Tuesday Nights

My favorite night of the week is Tuesday night. I also love Mondays and Wednesdays but Tuesday is the best as I’m a reality TV show die-hard and on Tuesday night I get American Idol, The Biggest Loser, and the results show for Dancing With The Stars (which I of course watched Monday night).

You should see me with the remote control, juggling programs, taping this one, finishing that one off. Commercial breaks are a chance to race (okay lumber) to the bathroom, get some more water, and relax before the next frenzied viewing begins. My kids know better than to fight during American Idol, especially if Adam Lambert is singing. He rocks. He’s really, truly unique and I look forward all week to seeing what he’ll do next.

My favorite part of The Biggest Loser isn’t the challenge, or the diet tips, or the contestants bonding/competing, but the moment where everyone gets weighed. I love to see the results, and I really love the last minute at the end of the show where they reveal how the person voted off is doing at home, and how much they weigh now, and how much happier they are.

I know not everyone loves reality shows, and I’m selective in my viewing. I don’t watch all of them.  In fact, I won’t watch shows that are a race, or a competition about survival or beating others. I don’t like the scheming and conniving and forming of alliances. Maybe it’s because I’m a lone wolf, but most alliances involve manipulation and back-stabbing and the worst worst part for me is when people sit around and talk about others. Or laugh at others. I loathe that…. I really do. One’s integrity is everything to me. Courage and honesty are important, but even more important is kindness and compassion. Mean people aren’t cool. And they’re not funny when they’re making fun of others.

So my favorite TV shows aren’t dramas or comedies, but programs that showcase talent, or demonstrate growth, or are a shot at love… even if it doesn’t work out.

And why don’t I have any favorite dramas or comedies? You’ll hate my answer. But it’s an honest one. For me, most series programs are too scripted. I can predict the dialogue too much of the time, and know where the story is going in advance. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer I understand how writers think, but for me to be entertained I need to be surprised. The Sopranos used to do that for me (although I had to run from the room when it looked like someone was going to get killed). Lost did it for awhile but after a couple years I just got tired of the storyline. And years ago I was addicted to ER.

Anyone else love Tuesday nights? What do you watch on TV? I’ve got a signed copy of the mass market edition of Flirting with Forty to give away, Macadamia nuts, a really fun red sarong and some other great JP goodies. Tell me what TV shows hook you–or what turns you off–and you’re entered. It’s that easy!  Contest will run through Thursday night midnight PST and I’ll announce the winner’s name Friday morning.

But first–fun viewing tonight!  It’s going to be a good day.  🙂


  1. Jane, it’s mainly reality TV for me, too. It’s DWTS, currently. I also like Top Chef and Project Runway. I’m a huge fan of the BBC drama series MI-5 (Spooks) that I have to watch via Netflix.

  2. Hi Jane, most of the time I don’t watch reality TV except for American Idol, love that show. Adam is awesome and also Allison is good too! I have always watched ER but it just ended. Gray Anatomy in another favorite, also Bones and House. NCIS, Mentalist, and Flange are also good shows. I will be watching Idol tonight myself!

  3. I really enjoy watching Dancing With the Stars…I’m a terrible dancer myself, but I really wish I could! And I used to enjoy watching The Amazing Race, because I love to see the places they visit and the cool challenges they experience, but it has become more about bitchiness and scheming than adventure…

    Happy Reality Tuesday!

  4. Hello Jane,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I quit watching tv. I used to be a news junkie then it got to the point I couldn’t take all the bad news anymore. I’ve since started reading as my past time. I currently have 14 in my TBR stack. I’m loving it. Every time there is a happy ending and it puts a smile on my face. What could be better. In my opinion, nothing. Have a great day.

  5. I love our DVR – allows us to watch without commercials. We like the Monday night comedies, Tuesday is AI and The Mentalist, Wednesday is AI, NCIS, and Criminal Minds, Thursday not so great, Friday is Flashpoint, Saturday is maybe a Lifetime movie but that’s rare and Sunday is The Unit and occasionally Amazing Race. I love to see the scenery on their trips.

