Little Update

This is going to be short and sweet as I’ve finally gotten Mac asleep and I’m craving a shower and nap for myself but I think I’m only going to have time for the shower. But everything is going so well. Mac is absolutely delicious. Yummy beyond words. I am head over heels and feel incredibly blessed. I was still getting mixed messages on him in the March ultrasounds and yet he’s perfect. So perfect. Not bragging but just saying how relieved I am, how very very relieved and joyful and peaceful. I would have loved Mac no matter what, but after 9 1/2 months of anxiety and worry I can finally just enjoy this beautiful snuggly sweet baby.

8-day old Mac

So things are good. Very good. And Surfer Ty is the most amazing dad. He’s doing the night shifts, letting me sleep in 3 hour chunks and handling all diaper duty and even making sure I’ve got a big glass of water for every time I sit down to nurse.

I’ll be back with more later but I really must shower. I need it. But before I go, please know how touched I am from everyone’s well wishes on the safe arrival of Mac Bran Gurney. I have read every comment and email, every post over at Facebook and MySpace (thank God for the wireless lap top that allows me to scroll and breastfeed at 3 am!). Your love and support is tremendous and I do think I am the luckiest woman alive. Love to all.

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