advance. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer I understand how writers think, but for me to be entertained I need to be surprised. The Sopranos used to do that for me (although I had to run from the room when it looked like someone was going to get killed). Lost did it for awhile but after a couple years I just got tired of the storyline. And years ago I was addicted to ER.

Anyone else love Tuesday nights? What do you watch on TV? I’ve got a signed copy of the mass market edition of Flirting with Forty to give away, Macadamia nuts, a really fun red sarong and some other great JP goodies. Tell me what TV shows hook you–or what turns you off–and you’re entered. It’s that easy!  Contest will run through Thursday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner’s name Friday morning.

But first–fun viewing tonight!  It’s going to be a good day.  🙂

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