  6. Jane, I’m not into reality tv, but I do love my series shows. All time favorite at present is Bones. I really enjoy watching them find the dead body, pour over the means necessary to find the cause of death and nail the killer. Ok, that being said, I’m also hooked on HGTV. Can’t cook worth beans, but will gladly watch Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade.

  7. Tuesday nights, for me, are the one night of the week I don’t have lessons to run the children to. I do most of my TV watching early afternoon…Law and Order CI, Special Victims, and NCIS. Stll on Tuesday evenings it comes back to just hanging out, or doing something with my Honey.

  8. I love the following shows:
    Chuck, Medium, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Psych, Monk, Burn Notice, Lie To Me, and My Name is Earl,

  9. Hey Jane — I love Thursday nights since I get to watch Greys Anatomy and Private Practice (I need my weekly doses of McSteamy, McDreamy and Taye Diggs. What better way to spend the evening than to cozy up with a glass of red wine, some snacks and a nice blanket. Of course, a copy of Flirting with Forty would be nice for afterwards!

    Vindella (EVY)

  10. Tuesday is my TV night and a little bit of Wednesday. . and maybe some of Thursday (LOL). I watch American Idol and America’s Best Dance Crew and Top Chef (I love Padma and Tom Collichio) and Project Runway. I notice that most of these showcase Talents in all forms and I enjoy watching the “contestants” bloom and bring out their skills. I guess some part of me wishes I was them and had the nerve to do what they do. As far as series, right now the only series that I’m hooked on and try to watch are Lie to Me and House. I try to catch Sarah Conner Chronicles, Mentalist, the Tudors and Law and Order but if I miss them, I try to catch repeats.

  11. Oh Jane… I love the Biggest Loser. Mainly because I am working on my weight and being 42… well, it’s harder to get off but I am a work in progress always and I love the Biggest Loser for the same reasons you had mentioned. When everyone gets weighed and how the one who gets sent home did and is doing at home. I love watching the transformation much like a butterfly in progress and that’s how I view myself. Happy Tuesday nights to you Jane.

  12. I am SO with you and all the reality shows on Tuesday night. Don’t forget to tape the show right after Idol…for some reason it’s been running long and if you TIVO the show it will be disappointing not to see the last bit!
    PS: Adam rocks!
    PSS: Please enter me into your giveaway. Thanks!

  13. American Idol is the only reality show I watch. I really, really enjoy Adam. Another favorite is Danny Goki. I can’t say there’s anything unique about his voice . . . I just enjoy listening to him sing. Other shows I watch are The Mentalist, Monk, Psych, House and my new favorite is Castle which is on Monday nights.

  14. I watch so little tv…..no time and Jeremy and the kids usually hog it! But, I have started watching Real Housewives of NY. They are a hoot! I am not a big fan of reality shows in any form, and calling this reality is a bit of a stretch for me, but it’s interesting to see how people on the other side of the country live, how they parent their children, how they deal with jobs and losses, people they don’t like or like them in return…..I laugh all alone to myself when everyone else is in bed.

    My most favorite shows are What Not to Wear…….I love the transformation both physically and emotionally for the participants, and I love the end results.

    Anything that has to do with home improvement – especially yard make overs gets me excited and interested. I have so many dreams and ideas, it is fun to see what other people come up with for their yards.

  15. Tuesday night I skip a trip to the gym and hit the couch. I love to watch series, mostly fiction. So any night with Fringe, Bones or House is a good time for my DVR to get busy. I usually don´t see the program right away, it usually takes me a couple of days to see the newest.

  16. My favorite TV nights are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday is Gossip Girl and The Hills. Tuesday I must watch 90210 and Real Housewives of New York or Orange County or wherever. Wednesday I am all about America’s Next Top Model. And that is my schedule! Some say shallow, yes. But that is my taste & I stand by it. 🙂

  17. Jane,

    I have to admit I love watching Biggest Loser mainly to see their progess and realize that if they can do it so can I along with many others that struggle with their weight.

    On March 11th, I turned 40 and for me it wasn’t about a number it was about me. Wanting better for myself..feeling better, looking better…just for me. So I’ve joined a Zumba class LOVE it and I’m hooked. We all need alittle reality check…even if it is a TV show. Biggest Loser is a huge reality check…and I must admit if I had Bob pushing me for a month…I would take it in a heart beat but not on TV. Hmm a private workout with Bob..ok I’m droolin alittle…LOL


  18. I’ve been watching a lot less TV lately. American Idol and Top Chef are the only reality shows I still watch. And then I enjoy Criminal Minds, The Unit and True Blood.

  19. Jane,
    We seem to like the same shows. I too love the reality shows. I know some people think they are cheesy but I love them. Tuesday’s is a fun night but tough as you said trying to tape one and watch one and switch over during the commercials but I seem to get them all in. I too, love the weigh ins on biggest loser…I love to see people feel good about what they’ve accomplished and it always gets me motivated, at least for the next few days, to get up and excercise. Can’t wait for the bachelorette to start and Top Chef…Have a good Tuesday evening and turn the phone off!!!

  20. Hi, Jane! I enjoy watching American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, too! When I have time, I also enjoy the cooking shows on the Food Network.

  21. Hi Jane,
    I’m with you on Biggest Loser– the best moment is seeing the contestant at home. I am usually heart-broken that they’ve been sent home but it is always great to see that they are totally happy. Dear Lord, please let Ron be sent home–speaking of no integrity and back-stabbers!
    I’ve never watched American Idol, seeing the commercials is enough for me. I love any and all Bravo Network’s reality shows–especially Top Chef. The best show on TV, I think, is Friday Night Lights on NBC. It is the most well-written, involving program going!

  22. I honestly don’t have anything on TV that I have to watch so I’ve become a clicker, much to my dismay. I got rid of my cable for a while but too much protesting from my teen. Have fun tonight.

  23. Hi Jane,
    I would have to say that I don’t watch a lot of reality shows but on Tue. the only show I can’t miss is The Mentalist! Simon is VERY easy on the eyes! lol. Hope everything is going well for you ;)! Take care!

  24. I have to confess to watching very little TV these days. House sometimes and Desperate Housewives…and that’s about it! Anyway, hubby rules the remote!

  25. I’m completely addicted to LOST. But I usually end up renting the seasons afterward because there’s too much information to take in the first time around. Survivor was always one of my favorites too, but I got sick of all the backstabbing and stuff. I just wanted to see them survive. I love the idea of being stranded on an island and having to “survive.” I always wanted to be a contestant on that show, but there’s no point because I’m too honest and I would get voted off right away. I want to drop about fifty pounds though, and I don’t think The Biggest Loser would take me. I’m not quite THERE yet. lol. I’m also a big fan of AI and have been since it began. I can’t wait to see who wins this season!

  26. My goodness, what DON’T I watch is a better question! LOL I watch lots of t.v. … lots of “reality” … lots of sitcoms. I like to laugh & escape my boring life!!! 🙂

  27. I’m a Biggest Loser fan. I’m so much happier this season than last. I couldn’t stand the back stabbing of Vicki and Heba last season, it almost ruined the show for me. Until his last episode or two on this season, everyone seems to genuinely care about each other and actual weight loss and regained health, seems to be the most important goal.

  28. Hi Jane,

    I’m not much of a TV person but the one channel I do love is HGTV. I am so addicited to every show they have on there. I love to watch and make my Honey Do list. I would have to say the my only other favorite show is Dirty Jobs just love that one too.


  29. Hi Jane, I love watching these shows and wish time did not pass so fast!! After you spoke at our Founder’s Day last year at UNT, you had encouraged me with my upcoming job of president of our alum club. Wow, I have learned so much and never dreamed I would be able to handle the job. So when I watch these shows, I just wish I would have started trying new things at an earlier age.

  30. This year I’ve come to realize that I’m focusing on fewer programs than ever. Mondays are House and Heroes, while Tuesdays hold American Idol and Fringe (love the creepy stuff). My dh, kids and I find ourselves watching more Food Network and History Channel then we used to. Like you, I’m finding the storylines too predictable. Of course, with a niece underfoot half the week, I’ve developed an odd fondness for Baby Mozart and Little Einstein (yeah, just shoot me now!)

  31. Ditto to everything you just said! I like to watch The Biggest Loser to see the challenges they have to accomplish..I liked the one with all the ropes over the pool and then they took one away at a time. Kudos for those people turning their lives around. I also LOVE DWTS and the outfits (or lack of, in Edyta’s case). Tuesday night is the BEST tv night and then it’s back to reading! 🙂

  32. First—- I love what you said here: ….or laugh at others. I loathe that…. I really do. One’s integrity is everything to me. Courage and honesty are important, but even more important is kindness and compassion. Mean people aren’t cool. And they’re not funny when they’re making fun of others.
    That’s so nice. It’s hard to accept that everyone doesn’t feel the same way.
    Anyway- I’m afraid to start watching reality shows cause I know I’d get addicted too. I’m already addicted to too many shows… I’m a news junkie all day long and then I like a little light comedy sitcom before going to bed so I go to sleep with relaxed, simple, nice thoughts. Everyone at work talks about the reality shows though and I try not to listen ’cause I really would get hooked and don’t want to!

  33. DWTS & Biggest Loser for me too 🙂 Plus, tonight starts the new season of Deadliest Catch. I love the show, though it’s the farthest thing from what you’d think I’d be into, which is probably why it fascinates me.

  34. I like “Chuck” and “Cupid,” which is new and interesting. The one about a writer researching a book about a woman detective, “Castle” is clever. Looks like all my favorites start with “C” !

  35. Hi Jane!
    I don’t watch much of the new shows. I love the Gameshow Network, LOL. So I love to put that on in the evenings but I too like to watch Dancing With The Stars. I too discovered America Movie Classics, and I love when they have those historical movie night! I have to check when the next one is, but its great seeing some of those movies closed captioned!

  36. I love TV! Just love it! This fall we got cable — we went 19 years of not having it! How did we survive with out cable and the dvr???

    During the day is kiddie TV. Love Handy Manny (Wilmer Valderama does his sexy voice) and Wonder Pets.

  37. (I can’t believe I did that again! Why did I click post????)

    I love DWTS since we love ballroom and my son (12) is in competetive ballroom. My daughter and I love For the Love of RayJ (crazy girls are funny), What Not To Wear and the new show on MTV about a FAME type school in Cincinatti.

    I also enjoy CSI Miami (Adam Rodriguez’s lips – omg!) ER, U.S. of Tara, Trust Me, Burn Notice, Cupid & Starter Wife. We watch a lot of American Chopper since it’s hubby’s favorite.

    I miss the good comedies though!

    Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday night Jane!

  38. I’m trying not to watch so much tv… but it’s hard! Here’s my addictions: Gossip Girl, 90210, DWTS, Greys Anatomy and (when it’s on) The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Big Brother.

    Too much tv… lol! I’m trying to read more instead.

    Hope you enjoyed your night of tv! I still have to watch the DWTS results show, might have to wait til tomorrow!

  39. I’m addicted to CSI:Miami, The Amazing Race, Survivor, curling(sports), House, etc.
    Today is my birthday and we watched movies instead.
    I understand what you’re saying about alliances and being sneaky-I so hate that but like the shows where you can see the country and how the people live even if it is a short segment on them.

  40. I do watch Dancing with the Stars on Tues. My favorite shows are actually Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Houswives. Now if we could just get a NEW episode on one of those shows I’d be thrilled! 🙂

    Today I spent an evening with my family to celebrate my birthday…I will be the BIG
    3-0 in just a couple days. It doesn’t bother me a bit, I feel you are only as old as you feel!

  41. Hi Jane,
    Hey I found you here too!! I don’t watch a lot of TV direct -we tape and watch them later (no ads!!). While of course I LOVE romance, I also love suspense shows, most CSI shows and we are absolutely hooked on Dexter! Creepy but oh-so-enthralling.

    Hugs from Down Under…

  42. I enjoy the Biggest Loser too, especially as you say “the results”. I also enjoy Medium mainly because the whole family is real and great acting. I hate the sneaky alliance shows and don’t waste time with that. CSI is great and of course the Dancing with the Stars is great too. I’m usually on the computer while the TV is on, so I just glance over for the most part.

  43. My favorite shows are Biggest Loser, American Idol, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, House Hunters and Grey’s Anatomy. Hubby has also gotten me interested in some of his favorites which are NCIS, Bones, and some of the CSI’s. Although if I have other things to do while they are on… I’m not heartbroken if I miss parts like I would be with my favorite show.

  44. Hi Jane:
    I’m all about the cop dramas. My husband and I especially love the Law & Order series; we watch them all! Also love The Office; we both laugh out loud there–to the point where we have to pause the show to catch our breath.

    My sister and I watch “The Bachelor” series but I don’t watch any of the others. We call each other the next morning or as soon as we’ve both had a chance to see; we swear off any internet site that might reveal the outcome.

    Thanks for a fun post!
    Shannon in Tustin

  45. I love reality shows! I can’t wait until Big Brother starts again. My favorites are Amazing Race, Dealiest Catch, Miami Ink, and the Tuesday night ones… 🙂

  46. My favorite reality show is Dancing With the Stars have watched it since it started years ago. I also watch Americas Next Top Model with my daughters.

    I love to watch Top Gear monday nights on BBC America. It is a very cool show. Jane your boys would probably like that show with all the high priced cars and crazy stunts.
    My favorite comedy is Two and a Half Men. Fav dramas are NCIS,Grey’s Anatomy,House,Bones and Fringe are very cool.

  47. Hi Jane: I have to admit I am not much of a reality show fan. Too much stress and then my heart breaks. Anyway, what I do love is Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie network as well as House Hunters and CSI Miami
    wonder why because I live in the Miami area. That’s about it for me – no late night shows as I have to be at work very early.

  48. I watch mostly reality TV myself. Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, The Amazing Race and Top Chef are some of my favorites. I enjoy watching ordinary people compete and overcome different challenges. I don’t watch many dramas nowadays just because they are on too late and if you miss a couple of shows then you have no idea what’s going on.

  49. I can’t watch reality TV. I am such a weenie that I get upset for the losers.
    Sigh. I am not afan of zero sum games at all.
    I do howeevr, watch Weeds when it is on.
    Even tho it is, as my son tells me, completely inappropriate!

  50. I like talent shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent. It’s great to see the contestants grow through the season, although I hate to see how disappointed they are when they go home.

    I also love smart comedy. Give me some witty, clever dialogue and I am in heaven.

  51. Yesterday my husband asked me if I had ever read a Jane Porter book. Sorry, but I hadn’t. He said that he was in your brother’s class in school in Visalia, and someone had just said they read one of your books- so I googled you and I’m excited to read your books- they look like a lot of fun! I also read your blog, so here I am.
    Love the reality shows, watched American Idol last night, Adam has an amazing voice and so does Allison. If you haven’t seen Susan Boyle on Britain’s got Talent, you HAVE to check it out, I’ve watched it 4 times today and i get chills every time. I was just So happy for her. You have sparked my interest in reality TV. I had been watching American Idol and dwts and there are others occasionally too. It was fun to see your family pictures, the central valley IS a great place to raise a family;) I’m looking forward to tonight and wondering who will be going home!

  52. well, i honestly dont watch fiction series programs anymore. With my five year old the tv is always on cartoons, so i can tell you whats happened lately on Spongebob or the tennage robot but not much else.
    Reality shows i dont watch alot of, except biggest loser when i can get control of the remote that is. And i love The next food network star, i love to cook and i’m addicted to the food network. And if i could i’d love to meet guy fieri from diners drive inns and dives, and steal that killer camaro he drives. Gorgeous!

  53. Hi Jane!
    I will have to say that I don’t watch a lot of T.V. I will have to say that my husband and I watch Days of Our Lives every night on SoapNet. I guess they say if couples watch Days together
    they stay together 🙂 I just can’t believe he watches it with me:) Other than that I do watch American Idol..I like Adam also!
    I enjoy reading your blogs!!!

  54. I am also a big DWTS fan! As much as I like American Idol, I think that DWTS is better this year. I’m glad that American Idol is switching things up now and then (using the judges save, etc.) just to keep it fresh. I didn’t like when only two of the judges spoke at a time though. I like to hear from all of them! 🙂

    My boss thinks I am the reality show “queen”, but I don’t really watch that many. I used to watch Survivor and the Amazing Race, but I agree about the manipulative and mean aspect of those types of shows. I don’t watch them as much anymore. My absolute favorite series is “Brothers and Sisters.” I think Sally Field is fabulous and the whole show is just very realistic for a series show. I also like The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice. I really think they are well written and I don’t just watch for the gorgeous guys! 🙂

  55. Believe it or not, I don’t watch too much tv! When I do, it is National Geographic Channel, Discovery, or HGTV.

  56. I am a Biggest Loser fan. It is the only show my children and I watch together. I love that it opens up conversation about food, exercise and having to make decisions. This last show really made us think about how important is it to play the game vs the safety of someone. It was a great lesson in doing the right thing. And I do have to agree I love seeing how they have carried it forward. This show really does change lives.

  57. Jane,
    We do love our TV shows. I will always like Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice. I feel in- love with Denny ( Jeffery Dean Morgan) Then we went to see P.S. I Love You, then feel in- love all over again. That movie makes you want to go to Ireland. Well, getting back to TV shows. I like Life on Mars. Always loved ER. And HGTV Too!
    My husband likes House, so we watch that with him. My son is hooked on Nick & also the boys (My husband & my son) will watch Discovery. And anything with Racing, too.
    My daughter, I think she is watching 5 different shows The Hills, 90210, etc.
    I will usually watch Idol and Dancing with the Stars. I always call my Grandmother and ask if she is watching, they’re her favorites. It’s alot of fun to try to figure out who is staying til next week.

    My 16 yr old daughter is reading the Twilight series, and she can’t put those books down. That is what I love about a good book you can’t put down, & it was sooo good you want to read it again. I thought I would read Odd Mom Out again. It’s the tail end of spring break here trying to keep the TV off.
    Hope your doing well!!

  58. hmmm…I like the biggest loser but it’s during my other shows. I love the new show Cupid on ABC but I’m a romance person and not everyone is. I just love TV… 🙂

  59. Congrats to our winner #29, Melissa. Melissa, you’ve just won the signed mass market copy of Flirting, sarong, Macadamia nuts and JP goodies. Please send me your mail address as soon as you can and I’ll put your goodies in the next mail.

    Congrats again and I hope you’ll enjoy!



  60. I like Tuesdays, too, Jane, but for totally different reasons. I watch The Mentalist, and then I had been watching Trust Me, but it’s now been cancelled, so I guess I’ll just stick with Simon Baker. For Thursdays, I like Burn Notice. And on Mondays, Castle has been good. That’s way more TV than I have watched any other year. Is it getting better or am I just displacing the work I should be doing??!!

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